Sunday, September 06, 2009


Is there a more repulsive specimen on the planet than the American Republican voter/member; they have been behaving like foaming at the mouth thugs because the President wants to introduce health care for all. He has been called a communist, an anti American, a white hating racist and republican supporters were heard shouting at their rallies “kill the nigger” These people complain about other countries and criticise their political systems but see nothing wrong with this behaviour; they think it’s acceptable to turn up at an anti Obama rally with a gun strapped to their leg sporting a tee shirt with the legend “it’s time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots” which paraphrases ex president Thomas Jefferson; a bunch of evil crazy bug eyed B******s who of course elected Bush 1 & 2 plus Reagan and Nixon, it's the biggest asylum in the world.

The latest outbreak of republican deviousness is breaking out with parents of schoolchildren complaining about the President visiting their children in school without their permission; I watched one glazy eyed red neck hayseed woman saying on TV that everyone had to be vetted to go in to a school so the president should too. He spoke to the children had some pictures taken and gave a little speech advising them to study hard and stay on at school and go to college; he is clearly a dangerous man in fact it’s worse that that; these people accuse him of the worst crime there is ‘un-Americanism’ I am not aware of any precedent here or in America or anywhere else where a President or politician was met with such drivel. In common with other politicians I have been invited to many school functions and always enjoyed them, can you imagine Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue or Paulo Nutini being told that they can't visit a school because the parents have to give permission would the American parents say "No way Queen Elizabeth you aint going in without our permission"

While watching this nonsense I could only think of one question; do these extras from the movie ‘Deliverance’ I could hear the banjos in the background; actually think that anyone buys this, do they think that the rest of the world is as dumb and vicious as they are? Are they now expecting VIP visitors to schools to have to seek the permission of every parent, can you imagine the right wing reaction if this had been Bush? America in many areas is a dark; sinister; backward place it is down right scary.


Anonymous said...

An excellent , if morally depressing article. Bigotry extends beyond your borders into Iraq,Palestine/.Gaza and Afghanistan too.

Over here in UK we have BNP who are just as bad if not worse than your Deliverance lot but thankfully they have only a tiny public following.

Never fails to amaze me though that citizens actually voted Bush Jnr in twice..well with of a bit of a fiddle I suspect.

Why is it that ignorance and belligerence go hand in hand with violence and political "bullying" ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:19

“Bigotry extends beyond your borders into Iraq,Palestine/.Gaza and Afghanistan too”

I don’t understand this.

“Why is it that ignorance and belligerence go hand in hand with violence and political "bullying" ?”
As above.

This is a country where some 60M. people do not accept Darwinism. In today’s paper the excellent Church of Scotland minister Ron Ferguson tells us the following.

A pastor from Arizona has prayed for President Obama to die. The Rev Steven Anderson, a 29-year-old independent Baptist pastor in Tempe, Arizona, said he hoped the US president would be struck down with brain cancer so that he would die like Edward Kennedy Mr Anderson, with Bible open in his hand, told his congregation that he wanted the president to "melt like a snail with salt on it" because of his views on abortion. Describing his sermon - charmingly titled "Why I Hate Barack Obama" - as "spiritual warfare", the preacher told his congregation at the Faithful Word Baptist Church that Obama should get the death penalty. The day after the sermon, one of his parishioners showed up at an Arizona town hall meeting at which the guest of honour was President Obama. The kindly parishioner was carrying an AR15 semi-automatic assault rifle. As one does.

Pastor Anderson is nothing if not consistent. Two days before Obama's inauguration, he stated that if he were king he would decree the execution of homosexuals and children who curse their parents. But at least he won't do the executing himself. Declaring that Obama was turning America into a communist nation, he said: "Now, I'm not going to do it. I'm not saying vigilantism. I'm saying there should be a government in this country that under God's authority takes Barack Obama and aborts him. On television. For everybody to see in the whole world. I wish we had a government that would act on God's behalf, like the government is supposed to do. You know, the government is supposed to carry out God's law. That's the purpose of human government. And so I'd like to see Barack Obama melt like a snail. I'd like to see the teeth knocked right out of his head."

There are more of them. Take Fred Phelps, pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. His favourite slogan is "God hates fags". (He's not talking about cigarettes.) Pastor Phelps says that American casualties in Iraq were due to the fact that the US is a nation full of homosexuals. He says he is a "Five-Point Calvinist". I don't think I'll bother finding out about the other four points. Oh, and he's an anti-Semitic bigot as well. Nice chap, really.

We have a long way to go to catch up with these morons.

Anonymous said...

"These people complain about other countries and criticise their political systems but see nothing wrong with this behaviour" Indeed, Terry. I'm sure many Americans feel the same way about comments from foreigners as well...

Anonymous said...

How does this differ from your views on Lady Thatcher?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/09/09
Nicaragua,, El Salvador, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba etc. etc.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/09/09
Can you give more of a hint what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Councillor 5.38pm

Yup, sure can! You've been equally as poisonous about Lady Thatcher, Churchill and the Queen

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:23
I have never told anything other than the truth about the world’s greatest parasite the Queen and her inbred idiot family or The war criminal Thatcher or the drink sodden old cretin Churchill.

Anonymous said...

Councillor 6.52

Yup, there you go then!!

Guess some folk think they are entitled to feel the same way about O'Bama, so why get all uppity?

We still live in free countries, leastways, we did last time I looked

Anonymous said...

Is there a more repulsive specimen on the planet than the American Republican voter/member..

Oh yes i can think of 2 spivs and both are revolting.

1, Tartan Bond, a fat pig of a man who posts on the Scotsman forums.

2, Iain Gray, a weird stupid inept Labour lunatic.

Great to see the Tories are on the up down south, that should shunt a lot of you Labour numpties off the dole

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08/09/09
I must remember to take my assault rifle to the next public meeting I attend.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(AMW) 08/09/09
You should comment more often we can never get enough well thought out and presented contributions.
Are you saying that the Tories will get the royal parasites off the dole? Maybe they are not all bad then.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Terry Kelly ...

Just to make one thing clear, i am no lover of the Royal family and my reason are simple..

1..I'm no persons subject..

2..Even though I'm not a Catholic i do deplore the disgusting rule that a Royal can never marry a catholic, not that i can think of any who would want to marry into all that sh#t pomp.

3.. With all the poverty in the UK and homeless people flung about all over London, i think it is disgusting we have one family funded by the tax payer and who effectively own all our coastlines and own lavish homes. I could go on but im no royal lover..

As for the Tories, no personally i cant stand them as i am a proud Scottish nationalist but think about it, why would i prefer a disgusting anti Scottish toff party to the likes of Labour ? Cant you just see how bad Labour really are for Scotland and the UK ?

Its all the negativity that i cant stomach from Labour. They win votes on fear.

"You should comment more often we can never get enough well thought out and presented contributions"
Thanks, i might just do that :)

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(AMW) 13:18
Are you aware that if independence ever comes you are keeping the Queen? Alex (the spiv) has spoken.; you are and will continue to be a subject under the SNP.

“A proud Scottish Nationalist”

Scottish Nationalism is a disease you are all held together by a racist hatred of the English, you should be ashamed not proud.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Terry Kelly ...

Well i don't agree with everything the SNP stands for and personally i wouldn't want the queen as head of state..

"Scottish Nationalism is a disease you are all held together by a racist hatred of the English, you should be ashamed not proud"

I never new that, i must let my English girlfriend know and my father (although foreign born) but brought up in England know the truth about the SNP.

I always thought it was Labout that were the anti English thugs..

AN ENGLAND football fan living in Scotland blamed the country’s First Minister yesterday for stoking anti-English racism after his windows were smashed because he was displaying the St George’s flag.
Amid rising fears that Scotland may be boycotted by tourists from south of the Border over Jack McConnell’s refusal to support England in the World Cup, Allan Robinson, 44, accused the First Minister of putting English people living in Scotland at risk."

I think you and I will get along just fine btw.

Anonymous said...

i take it then that Irish Nationalism is/was a disease? Why are you not campaigning for south Ireland to be absorbed back into the Great Britain you adore.

what about Norwegian nationalists who gained independence from Sweden. If you dont believe in Nations, what are you advocating? A world state?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(AMW) 16:04
I’m not interested in what football team McConnell or anyone supports that is trivia. I’m talking about the hatred that Scottish Nationalists have for the English and the danger that surrounds English people who are in Scotland; I can swap anecdotes with you if you like the SNP MSP’s who had signs on their desks saying “anywhere but London” for the Olympic Games when cities were bidding. The young girl punched in the face by a tall bearded drunken Scotsman because he heard her English accent, (where was Sean Connery at the time) it is rife and you are lying about it; I’ve been challenging them for 35 years I know about it.

“Nationalism is an infantile disease; it is the measles of the planet earth” (Albert Einstein) but what would he know; he wasn’t even Scottish was he?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:22

I’m an Internationalist I couldn’t care less where someone comes from; there is not one single thing that I can think of that would make me proud or ashamed of being Scottish it’s an accident of birth and as such is completely meaningless. If you think being Scottish means something then you end up like Kenny (coco) MacAskill making cringe worthy stupid statements like “Scots are compassionate “ what a crock of bulldung.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you suggest that Robbie Williams or Kylie Minogue should be okay to go into schools unvetted. Perhaps Gary Glitter, at the height of his fame in the Seventies, could go in unvetted too. Or perhaps the drummer from the Bay City Rollers.

Go on Terry, why not let anyone with a three line entry into the Sun's bizarre column into schools unvetted.

P.S. I don't think you should, though, Terry; might give the kiddies nightmares...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

No one gets in to schools unvetted try for yourself and see; turn up without prior warning and with no reason and see what chance you will have of getting in, you are far more likely to get in to jail.

I wouldn’t read the Sun wearing industrial gloves but you being a reader doesn’t surprise me.