Thursday, October 08, 2009


A few weeks ago I commented on the performance and political leanings of the Army top brass; I have long held the view that they are not promoted by ability or talent and many of them are career soldiers because they are not capable of surviving in the real world. What better way to hide your inadequacies is there than blaming the Govt. when you can’t beat a vastly inferior force? With a media which is almost entirely anti Labour they get to blame someone else and enjoy the bonus of damaging a political party that they were born to hate. No matter how incompetent the top officers are they can blame a lack of equipment safe in the knowledge that the right wing media will let them off with it.

The latest non story about General Sir Richard Dannett preparing to throw in his lot with the Tories is about as shocking as an Alex (the spiv) Salmond broken promise it’s no shock whatsoever. Top military leaders in Britain have always been drawn from the ruling classes and they still are; the royal fools Prince Winco Willie and Prince Hooray Henry will in future be leaders of men for god’s sake; how can you expect a modern fighting force with such hidebound institutionalised buffoonery still firmly in place.

The dullard General Dannett has already called for a Christian Crusade to combat Islamic Fundamentalism; this guy was actually unning the army and he wants God to bless our bullets; to paraphrase the Iron Duke “I don’t know what he does to the enemy but he scares the hell out of me” can you imagine being led into danger by this clown? Some people are complaining about his break with tradition by admitting his political leanings; this is a smoke screen; if you don’t know the politics of him and the other chinless cretins who lead our armed forces you must be a hermit. Dannett has been attacking the Govt. for ages; was he also preparing the ground for a job with the Tories; he clearly thinks they are going to win, all the more reason to beat them; we can’t afford to have clowns like this running anything.

Tory shadow minister Chris Grayling inadvertently blew the lot of this trash away; when asked to comment he wrongly supposed it was a Labour appointment and called it a gimmick. The man who has been complaining about lack of Govt. support leaves the army and joins the Tories does anyone still trust his motives? Were all those attacks on Gordon Brown honestly on behalf of his men or were they politically motivated? He now looks like a completely discredited charlatan and the Tories are shown up again for committing that most odious and unforgiveable tabloid sin; that of being unpatriotic.

Lest you think it’s just me on one of my hobby horses; let me share an interesting quote from a guy called Andrew Grant; Andrew who? I hear you ask. This is Andrew Grant the Chair of the Private schools Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference; making a defence of private education he said the following;-
“without public schools Britain would not have enough officers to lead it’s Army” that is how these people think; forget ability, courage and talent your established upper class family will see you alright no matter how much of a cretin you are. The British Army Officer Corps is awash with idiocy and deceit ; the fact that it is polluted with Tories is scant compensation for the tragic damage and loss that is going on, when you think back to the Iron Duke; Balaclava and Ypres you realise sadly that it was ever thus.


Anonymous said...

No one has ever beaten this "vastly inferior force" and that includes Britain twice when we were the worlds superpower so what makes you think that we as a bankrupt wee non-entity nation can do so when even the USSR flooded the place with hundreds of thousands more troops than NATO has there at present and they could do it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/10/09

“we as a bankrupt wee non-entity nation”

We are the 5th. richest country in the world.

“USSR flooded the place with hundreds of thousands more troops than NATO”

The maximum No. Of Soviet troops at any given time in Afghanistan was 104,000 and modern equipment means that less troops are needed now in any conflict.

The Soviet Union were not only fighting Afghanistan rebels they were fighting the rebels who were backed up by the mightiest military power in the world; America.

The Soviet Union still left a Govt. in place which lasted 3 years until the American backed rebels brought it down; if the Soviets lost where did the Govt. come from?

You need to reassess your version of events without the blinkers; our Army leaders are still ‘donkeys’

govern said...

There is a painting by Lady Elizaberh Butlker, prints of which used to hang in many a school dining room. Tiltled "The Remnants of an Army", it depicts a soldier slumped in the saddle of his wounded horse approaching the fortified gate of Jallabad. Colonel John Bryden , a surgeon of the Begal Army. The lone survivor of a British force of 16,000 cut to pieces on the retreat from Kabul to Kandahar in the first Afghan war of 1842. Once through the gates the exhausted animal dropped to the floor , never to rise again.ARE WE ABOUT TO REPEAT THIS FOLLY????? QED

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(govern) 08/12/09

I am not aware of the painting so I can’t comment on it’s merit let alone whether it’s a folly.

Dannett on the other hand like many more of our Army leaders definitely suits that description; had he taken a couple of hundred more of his type with him we would be better off; those who are not clever enough for the city; the church or politics from his class become career soldiers.

That’s why one of the world’s most modern armies can’t beat a rag tag bunch of insurgents some of whom are old enough to be our soldier’s parents and who share a rifle between 3 which only fires one bullet at a time and then has to be reloaded.