Monday, October 19, 2009


It’s a simple question; who is telling the truth; Royal Mail or the Communication Workers Union (CWU)? Both sides agreed to modernise the industry and signed up to that; well done the CWU. Was that seen as a show of weakness by management?

The union now says that they (management) are abandoning the spirit of that agreement and becoming more and more ‘gung-ho’ as jobs wages and services are cut; that’s the question; would the CWU have agreed to something like that? I think not. The union actually accepted that there would be job losses and that they would cooperate to handle them in the most just way so; something is clearly going wrong. Here is a crucial question from the CWU “how will the changes to be made affect the men and women who actually drive the vans and push the letters through the doors” a reasonable request from any union charged with the responsibility of protecting its members surely? The Royal Mail have decided that they either don’t know the answer or they are not saying, this stinks as far as I’m concerned; a massive aspect of any deal and they are silent about it; would you trust the bosses if you were a ‘Postie’ it’s a no brainer. The union fears 60,000 lost jobs; the management don’t agree but will not say how many, do you believe them? Perhaps it’s more.

The union agreed to arbitration and management said no; why not? Is this what management mean when they agree to cooperate? The Govt. according to some sources accused some post workers of going home early without trying to provide proof; perhaps the PO Workers should adopt the same standards of diligence and honesty common among those ‘workers’ who represent us in Parliament! The CWU is looking for a sum of £10bn. to protect workers pensions; critics should think about what was done for the filthy rich bankers and fly by night ‘Del boys’ in the city before criticising this request.

Lord Mandelson wanted to sell off part of the Royal Mail before but; it became obvious that the idea did not have public support and crucially for him and the Govt. it had little or no support in the Labour Party; he backed down. This situation has not changed; I have been a member of the Labour Party for approx 35 years and I don’t know one single party member who does not support the CWU and the PO Workers; the union can win this and we must support them.

The miners were criticised by the establishment media for not holding a national ballot and here we have an overwhelming ballot victory for industrial action and guess what? the media seem to be ignoring it; it wasn’t the result they wanted and the workers all 100,000 who will strike are now according to the press “stupid and suicidal” my advice is to ignore the media; no matter what you do or say they will never support you; when it comes to the crunch it’s always the same it’s “we are sympathetic and we all love the posties but; enough is enough; come on now lads and lassies let’s not have everyone’s Christmas ruined” it’s never “come on management address the posties rightful concerns”, never, they are a bunch of quisling b******s.

The Govt. are the sole share holders in Royal Mail; get on to your MP’s and express your support for the people who deliver your mail every day in every kind of weather; the people who don’t just deliver mail but also provide a life line to many people who rely on them they are a great British institution.



Anonymous said...

I think most of us support the postal workers in this dispute. Read some of the articles in the Observer (e.g.Victoria Coren - yes a middle class woman!), and the Guardian. All of which I have given to my local postie to perhaps show to colleagues that there is support in the media. Depends what you read. Or what lies you believe, I suppose.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/10/09
I agree that it is a good idea to show the post Office workers that we support them; I certainly do; God knows there are enough papers who are attacking them.

Anonymous said...

Strange that you see it as a simple conflict between Royal Mail and the CWU. I suppose that your are bound not to mention the government's role in all of this or are simply blind to it?
Which side is the Labour government on? Niether I suppose. None of their business perhaps?
Victory will be short in coming if lies and evasion is all that Labour can offer. Brown is simply playing dumb as usual-what a shower.

Eric Fromm

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:42
“Brown is simply playing dumb as usual”

Not true; I saw Brown being interviewed and he did not condemn or support anyone; he called on both sides to get back around the table and find a solution. I think that makes you a liar.

The Govt. through Mandelson wanted to do a part privatisation of R.M. and it was the revolt within the Labour Party which stopped him.
I’ve been a party member for approx. 40 years and I don’t know a single person in the party who does not support the union; not one. You are either naive or you have your own anti Labour agenda.

Ariel said...

Letter writing is now the least favoured form of communication. Other than Christmas and birthdays, non business people prefer to email, phone, or text.

The Postman's main function now is to deliver the bills and circulars generated by businesses.

By calling a strike, the CWU will simply speed up the process whereby business finds alternative means of delivery. The result? 'Goodbye Postie'! And,by taking 'The Scargill Option,' sooner, rather than later.

Anonymous said...

So Mendeleson is not a member of the Labour Party? I think that makes you either thick or a liar!
Brown is not supporting the CWU, he is adopting a non-committal position. Do you not 'know' that Gordon Brown is a member of the Labour Party? 144 Labour MP's voted against the privatisation plan out of 349! I suppose those that voted in favour of privatisation were really against it and just got a bit confused, either that or you just don't 'know' them. Are you a liar? Are those MP's not members of the Labour Party? Grow up! Your lying and refusal to see what's going on in the PLP will not help the CWU.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 28/10/09

Mandelson no longer has plans to part privatise the R.M. did you miss that? 144 labour MP’s didn’t vote against his plan; 144 of them; enough to scare him threatened to vote against any privatisation; had it gone as far as a vote there would have been a lot more than that; you got that wrong to.

Brown is doing what any P.M. has to do he is encouraging both sides to find a settlement; perhaps you can point out to me an occasion where a sitting P.M. has ever come out in favour of striking workers; plenty have come out against striking workers though; the right wing media would just love it if he did “P.M. Brown the Strikers Friend”

Think Thatcher and the Miners and then think about Brown. As I have said before either you have your own anti Labour agenda or you are a liar or; giving you the benefit of the doubt maybe it’s just all too much for you to understand.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 27/10/09
Letter writing is now the least favoured form of communication”

You don’t say! where would we be without people like you.

I don’t think the P.O. workers will roll over for you; they are not striking for fun.

Anonymous said...

I support the CWU Terry, and perhaps you are right about Brown, but if you truly believe that Mandelson 'no longer' has any 'plans' concerning the privatisation of the mail service then you had better think again. The man is the embodiment of untrustworthiness and duplicity. We all know that he is only biding his time.
A victory for the CWU will not only be a victory for the rights of workers to be treated as human beings, but also a step in cleaning out the likes of Mandelson and his ilke out of the Labour Party. If the Party was as in as good a shape as you suggest, people like Mandelson would'nt be in such commanding postions.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:41

I meant that he (Mandelson) had been beaten; I am under no illusions about him; the CWU have made a serious enemy there and we will have to be ready for him if he has another go. I hope the CWU members are paying attention to the Tories; there are no if’s or buts or maybes now; if they get in the R.M. will be sold; and that’s official.

I don’t suggest the Labour Party is in good shape; why? Mandelson that’s why; if we were in better shape he would be out.