Sunday, January 25, 2009


The toy town revolutionaries of the SSP in Renfrewshire recently acquired a new saviour; an all singing all dancing builder of barricades called Jimmy Kerr, a likeable muddle headed guy who first came to my notice when he wrote asking for my help to get his area community council back up and running, friendly and community minded socialist that I am I gave what help I could, despite my suspicion; after a couple of rambling phone calls and tortuous emails that he was not telling me everything. He managed to get himself appointed as secretary of the Community Council with the well known political activist Barr Crawford as chair, Jimmy however chaired the meetings, and I became more suspicious when he cut me off at a meeting after allowing the Lib. Dem. Councillor to speak, saying that “it was not a political meeting” this caused me to wonder if he was from the revolutionary wing of the Liberal Democrats, this would of course make a change from the SSP and the SNP uniting in Renfrewshire Council.

It took me several months to get Jimmy to admit to me that he was; as I already knew a member of the SS all of Jimmy’s pet projects which he brought to the community council were stamped SSP. He was about as subtle as a “rubber cosh” in no time at all Mr. Crawford was removed from the chair and alas Jimmy is now gone from his own little position of power as secretary. I received an email which I was copied into apologising for any offence that Jimmy might have caused me and others with emails he had sent recently, the email informed me that Jimmy had resigned, it seems that some people spotted that Jimmy was being overtly political and complained about him, as I said the subtlety thing. He replied to them by email hence the resignation. My advice to Jimmy is to consider if Che Guevara would have allowed such a thing to put him off; I think not.

A friend called me and told me about Jimmy’s revolutionary efforts on the blogosphere which I looked up; it seems that his outward pleasantness to me was not exactly 100% genuine, he wrote some unkind articles about me, on one occasion calling me Forrest Gump, irony is definitely not dead. Whatever else this socialist superman is he is certainly not short on ambition; among other things he intends to sort out is the regeneration of the West End of Paisley, Clean away all litter, stop the expansion of Glasgow Airport and prevent Tesco opening a superstore at Renfrew Road, I believe he intends to rest on the seventh day.

I do however sincerely hope that Jimmy realises that those who are exploiting him now will gladly work him into the ground, he is more genuine than the rest of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Renfrewshire” or is it “The Renfrewshire Liberation Popular Front” put together, but that won’t save him.


Allan said...

Isn't Tesco's plans to open a shop on Renfrew Road against - heaven forbid - Renfrewshire's own planning laws. They already have land to build a supermarket anyway - the Love Street site.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 25/01/09
I am getting a feeling that you are trying to say something here Allan but you seem a bit timid; would you like to elaborate, honest I wont bite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

I think Allan the "Dalek" could be a closet SNP supporter, what do you think, one of your bloggers mentioned "George Adams Man of Straw" last week, yes I caught him on TV as well, the story was regarding the councils Education Dept banning burger vans outside of Schools across Renfrewshire, George, Man of Straw was the Education Dept's spoke’s person, I thought Ms Cameron was Education Boss, not the "Man of Straw".

Keep Blogging.

Aye Yours

Bob Harding.
Labour Supporter and Proud of it!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 26/01/09
Allan has ‘previous’ he hates the world.

Renfrewshire Council Education Dept. has no political leadership whatsoever, what they have is a convener and vice convener who took these positions with no experience and even less knowledge of what was required.

They simply go along with everything they are told, they bear the imprint of the last person to sit on them.

Out of their depth and totally discredited, surviving only on a brass neck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

I don't wish to spoil the party but did you know that a certain SNP Councillor (Education Boss) was seriously thinking of jumping ship to the SSP. It was the talk of the steamy in Glenburn, apparently she decided against it and I quote " ther' nuthin in it fur me".

You must stand to attention when such a towering intellect speaks in the Council Chambers.

Young Obama (sorry Dexy) must cringe when such a high powered speaker raises her strong voice.
("Us yeins and youse yeins")

Scott Park
Fairway Ave

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:10
I doubt if the SSP would be cheering at such a proposition; notwithstanding their hedonism and natural talent for treachery they do, by and large have a grasp of politics.

That would exclude the SNP education convener; they may well move her to spokesperson on culture though.

The Brokendown Barman said...

why not just try and do yer job instead of trying to make yer self feel bigger and clevererer.
if you lot (councils) doing the work you were meant to do and for the correct reasons ( the public) we might actually get things done.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(the broken down barman) 29/01/09
I try to do my best and if I could make myself “clevererer” I would not hesitate to do so; what makes you think that you speak for the public.
One thing I don’t do is go behind people’s backs; I would never pretend to someone that I was friendly and then creep away and try to trash them, I ask you what kind of person would do that?

Anonymous said...

So we have an Education convener with no proessional experience of the education system and, from what I can gather, little experience as a user of the service either. Then we have a non-education board member as the media spokesperson on an education issue. You've really got to hand it to this administration - they've really got it under control, haven't they??? Should Cllr Adam wish to pursue a career in the media, I'd respectfully suggest he brush up a little on his grammar and elocution, so's no tae sound like a total numpty, eh?
On another note, I'm not sure if the SSP are quite antagonistic and, frankly, bitter enough for our favourite convener.

The Brokendown Barman said...

terry- i do not think i that i speak for the public. i know what i feel and i know that a lot more can be gained by focusing on what needs to be done. councils are supposed to be representatives of the area who are entrusted with the running of said areas. would it not make the job much easier if the council members would get on with their jobs and not squabble like infants over the stupidest things - oooh he called me forrest gump how insulting. did you tell your mother??? what would che guevara have done??

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Pauline) 29/01/09

You are clearly speaking from bitter experience Pauline and your comments have the unmistakeable ring of truth about them.

I can warn you and any other parent with children in the Renfrewshire education system that there is a lot more trouble to come, the teachers are at last stirring and talking about industrial action with SNP leader Derek Mackay already accusing them of harming the children.

And this from the people who just closed South Primary.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(the broken down barman) 30/01/09

“i do not think i that i speak for the public” here is what you said;

“( the public) (we) might actually get things done” the royal (we)!

The rest of this is subjective and worthless.

We are talking here about a man who; to my face was friendly and good natured while behind my back was crawling around trying to trash me, what kind of dishonest creep is that, what kind of trust would anyone put in someone like that?

The Che Guevara thing was a calculated insult; designed to highlight the bar room revolutionaries and their laughable posturing.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear the seething volcano of revolutionary fervour is agitating again. and as usual he wants everybody else to do it. first the parents of South Primary, now (again) the teachers.

Hows about the armchair revolutionary getting out his Parker Knoll and leading a march down Paisley high street, fists punching the air in anger at the horror of someone else making the decisions instead of the comrades.

Thought not, you would need people to do that who are stuck in the same dark era (1950's)as our Tel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/01/09

“Oh dear the seething volcano of revolutionary fervour is agitating again”

He’s never stopped.

I don’t see any argument here, sounds like the SS. In 1959 I was 11 years old.
Have you got any proposals; tell us who you are and what your solutions are; thought not.

The Brokendown Barman said...

re the che guevara thing was a calculated insult

wow you are so cutting!! do you make your insults up on the spot or do you have a list ready and waiting?? i prefer to use quotations, such as " devil damn thee black, thou cream faced loon! where got'st thou that goose look?"

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(the broken down barman) 02/02/09
" devil damn thee black, thou cream faced loon! where got'st thou that goose look?"

That stuff will never catch on.

Try this “ you should always carry a trumpet in case you run into a parade” that’s a real quote!

The Brokendown Barman said...

you are a trumpet!!!!! what do you mean that is a real quote????? who said it? i was quoting shakespear in my previous reply.

In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward mobile.
Hunter S. Thompson

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(the broken down barman) 13:47

“i was quoting shakespear in my previous reply”

Was that Wullie or Shuggie Shakespeare?

“that is a real quote????? who said it?”

I did,brilliant eh? better than that Skakespeak guy anyway.

The Brokendown Barman said...

who is shakespeak???

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(the broken down barman) 04/02/09

Shakespeak? – known to me - shakespear? Known to you - Shakespeare? known to millions!

But, what’s in a name anyway?