Thursday, September 10, 2009


To Cotton St. for the full council and what turned out to be another brazen display of brass necked duplicity by the SNP / Lib. Dem. administration. Another session of non answers and another show of contempt for the public when they turned down a request for a motion on St. Mirren’s new training ground despite the fact that a sizable number of residents from the training ground area were in attendance. This was similar to the underhand tactic that they used when their decision to cut schools music tuition in half was the subject of a Labour motion. Again the Gallery was full of concerned teachers and parents to hear the reasons for this cut and the SNP led administration moved straight to the vote denying the chance to debate their decision; this is democracy in action SNP style; the Lib. Dem. Cllrs. are no more than spineless bought puppets thinking about their money which is granted them by their SNP paymasters, they are a wretched bunch of chancers.

The new training ground is throwing up problems as most new projects do once they are commissioned and the people of the area want these problems addressed; they have a right to be heard but the SNP denied them that right. Labour will continue to fight to let them be heard. No one in the council is hostile to St. Mirren and I personally was responsible for moving the motion through the planning meeting which gave them permission to sell Love St. I’m sure that they can come to an acceptable compromise if the SNP allow it to happen. At another part of the meeting Cllr. Mackay allowed his inexperience to get the better of him when he lost his temper at Cllr. Sharkey and declared that he had been expelled from another council. Cllr. Sharkey exploded with rage and called Cllr. Mackay a liar at the very top of his voice no less than 3 times; this language can get you expelled from the chamber and reported to the standard commission. SNP Cllr. Adam acting like the school clype asked for Cllr. Sharkey to be disciplined to which Cllr. Sharkey in a brazen act of defiance shouted at Cllr. Adam I called him a liar because he is a liar so that was 4 times. The more experienced among us knew immediately that Cllr. Sharkey would never have reacted like that if he wasn’t on strong ground, in my experience he can blow his top with the best of them but he is always in control.

The matter was resolved by the council leader Cllr. Mackay SNP debasing himself by withdrawing the remark he went eyeball to eyeball with Cllr. Sharkey and the old gunslinger humiliated him; not a good day for the aspiring young politician but in this instance he was playing with one of the big boys, call it a learning curve. I did something similar some time ago when I shouted at Cllr. Nicolson and called him a liar also 3 times I then shouted at him “I’m calling you a liar what are you going to do about it” making it 4 times. Cllr. Nicolson; as treacherous and nasty a politician as you could find; a man consumed with hatred for Labour, like Cllr. Mackay bottled it I never retracted my insult and nothing happened. Mackay? Coward, Nicolson? Coward; SNP? Cowards.

For the first 8 years of my time as a councillor I lost count of the times the SNP opposition complained about the lack of a bus station in Paisley; they brought motions to council and wrote letters and press releases to the local press about it. Today we(Labour) put forward a motion complaining about the lack of action on one of their flag ship policies; Step forward the sage of Hollyrood big Bruce McFee a fearsome bully if you are five or under. He provided the best laugh of the day when he condemned Labour for lack of action and said “in just 2 and a half years we have” when he was interrupted by a shout from Labour Cllrs. “built a bus shelter” was the cry which is what they built in Abercorn St. This brought the place to a shuddering stop as the chamber erupted in laughter McFee was humiliated and quite stunned; like most bullies he can’t abide people laughing at him and the whole chamber enjoyed his discomfort; including some from his own side who couldn’t quite stifle their laughter he has upset more than a few of them as well. Despite not winning a vote this was a good for day for us; we won the arguments but; more importantly the chamber was full of people who were non partisan and a discreet glance at their body language and the looks on their faces repeatedly revealed that they were not enamoured with the SNP their joy at McFee and Mackay’s humiliation was tangible. It was a pleasure to accommodate them and show them their council administration in action, for them though it was unfortunately illuminating and not a little worrying.


Anonymous said...

What is their to lie about.

Councillor Sharkey was suspended from the Labour Council in Glasgow due to his involvement in a corruption scandal in which councillors took expenses paid trips abroad in exchange for their votes in the council.

Standard Labour procedure but unacceptable to the normal working man who pays his taxes.

Try using a google search for "Pat Lally votes for trips jim sharkey" and you will find the articles which show this.

Jim Sharkey is a crook and will be exposed shortly.

It's just a question of timing.

Andrea said...

Your version of yesterday's events at the council meeting tends to suggest that you were taking some kind of Hallucinogenic drug.

Maybe you had some left over from the Sixties and felt that you needed to escape from the reality of Labour impotence in opposition.

Your friend Councillor Sharkey (ex councillor from Penilee who was kicked out of the Labour party in Glasgow for corruption in 1997) also appeared to be having an out of body event. See "votes for trips" articles for verification.

The poor wee man thought that his evil murky past was buried only to find it exhumed in public. It gets even more interesting.

The rumours about his subsequent employment at Dumbarton are even better and will shock people to the very core when revealed.

He apparently makes Tommy Wiliams look like a choir boy.

Anyway to get back to your article. Can you expalin what Labour were denied today regarding St Mirren.

It seemed that old shakey tried to move an "emergency motion" where there was no emergency, however, you failed to explain this in your post which as usual is extremely economical with the truth. The council minutes will reflect this and I would urge any of your readers to view them to get a more realistic and less poisonous version of events

Maybe you could explain exactly what Councillor Shark's motion actually was and what he was trying to achieve, however, I am sure that like the rest of us you don't have the foggiest clue.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian (p10) covers the suspension of nine Glasgow City councillors yesterday after an internal inquiry by Labour's national executive committee. They are lord provost of Glasgow, Pat Lally, deputy provost Alex Mosson, council leader Bob Gould, his deputy Gordon Macdiarmid, head of parks and recreation James Mutter, Deirdre Gaughan, Heather Ritchie, Jim Sharkey and Elaine Smith.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that Councillor Sharkey is very concerned about the residents views on the St Mirren project.

So concerned in fact that he didn't turn up at the meeting of the 4 elected members of the area the other evening to discuss the matter. He was invited.

He was also so concerned that he didn't turn up last night at the community council meeting last night where many residents turned up to discuss the issue.

He did manage to turn up at the full council meeting to do a bit of political show boating and made a clown of himself once again.

Councillor Sharkey has no real interest or concerns for the residents of the Ralston area.

A concerned resident.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/09/09
Is it significant in any way that you do you don’t have the bottle to say these things to Jim Sharkey in front of witnesses? Do you really think anyone would trust the word of someone who stays hidden ? Typical SNP cowardice and lies; he really scares you doesn’t he, is your name McCarthy by any chance?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Andrea) 11/09/09

Cllr. Sharkey was trying to do what his constituents and neighbours asked him to do which was have the matter discussed. The SNP denied him that request which they are entitled to do but if I was one of the Ralston people involved I would be asking what is it that they have to hide.

You and the other SNP creeps are good at making malicious accusations but not so good at backing them up; I suggest you make them in public and identify yourself but; I know you won’t because like the rest of your mob you are a coward and a liar.

Is it possible that you could have been at the meeting and not witnessed the council leader Mackay SNP being called a liar on 4 occasions by Cllr. Sharkey for claiming that he was expelled from another council, this led to Mackay making a humiliating withdrawal.

Since you did not mention this in your lengthy diatribe I can only conclude that you were not there and you are a liar.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07:43
So what was the outcome then? from memory I believe Lally, Mosson & Gould became Labour Provosts of Glasgow and Jim Sharkey is now a Labour Councillor; did you not know that or are you just another anonymous mendacious SNP coward.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08:40
“A concerned resident”
By not identifying yourself I can only assume that you are a part of the dirty tricks campaign being run by the Lying SNP cowards.

Anonymous said...

'Lally, Mosson and Gould became Provosts and Sharkey is now a Labour councillor.'

Says it all about Labour morality,doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

It's ner nice having ones own tactics turned against one is it?

Still let's hope Labour have learned their lesson and won't pull similar stunts next time they're in power in Renfrewshire.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It appears that you are choosing not to show certain posts .

(Anonymous) 11/09/09

If you want me to print your serious accusations about a fellow Labour councillor you will have to identify yourself in a verifiable way. Do this and you will get printed; don’t do it and you are just another cowardly SNP liar go ahead and do it, I'm sure Jim would enjoy humiliating you the same way as he did with Cllr. Mackay SNP leader at Thursday's full council.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/09/09
“A bit rich of the SNP in Renfrewshire slagging off anyone for corruption when SNP Councillors”

“So re Anonymous Thu Sept 10 we will see who will be exposed shortly!”

I’m not prepared to name these councillors but I would urge you to share your proof of wrongdoing with me and the rest of the public.
“So re Anonymous Thu Sept 10 we will see who will be exposed shortly!”


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/09/09

More big talk who are you? too feart to say? Jim Sharkey is not hard to find, he would enjoy humiliating you as he did Cllr. Mackay SNP leader at Thursday’s council meeting, go on faintheart have a go,hide your wee chib down your sock and leave hiding.

Typical nationalist coward, no wonder the English have been beating the crap out of Scotland since for ever.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11/09/09
More big talk who are you? too feart to say? Jim Sharkey is not hard to find, he would enjoy humiliating you as he did Cllr. Mackay SNP leader at Thursday’s council meeting, go on faintheart have a go stick your chib down your sock and leave hiding. Typical nationalist coward, no wonder the English have been beating the crap out of Scotland since for ever.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:05
I print everything that is printable and answer everything that I can. You can hardly blame me for your inability to communicate.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Kelly 2.33
'Can you explain this for me.'

Dont be tedious Terry, there's a good lad.
Publish Reject
(Anonymous) 18:05

Oakwood said...


You mentioned that Alex Mosson, after he was investigated by the Labour party hierarchy, went on to become Lord Provost of Glasgow and, by implication, has nothing to be ashamed about.

This is the same Alex Mosson who has convictions for burglary and assaulting OAP's and who subsequently was incarcerated for his crimes.

I know we are all allowed a second chance but would you feel comforatable enough, as a Labour Councillor, to vote for him as Lord Provost if you were a member of GCC

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 14/09/09
“would you feel comforatable enough, as a Labour Councillor”

I know Alex Mosson personally and I have every trust and confidence in him. Your comments serve to remind us that there are a lot worse people than him around.

Ariel said...

Cllr Nicholson 'A man consumed with hatred for Labour.'

Terry, you need to get out more and read the papers. The whole damn country is consumed with hatred for Labour.

Unemployment highest since 1995, education down the pan, NHS in a mess, a corrupt government and Britain's reputation in tatters.

Had it happened on Winston's watch, he would have gone into the next room with a bottle of Scotch and a loaded revolver.

Anonymous said...

So burglary and brutalising OAP's is fine in your book?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 16/09/09
“Unemployment highest since 1995”

Maybe it’s you who should get out a bit more; you might find that rising unemployment is not exclusive to Britain but perhaps it’s Labour’s fault in all these other countries as well right?

“education down the pan” untrue and subjective.

“NHS in a mess” as above.

“a corrupt government” as above.

Britain's reputation in tatters” as above.

Come on even with your obvious limitations you must be able to do better that this.

Being permanently drunk as well as an inbred half wit Winston would not need the whiskey and would have missed with the revolver.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09:18
Well; you had me there, that’s a tough one. After careful reflection though I would have to say it’s not fine in my book. Are you a TV interviewer by any chance?

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 10.47

You made some fair points, Terry.

And I could even be wrong about the whole country hating Labour.

I mean, there was a Tongan illegal working for Pat Scotland, the Attourney General, who probably loves Labours incompetence, so that's at least one on your side.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 18/09/09
If this is true and I’m sure you wouldn’t lie about it; she could end up in jail and the Govt. could fall. This would be down to the diligence and patriotism of people like yourself, I feel quite humble that you should write to me.

Ariel said...

Kelly @ 5.47

Bless you my son. Three Hail Mary's, vote Tory and your sins will be - mainly - forgiven.

Ariel said...

Kelly, think we can forget Baroness Scotland - Brown has expressed 'confidence' in her and the Hon Keith Vaz has been wheeled out to defend her.

With those two supporting her, she's dead in the water!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 19/09/09
The wit; the banter; the repartee; what can I say? We just aren’t worthy.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 19/09/09
You are too modest; she also has your mighty intellect to contend with; I hear that The Sun are looking for smart committed people to join their bin searching teams; this could be your breakthrough.

Ariel said...

Dear, Oh dear, Oh dear! Seems Baroness Scotland, Labours Attorney General, on top of employing an illegal, has also claimed £170,000 expenses she wasn't entitled to.

Time to bring on Lord Mandelson to do the eulogy, methinks.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 20/09/09
You are lucky that no politicians from any other parties have been implicated in any such scandals right?


no you don’t; you really don’t.

Ariel said...

Go on then - name one other Attorney General in the past 50 years - any party - dim enough to have broken a law they themselves piloted through the Lords.

This woman is Labour's chief Law Officer, for Heaven's sake

Can you hear the tumbrils Terry?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ariel) 14:07
One reply from me and you have to change the rules;you are useless at this.

Ah that’s OK then eh? You should have said that you would be the only one allowed to select those to be attacked and that you were confining it to Attorney Generals; silly me.

You are clearly a concerned citizen and you appear to be reeling under the growing realization that you live in a corrupt system which is of course called capitalism. Try turning your forensic investigative skills on Tory Lords leader Lord Strathclyde and former Tory minister Peter Fraser QC and their interest in a company called trafigura Oil Traders if you want to find some real villains.

I am all for tumbrils and all for filling them with the same people that they were filled with before.

Anonymous said...

What about good old Stephen Timms coming out on the moral high ground against people using methods of tax avoidance (not tax evasion).

Wasn't he the guy who split his Ovum shares with his wife so that he could avoid payng tax on them.

Labour hypocrisy at its best

Ariel said...

Let me help you grasp the nettle.

Baroness Scotland is Attorney General,the chief law officer of this government.

She has broken the law and you are unable to name any other Attorney General who has done this.

She should be sacked, prosecuted and burnt at the stake.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Burning at the stake is too good for her; what she needs is a good boot up the a**e.