Tuesday, January 06, 2009


One of the great differences today in terms of military conflict is that it is very difficult to hide what is happening no matter how hard you try. Hence the Israeli attempt to prevent the world from witnessing their crimes in Gaza by banning the world’s media is not working. Throughout every day we can see it on TV in all it’s gut wrenching detail, the mutilated body of a dead infant needs no translation, this is one of the main reasons that America lost in Vietnam, just like the bloodletting and murder in Gaza, Vietnam could not be hidden. Newspapers and TV stations all over the world are witnessing the Israeli brutality and, that brings another dimension to the tragedy, quite tragically and unfairly, it brings it’s own particular danger for Jews everywhere.

“If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh?” (Shylock – Merchant of Venice) W. Shakespeare.

Unfortunately Shylock’s eloquent statement of humanity has never been acceptable to some malevolent people; history records the trials and tribulations of the Jews and can’t be denied. Already and disturbingly we are hearing, seeing and reading about Jewish communities who are suffering anti Israeli protests world wide, protests are also taking place in Israel by some incredibly brave Israeli citizens who are opposed to the siege of Gaza.

In every corner of the world there are Jewish people who are protesting against what Israel is doing “Not in their name” is the international cry of these Jewish protestors, highlighting again that being Jewish is not the same as being a citizen of Israel or a supporter of their blood-soaked Govt. Unfortunately further stories are now being heard and seen which show Jewish areas, synagogues, businesses and innocent Jewish people being attacked and buildings damaged by people opposed to the action in Gaza and, possibly using that opposition to fuel their own evil anti Semitic agenda.

The biggest and most obvious danger here is that this ancient and vile curse of anti Semitism is never far away and is still rife in some countries, including those who boast of their civilisation like France and here. Neo Nazis are still crawling around under stones all over the world and this tragedy is breathing oxygen back into their rancid minds, these people need no encouragement and what is going on in Gaza is just the bogus excuse they need to resurrect their evil creeds and poisonous ideas. These thugs will not draw the distinction between Israeli, Jew or Zionist but they will exploit the situation to give vent to their anti Semitism. The potential for widespread anti Semitism can never be overestimated and vigilance is always required.

I hope this is in the minds of the Israeli leaders as well as other world leaders as a solution is sought, hopefully it will help to bring about a quick cease fire, how tragic would it be if innocent peace loving Jews in various parts of the world were to suffer because of the actions of Israel. To paraphrase Brecht when he urged caution on the defeat of Hitler and Nazism :-

“The bitch that bore him is on heat again” Brecht was right, that beast never went away, we must all hope and pray that present events do not revive it.

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