Thursday, September 03, 2009


Wolves are fantastic creatures; they are capable of outrunning most other creatures and their highly developed sense of community as pack dwellers means they have very few natural enemies as they are almost always “team handed” as we say here when trouble is about to kick off. Since way back in the mists of time they have been held in awe, they are the stuff of legends and the subject of books such as White Fang and movies like Dances with Wolves; we also have the “wolf Cubs” and Kipling’s tales.

The “She Wolf” is reputedly the no. 1 Mother on the planet and that includes humans, she will face down any creature including bears to protect her cubs, all in all they are number 1 good guys; notwithstanding the fact that you would not want to stumble in to a team of them on your own; they are the business.

Our American cousins have just passed a law allowing some states to lift their 80 year ban on hunting wolves, as I said very few natural enemies but; that does not include us, man is the only creature which can blush did you know that? Do Americans?

Having said some nice things about Americans lately I am back to regarding the USA as the A******e of the world, a she wolf can see off a Grizzly bear but is no match for a high powered hunting rifle being aimed at it from a hiding place by a knuckle dragging American frontiersman who just loves to kill for fun – morons.


Chris Gale said...

Yes, a huge let down from Obama who was supported and funded by hunters just the same as Bush.
Appalling barbarity to these wonderful creatures.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Very sad but true - they should make the b******s hunt each other.