Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Following the most recent announcement by the SNP regarding defence under independence; I wonder how many people are wondering like me just what difference would independence make to Scotland and the lives of its people. Any major projects concerning roads, rail, sea; air etc would cost us dear as we would pay all the costs and they would not be cross subsidised as they are now; this would mean the end to major projects and we would struggle to maintain and replace these assets which would deteriorate over the years. A perfect example of this can be seen by visiting Ireland where you can tell instantly when you leave Britain and cross in to the republic by the state of the roads which are poor and in some cases far too small for the volume of traffic.

Would Britain still want its navy ships built in Scotland when it has similar facilities in the South? where would they go for rail and sea equipment; would they come to us when they can provide their own? How many military jobs would go in places like the Clyde submarine bases and the Naval yards at the Forth, who would pay for major road and rail repairs and maintenance in a climate which is harsher than that in England? What would a Scottish National Health Service look like without the support of the worlds 5th. largest economy what economic clout would we have if we were not part of the worlds 5th. largest economy? You can consider such things and add some of your own as you think about the consequences of voting SNP.

That last recent announcement from the SNP on defence was to the effect that an independent Scotland would be pleased to have any units of the British Army, Navy or Air force who wanted to be stationed in Scotland to do so. So; let’s recall the SNP rhetoric. ‘The cause of all Scotland’s problems the people who have cheated Scots. for centuries and treated us like second class citizens’ are to be welcomed to stay like colonialists; oh the shame of it; the embarrassment; we want independence but please stay anyway. Still we will at last be rid of the hated Ingurlish Royal Family right? brace yourselves bravehearts because wee Alex (the spiv) has reneged on that also. Yes Jock the wonderful independent Scotland will not only have British military units stationed all over it but the Ingurlish Queen and her layabout family will still be the heads of state; it’s beginning to look like toy town independence I’m afraid.

The final blow; the biggest elephant in the room is Europe which the SNP don’t seem to want to talk about; the plain fact of the matter is that no state which is a member of Europe is independent. Europe makes rules and laws which impinge on our everyday lives and it will be the same for Scotland; wee Alex (the spiv) is an enthusiastic European and will quite happily sign away Scottish sovereignty to a European state where the head of state is the Queen of Britain and foreign military units are stationed all over it; in fact does anyone recognise this place as Independent? Can someone from the SNP help out here? Are there any Nats. out there who even at this stage are prepared to admit that you are being sold a pup by a duplicitous political scoundrel.

Wee Alex (the spiv) Salmond; the man who can strut while seated, you poor fools.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where to start Terry, it's all just really, really poor.
As it's late and I'm just back from work(look it up), I'll come back tommorrow and go through your (non)points one by one.
Dear oh dear oh dear (ad infinitum)

Oakwood said...

I've never understood why the parochial bravehearts want to break Scotland away from the United Kingdom and remove political and economic power from London and give it to Brussells and still call it "independence".

My own view is that deep down many of them have an unfathomable dislike of England and English people.

Racism by any other name.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13/10/09
I look forward to you explaining the version of independence which has a foreign monarch from a country hated by those who seek independence as their head of state.

Likewise the Army, Navy and Air Force of that hated foreign country stationed all over Scotland and another collection of foreign countries including the hated neighbours making your laws.

You are deluding yourself Salmond (the spiv) and the Nationalist fainthearts have rolled over as we knew they would, as that great Ingurlishman Jim Royle would say independence my a**e.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 11:18

“ I've never understood why the parochial bravehearts want to break Scotland away from the United Kingdom”

Judging by the ones I know it’s because they are sad individuals who have empty lives and they need someone to hate and blame (The Ingurlish)

“Racism by any other name”

It doesn’t need any other name it is out and out racism; that’s what binds the SNP together hatred of England.

Anonymous said...

You unionists from the English-funded "Scottish" parties are the ones with the problem!

Yes the Scottish parliament deals with the day to day stuff with regard to Scotland and the EU does most of the rest of the laws and Westminster deals mostly with English stuff and yet you people would rather waste £30 million per year sending Scottish MPs to Westminster to do nothing but interfere in English matters.

I would rather these £millions were spent on the health service or pensioners but people like you would rather they were spent on useless unemployed MP's doing nothing for Scotland.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:31
Along with the SNP members who go to Westminster including (the spiv) Salmond a cost of £20,000 a day for him alone.

Under Salmond (the spiv’s) version of independence you will have a foreign head of state the Queen of Britain; The foreign British pound as your currency; dual nationality with Britain for those who want it; no border restrictions with your foreign neighbour Britain; a foreign (British) Army stationed on Scottish soil; Scottish Army cadets being trained in a foreign country at Sandhurst in England and laws and binding political decisions being handed down by Europe.

“Free at last; free at last; thank God almighty we are free at last” You insult the intelligence of everyone including the vast majority of Scots. by claiming that this is independence; it’s a sell out by Salmond (the spiv).