Monday, January 12, 2009


Once again Prince Harry lets the side down, not for his racism but, for displaying that racism; his granddad has been at it for years, likewise his “ghastly old bigot” of a great grandmother, the Queen Mum, an Alf Garnett in knickers. This is clearly the way they talk and now we can’t help but wonder what they sound like when the cameras can’t see them, not a pretty thought. Harry is not to blame, the utter clown in the royal household who decided to make the princes into respectable “normal” citizens instead of keeping them hidden is the one to blame, as are the vacuous wasters and privileged nonentities at the top of the British military. They went along with the con trick designed to reinvent this dullard from a useless rich play boy with barely enough brains to 'hit the floor with his own hat' into a war hero.

No matter what they try, no matter what money they throw at the problem, no matter what lies and deceit they use to fool the British people they can’t avoid the simple fact that they do not have the basic raw material to work with and that’s not Harry’s fault either, short of a brain transplant we, and they are stuck with him. Harry and his dad and his brother have complicated the argument about whether the monarch should be head of state in a democracy, royalists point to the elected heads of State in other countries and say we are better off but we are not, even GW Bush would be preferable to any one of these 3 stooges, yes you read that correctly that’s how awful they are.

At the time he was laughing like a drain at his jolly idea of dressing up as a Nazi for a fancy dress bash it emerged that he was rich to the tune of £8m. I assume he has more now but, I still don’t know why; again not his fault, I doubt if he knows why either and he might be pretty thick but not quite thick enough to question his position, £8m. At the age of 20 with no need to work or answer to anyone how could anyone blame him for turning out the way he has. He was doing great damage to the Royal brand by doing what any young man would do in his position; that is acting like a complete oaf. They decided to recreate him with all that guff about him going to war, a right load of “old pony” that was, an insult to all soldiers past and present and a massive lie.

A greater insult still is his use of the word P*** the people he refers to unlike him have been to the front line when soldiers from that part of the world won 31 V.C.s fighting for Britain, his other insult “ragheads” refers to Arabs not Taliban as the press are trying to spin it.
As George Galloway cruelly but accurately pointed out his late mother Diana’s last two partners before her tragic death were “Dr Hasnat Khan and Dodi Al Fayed - uncle P*** and uncle raghead" in Harry's loathsome language.

When you choose monarchy you run the risk of just such people as the British Royal Family landing on you, you don’t get a choice, which is lucky for the present mob. The possible good side to having these cretins as heirs to the throne is that they will inevitably be compared with the present Queen when she is gone. While still being an anachronism and a waste of money as well as an affront to democracy; she is, compared to her children and her grandchildren a model of rectitude and sense. Her demise will inevitably hasten the day when the whole Ruritanian farce is swept away; this will surely happen when the people see the truly pitiful dross that she has left behind.


faceless said...

I like your style - more power to your elbow.

Anonymous said...

Oh yawn - more of the professional "i am offended", "I am a victim" brigade.

And despite your outright lie to the contrary, he has been on the front line - have you?

Do grow up - there are more important things to think about.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Andy) 12/01/09
You should try getting off your knees Andy; show some dignity, anyone who looks up to someone because of the family they were born into is a pathetic groveller.

The nearest Harry got to the front line while playing at being a soldier was 6 miles away where he was in a heavily fortified compound fiddling with a laptop, surrounded by his personal bodyguard of Gurkas. Some people are easily conned, that’s because they have no self respect and desperately want the royals to be heroes, do you recognise anyone?
Like the rest of his family of parasites he’s a double thick racist oaf.

Anonymous said...

"You should try getting off your knees Andy"

I'm not on my knees at all - you missed the point of my post which was we're all bored with this faux "i'm offended" crap - a quick poll revealed 80% of people thought he wasn't being racist.

And he has, whether your or I like it, been on the front line - I repeat my question, have you?

Anonymous said...

Havings grounds for once for complaining about the royal family and Israel. This must be what Terry Heaven looks like.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 13/01/09
The very existence of both is a constant bona fide cause for complaint.

Anonymous said...


So you want to wipe out Israel? Or am I misunderstanding what you said? Please say that it is the latter.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Andy - 13/01/09

“we're all bored with this faux "i'm offended" crap”

So the “royal we” are bored are we. Do you live in a cave ? do you have access to Newspapers? Radio? TV?

“And he has, whether your or I like it, been on the front line”

People like you are such grovelling sycophants that you are desperate to believe that he was on the front line, that makes you into fodder for the royal PR crooks who spin this guff, you are prepared to praise someone because of an accident of birth not because of their character and that is truly pathetic.

“I repeat my question, have you?”

A very predictable question which I will be delighted to answer once you have explained it’s relevance, I look forward to your reply.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 12:56
It’s rather sad when a worthy opponent allows his standards to slip.

Wipe out Israel ? is that what I said ? perhaps you should read it again and also read my article of Jan. 6th. 09 headed “Race Colour and Creed” etc.

Israel is a terrorist state, a settler state, and is an affront to civilisation but, it is very powerful. It was born out of terrorism and consolidated through ethnic cleansing which is still going on (Gaza).

One people, “us” gave the country of another people “Palestine” to a third people “the Jews” to create Israel where Arab people had lived for thousands of years.

It thus became possible for a Jewish family living in London, Paris or New York to travel half way round the world and force a Palestinian family out of their home and off their land, the justification for this can be found in the “Book of Genesis” where God promised the Jews a homeland, this is Israel’s justification for what they have done and continue to do to the Palestinians.

This story is not far from where you can read about “burning bushes, parting seas and people who lived for a thousand years”

I don’t know if Israel will always be there but, I sincerely hope not, I have no objection to Jews or anyone else living in Palestine but, to me that is what it will always be, Palestine.

No matter what force they use, what crimes they commit, how many bombs, how many war planes they have, it will always be Palestine and they will always be the invaders, I have been calling them war criminals for years and it’s now beginning to echo, perhaps truth and justice will triumph some day after all.

Anonymous said...


I wasn't trying to accuse you of anything. I merely wanted you to explain your statement that "The very existence of Israel is a constant bona fide cause for complaint."

Since you now have, I am glad to see that you had tried to separate out anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism.

Incidentally, when are you going to call for Scotland to be returned to the Picts?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rumbold) 10:25

I don’t see why an explanation was necessary.

I have never ever confused anti Semitism with anti Zionism, the former is an obscenity while the latter is a just cause.

Where would you find a Pict nowadays?

A hospital, a UN compound, a couple of ambulances and 21 Palestinians - the IDF have had a good day today, the score so far - Israel 13 dead Palestine 1,055 dead almost 400 children, who is your money on?