Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It’s a rather disturbing thought that not everyone who saw the badly beaten face of the young girl on TV; who was attacked for having an English accent sympathised with her, unfortunately there are Scottish people, far too many of them, who think that having an English accent is reason enough to be attacked, this is Scotland’s shame; sectarianism, racism and bigotry are rife in Scotland. Far more shaming is the fact that we have politicians who are culpable but deny this obvious truth; no one will be surprised to hear that I am referring to the SNP for it’s anti Englishness and other sections of Scottish society for sectarianism and bigotry.

The unholy alliance of Salmond, Rosanna Cunningham, Brian Souter, Fergus Ewing and various princes of the Scottish Churches have for years been responsible for perpetuating anti gay attitudes for their own ends, I exclude Brian Souter from the charge of personal gain here because I believe that he is, God help us, genuine in his odious beliefs.

The treatment of the Irish in Scotland is racist because of their Irishness and sectarian because of their mainly Roman Catholic religion; on leaving school me and some mates used to play a little game where some of us would approach a factory asking for employment; to be asked “what school did you go to” “St. Mirin’s Academy” we would reply to be told there were no vacancies, some of our remaining pals would then approach claiming to have went to Camphill or Grammar and they were given application forms for vacancies, we speculated about whether 2+2 was 4 in a protestant school, this still goes on albeit, to a lesser degree. The treatment meted out to young Aiden McGeady of Celtic is the classic example; it’s not difficult to understand when it comes from Rangers fans; that has gone on for over a century and Celtic fans respond in kind minus the racism but, it begs an obvious question which is embarrassing for Scots. Why is this brilliant young footballer treated this way from Inverness to Edinburgh to Paisley to Motherwell ? what is their excuse for this poison if it’s not sectarianism ? “I have played football all over the world and the worst example of racist abuse I have ever encountered was at a team called St. Mirren in Scotland” (Ruud Gullit) Dutch footballing superstar, this is not a dig at the Saints it could have been any Scottish ground and it is shameful.

There is an anti English racism which is growing and certain people are to blame for making it worse; everywhere in the world cranking up nationalist sentiments causes violence against those who are not born in that country. I don’t believe Scots. are necessarily any worse than other countries with the caveat that they have a specific anti English problem, witness their puerile behaviour at sporting events involving England, this by contrast is the opposite of the English who are delighted to see any British country as well as Ireland win when England are not involved.

There is always the danger that nationalism causes senseless violence and hatred, no political knowledge or theory is required to get into nationalism, it appeals to the worst in people, simple frustrated people can be whipped up by devious politicians, nationalists are guilty of constantly stirring up anti English feeling, this poisonous drip feed goes on and keeps the hatred boiling. Salmond (the spiv) has deliberately fostered an anti English agenda for his own ends; smart enough to know that certain language is no longer acceptable he and the others in the SNP now speak in code, derogatory references to England or the English have been replaced by sayings like “Westminster rule” “Dictats from down south” “The London parties” etc. etc. it’s not very subtle but neither is their target audience. This deliberate behaviour in my opinion made it’s contribution to what happened to that young girl, people like (the spiv), Sturgeon and the snarling vicious Christine Graham along with others make the bullets and the mob fires them. When Salmond (the spiv) refused to congratulate English Olympic Athletes what message did the mob hear, when SNP MSP’s had slogan cards on their desks saying “anywhere but London” during the competition to stage the next Olympics, what message did the mob pick up ?

'Get back to f****** England – English bastard.’ said this Scottish braveheart before smashing his fist into young Lucy Newman’s face, time to stop and think eh ? Salmond (the spiv) targets the mob, winds them up and watches the hatred explode, the English, or London, as he now says are the cause of all Scotland’s woes, go get them.

I read a simple but devastating question posed in all of this which can’t be answered but people can speculate about, it was “what; if any party would this thug vote for?”

The thug in question shouted anti English abuse before carrying out an assault on this young woman, I wonder if the police are checking on the whereabouts of Sean Connery at the time.


Anonymous said...

What a strange article; too many various strands brought into it from football to religion and sectarianism.
None of which make sense, the article is not coherent and is completely impossible to actually get to the point of what you are trying to say.
Is it a complaint about football thugs, an honest sympathy/empathy for this poor girl, a dig at everyone/anyone who does not agree with you or just a chance to show that politicians don't give a damn about facts, consistency or even putting their point across.
If your article had even been argued correctly I may have tried to understand your point.
Well done you have succeeded.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14/01/09
I think this comment is basically dishonest, I state that Scotland has a problem with Racism, Sectarianism and bigotry.

I explain the bigotry by highlighting the treatment of the Gay community by a major political party the SNP and the churches.

I then refer to sectarianism by highlighting my own experiences as a youth looking for work and the experience of the footballer.

I then refer to Racism, concentrating on anti English racism highlighted by the recent attack on the young English woman.

I then explain why such attacks are exacerbated by the anti English rhetoric of certain politicians.

I highlight the fact that we have these problems and we need to address them, some people are making them worse for their own ends as well as refusing to acknowledge them i.e. the SNP.

I suggest that if you can’t follow that then it’s you who has the problem not me, but as I said I think you are dishonest, maybe you have your own agenda eh ?

Anonymous said...


We all remember the different colour of forms dished out at certain Labour controlled councils for certain people from certain schools Terry don't we? or will that be another memory lapse.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:26
I don’t know what this means and I can’t imagine what it has to do with my remarks in the article, why don’t you try again,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to hear your justification for the Racism, Sectarianism and Bigotry which infests Scotland, perhaps you could truncate it by saying I’m a Nationalist.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't argue with your diatribe on bigotry, Terry, and would even agree with a lot of it (the stuff decent human beings would naturally agree with). However, I have never once heard Alex Salmond deliver any hate speeches toward England, nor have I known him to encourage anti-Englishness in any way. Now you pose the question "whcih party would the thug naturally vote for?" I wouldn't at all be surprised to hear him claim to vote Labour. Neither would it surprise me to hear he votes SNP or BNP. I doubt if he's Liberal, and probably not Geen. Let's not be too smug about our membership, shall we?

By the way, can you name a Protestant school in the state sector? i think you'll find you actually mean non-denominational, but you knew that, didn't you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim Lewis) 18:22
Jim I believe that Alex (the spiv) Salmond is as anti English as any of them, he has to maintain a certain image which is why he stokes the anti English fires very subversively, he blames every problem on the English but is clever enough not to use the name.

You are perfectly entitled to pick which party you think the thug would vote for, I put the question up there however with the greatest confidence; perhaps a closer involvement in politics would enlighten you.

The reference to Protestant schools was meant to be in the context of the time, these things might look a little different when you have been one of those subjected to this treatment.

Allan said...

Of course the New Labour Administration had... Ooooh 20 odd years to rip the foundations up of our not so secret shame. Instead, they stuck by the denominational/non-denominational status quo which does nothing but build sectarianism.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 19:03

Here’s a couple of questions for you Allan, please take them seriously; why is sectarianism not built by denominational/non-denominational schools in France, America, Australia, Canada etc. etc. ignore N. Ireland. why only Scotland?

Why is Scotland the only country in the world where a footballer crossing himself gets front page headlines?

Allan said...

Conversely, why should we waste money on two schooling systems, one of which appears only to be there to promote a certain viewpoint in life, the universe and everything.

As for the issue with the footballer, why don't you address that point towards, as Bill Leckie describes them, The Bigot Brothers.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 15/01/09

I asked you two, simple to understand questions, I made them as easy to understand as possible because of what I was dealing with.

Let me know if you did in fact struggle to understand the questions and I will attempt to make further allowances for you when I ask them again.

Let me throw in a 3rd. question, when the late Polish Pope John Paul died; respect was shown in sporting venues and public events all over the world except one, that was the football match between Motherwell and Rangers, Why?

Anonymous said...

Why do the labourites blame Alex Salmond for everything that goes wrong, when they are the idiots who caused all the problems.
I don't expect to see this in the warthog's blog as he only posts things he can do a two line downer on.
Labour destroyed Paisley....
I love seeing you in opposition, where you belong and hopefully for a long time.
I meant to ask are you rufus-t-firefly who also posts inane rubbish on the hootsmon message boards and blames Alexi Salmonelli for everything wrong in the world.
Also, how are labour doing without their leader who is now in Ayrshire, destroying it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Thursday, January 15, 2009 5:26:00 PM Anonymous.

The only thing I can see here which I recognise is the reference to Rufus -T-Firefly but the Rufus I recognise was a character created by the great Groucho Marx, Ive no idea who you mean. The rest is gibberish.

Allan said...

"I asked you two, simple to understand questions, I made them as easy to understand as possible because of what I was dealing with."

Well, let's answer those questions then. Not being American or Canadian (and I suspect that the denomonational American or Canadian schools that you talk of are fee paying schools, which is another matter entirely from the state run schools we have here) I can guess that the French have denomonational schooling because France is a Catholic country, and has none of the scars that the reformation left on its national psyche oooh 500 years ago.

Here on the other hand, the reformations left large scars, a Catholic is banned from "the throne", we are still (officially) to have a catholic PM, and up here we have two very large Football clubs who mine the rich seam of this scar for, well purely profitable reasons.

You ask why Rangers (when they played Motherwell) failed to observe a minutes silence for Pope John Paul II (another bigot, in the eyes of the world's Gay community), well lets not beat about the bush, there wouldn't have been one anyway.

Prehaps you may be able to answer why, when my fellow St Mirren supporters go to the police and complain about the Old Firm's choice of good old fashioned family sing song, they are told to go away, and to stop wasting police time.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 16/01/09
Lie No. 1 – fee paying is irrelevant there are denominational schools all over the world and indeed here which are not Catholic, and this crap doesn’t happen so try again, why are Catholic schools responsible for these troubles only in Scotland?
Lie No. 2 - No measure of respect was shown over the death of the late Pope because Rangers and Motherwell fans regarded him as being anti gay, wow! absolutely priceless, a collectors item, worth publicising. You are quite right, there would have been no respect, and I asked you why? Well?
Let me try to simplify it further since I am obviously dealing with a blind bigot, why do countries who have slaughtered each other in wars which weren’t 500 years ago find themselves able to play each others teams without this evil going on and Scotland can’t.
Lie No. 3 – A lie of omission, why is Scotland the only country where a player crossing himself causes an uproar?
Perhaps the Police treat you with the contempt you deserve, have you forgotten Ruud Gullit and Aiden McGeady? Or was it English fans dressed as St. Mirren fans that were responsible for this behaviour?

Sectarianism is alive and well at St. Mirren as well as Celtic, Rangers and the rest of Scotland, you are proof of that.

Allan said...

(sigh) Wrong, Wrong and Wrong on all counts.

Fee paying is not an entirly irrelevant factor. To seperate small people (there is no choice like ther is with fee paying schooling) at the age of 5 on religous grounds sows the seed of sectarianism. Small minds think "Why's my pal no coming to my school? Whats so different about my school""

I think that we both know, and i though it didn't need pointing out, why Rangers fans wouldn't have observed a minutes silence for Pope John Paul II, because a lot of Rangers fans are not, shall we be say, Catholisism's biggest fans. Maybe you could answer why Celtic fans did not observe the minutes silence in favour of our fallen soldiers last November. Clue: the Old Firm are as bad as each other.

As for my tangent, well Rangers fans may not give two hoots about Catholisisms mysogenistic, homophobic streak, but many right minded scots abhor this AS much as racism(you must have winced, maybe as much as I did, over the past week every time a royal correspondent used the P word in relation to Harry) and sectarianism that goes on this country.

The only way to get rid of these, and the uproar of "crossing yourself" is through better education. RE when i was in Stanley Green was awful. Didn't learn very much about Bhudism, Islam or the various branches of Christianity. Here's where i get back to the whole Denominational question. We must educate our small people, and then let them make their mind up on which path, spiritually they want to folow. Is that so wrong?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 16:50

I have given you several chances to explain why the sectarian bigotry which I described is particular to Scotland and you have avoided answering each time.

You are now predictably miles away from the original argument because a/ you don’t have an answer and b/ you are part of the problem, no matter how you dress it up or muddy the water, you are a sectarian bigot, you are part of “Scotland’s shame”

Pretending that Scotland is not guilty is the coward's way out.

Anonymous said...


You are bang on the money with your comments, you must learn to stop upsetting the SNP though, those faint hearts appear to get more and more upset with each blog you put on the net.

As an educated man do I think that the SNP are anti-English, yes I do, do I think they are anti-homosexual, absolutely 100 percent,
Do I think they are a Republican party, yes they hate the English just as much as they hate the Queen an all that she stands for, the SNP would rather have Billy Connolly as Head of State, so much for Scotland's history.

Do I think we will become Independent! Unfortunately "Possibly” Why, the snake oil peddler Mr Salmond is trying to confuse the Scottish people with promises of Gold, Honey, and exotic Fruits, I personally can't stand the man and his Bookies runner John Spinney.

More locally do I as a Paisley man feel that the SNP are doing a good job in Renfrewshire, I can honestly say "yes in parts of Renfrewshire", more in the “Renfrew” and less in the “Shire”.

One correspondent said that Labour have destroyed Paisley, what rubbish, former Provost John McDowell and Nancy Alison to name but two helped in the regeneration of this proud, historic town.

Haste Ye Back Labour.

Scott Quinn.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 20/01/09
I disagree about independence Scott; and Billy Connolly who is a staunch Labour man, the rest is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

What's up with Billy Connolly, I thought it was Moira Stewart the SNP wanted to be Head of State.

Mr Quinn is right about Renfrewshire and how the investment is only in the Renfrew and not the shire, it's a pity though that the Labour Party have not grasped this fact, hopefully they will soon, also what is going on with Paisley High Street, I walked down the main Street with my wife and it looked like a ghost town, I thought the Nats promised to regenerate the town centre, did they state which year, they where going to regenerate the town.


Bob Adams.

P.s Did I see the Man of Straw, Mr Gorge Adams on the TV last week!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 25/01/09
Someone suggested that the SNP would have Connolly as head of state, I was pointing out that Connolly detests the SNP.
The Nats. boasted that they would sort out the town centre along with a great many other fairy stories.
I wasn’t aware of Cllr. Adam being on T.V.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but I feel compelled to voice my tuppence worth of opinion! When your land has been plundered and your head of state HUNG, DRAWN AND QUARTERED, there are not many horrific acts you can parallel to such acts of mindless violence. This is a stain on that little red rose that will NEVER go away. It is such a shame as neighbours we cant get along. When the leaders of your neighbouring country are on a rule the world trip and drag themselves into a hopeless despairing war against the developing world, trampling over it, killing and conquering, it comes as no surprise to hear those english accents utter to one another 'why do they hate us?'! The intelligence was not present then and the future holds nothing but vengeance as payback for their unhuman acts. So don't bleat and moan, its just the tables that have turned. BLAME mother nature. Call it karma or whatever you want but what goes around, comes around. ROT in hell you engerlanders!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/01/10
“tuppence” ? You are boasting.

“When your land has been plundered”

which land and how? and by whom?

“your head of state HUNG, DRAWN AND QUARTERED”

Which State and who had that done to him?

“This is a stain on that little red rose”

What little red rose?

“It is such a shame as neighbours we can’t get along”

Some morons can’t get along; most people can.

“When the leaders of your neighbouring country are on a rule the world trip”

I take it you are referring to our country; Britain; going to rule the world by fighting Iraq and Afghanistan! using its Army of English; Irish; Welsh and Scottish soldiers who are fighting for their country.

“ROT in hell you engerlanders!”

Is it only ‘englanders” who are to rot? the soldiers from all the other members of the coalition will escape the flames.

Why not comb out your beard; put on your tartan frock; stick your wee toy knife down your sock; wear your most truculent sneer; get fired up with rot gut whiskey and go down there and sort them out; you should be able to win easy; they won’t be able to fight for laughing.

Anonymous said...

im a black south african fenian wantin to go on a holiday to scotland im now worried 4 my safety wud it make a difference if i wear a kilt our men wear loin cloths anyway xx

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:30
In Scotland you will find racism and sectarianism both of which would be directed against you in various degrees depending where you are and what you are doing; if you were a black; fenian Englishman I would advise you to think again.