Wednesday, December 17, 2008


December 17 Th. 08 - tomorrow at 1pm. The SNP led council will close South School, unless of course they suddenly have a collective urge to suddenly start telling the truth, readers of this blog will realize how unlikely that will be particularly when you consider that all the pro SNP pro closure comments which I have received have been anonymous, the SNP have hidden from the parents and hidden their names when writing, that suggests that they know they are wrong but, lack the courage to admit it. Their behaviour would be considered shameful by any decent standards but, this is the SNP where decency and truth are alien concepts, their apolitical amoral Lib. Dem. lackeys are in some ways worse, they stand for nothing and believe in nothing, they are; all of them, beneath contempt.

The SNP set out to close the South School on the clearly stated issue of costs, i.e. it was costing too much to run and could not be justified, this was a mistake borne of laziness, inexperience, incompetence and hubris. They overlooked many things, their argument was flawed, their education board was rudderless, this was cruelly apparent by observing the hesitation and eventual total silence of the convener who clearly was not up to the job, it was blatantly obvious that there were several parents who could manifestly run rings round her. This caused a slow embarrassing withdrawal from the fray by the convener as officers and other SNP councillors took over her brief mainly Cllr. Mackay who proved to be every bit as vacuous, this was not lost on the campaigners who quite rightly poured scorn on the SNP snake oil sellers.

The SNP are a disgrace and in Renfrewshire, that is most obvious in education, 119 teachers lost, not one probationary teacher employed, savage cuts and teachers using their own money to buy classroom materials, all taking place in a climate of fear where teachers are, according to the Scotland on Sunday paper afraid to speak out, this is a wee glimpse of life in an independent SNP governed Scotland, be warned.

The cruel farce and betrayal that is the South School issue shows SNP inexperience, incompetence and callousness, had this parent’s campaign been a fight the referee would have stopped it such was the battering the council took from the parents, they were demolished and humiliated at every meeting, the SNP’s reaction ? “Turn and flee” hide from them, it’s no mistake that the SNP and Lib. Dem. Councillors “done a runner” they are afraid to face the parents and children of the school they are about to close, it’s educational vandalism. The clear reason for the closure was given as costs, then the formidable parents started to find their feet and the costs theory was exposed as not quite so robust and the council case started to rock, council educational officers however are nothing if not resilient and about this time in the campaign a new phrase was thrown into the ring, “say how are ye” to “roll against capacity” yes it’s a new one on me as well, the discredited claim that South Primary was too costly to run was jettisoned and this ‘Orwellian’ phrase appeared. This is a phrase which is a bit like trying to put tooth paste back into it’s tube, I congratulate the officers, capacity is of course a malleable thing so it isn’t difficult to pick a figure for “roll against capacity” in my opinion it’s a crock of ‘bulldung; but it’s a cracker and the SNP are clinging to it like a Scotsman to a fiver.

I have asked questions on this blog which no-one has answered and they are quite straight forward, they can still be addressed by the SNP if they want to have a go, perhaps one of them will tackle them tomorrow, here they are again

a) What was the real reason for closure ? I say they used costs and made a hash of it; nothing to do with the “roll against capacity” diversion.

b) Where is South Primary in the table of schools with reference to running costs ? I say there are 5 which are more costly.

c) If I’m correct at b) above, why is South Primary closing ?

d) Would it be fair to say that a refusal to answer these legitimate questions would be a deception ? I say it would.

It’s not to late for the decent thing to be done but, no matter the outcome, the Parents, children and staff as well as all those who helped the campaign can be proud of themselves, SNP led Renfrewshire Council should be ashamed, and to those who think they won’t have to deal with similar problems, I hope I’m wrong but, I think you are whistling in the dark, remember Mr. Rooney’s candid words “we need about 40 schools” and we all know now don’t we, that we have fifty one, or possibly fifty after tomorrow.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone who supports South Primary School.


Anonymous said...

'I have asked questions on this blog which no one has answered.'

This is a feeling familiar to most of your own correspondents, Councillor.

You dont like it up you, do you?

Macnasty said...

Now the South park battle is over, will you please move on from the parochial scene?

The world is your stage, so let's hear the Kelly voice on the issues of today. Like a Labour government selling off the Post Office perhaps?

Or maybe Speaker Martin believing Parliamentary seats are hereditary and he can pass his on to his son.

C'mon Tribune of the Left, let's be 'avin yer

Anonymous said...

Cllr Kelly,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Labour Group, the parents and friend’s staff, teachers & pupils of the South School..

If the SNP close this school, the electorate will never forgive them.

Parent South School.

Anonymous said...

Well, as expected, South will be closed in June.

As expected, our highly qualified and ever-popular education convener smirked and rolled her eyes throughout. She scoffed at the suggestion that she will suffer at the ballot box - if I were her I wouldn't be so cocky.

As expected, the SNP and Lib Dem councillors reeled off a list of school closed by a Labour administration, clearly forgetting they opposed every single one of them.

As expected, Councillor Adam and his cronies turned up to support Lorraine Cameron - shame he forgot to offer the same support to those whose votes he happily took.

So, to everyone who was concerned about their taxes paying for an under-occupied school - enjoy paying for a £5m refurb of a crumbling school whilst one which is 22 years old is knocked down or sold off.

To my fellow South parents who fought so hard and put their hearts and souls into the campaign - well done.

Anonymous said...

For a while now, i have been flitting backwards and forwards, reading your blog, and for the first time i feel compelled to tell you that your mild form of paranoia with regards to your views on Nationalism within our country, has developed into a full blown case, of absolute lunacy. Go and have a wee lie doon in a darkened room, until you calm down. Try and keep your blogging a tad more accurate, and your rants a wee bit less spiteful towards our First Ministers Party.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17/12/08
The personal attack by an anonymous coward can only mean one thing - SNP

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 17/12/08
“Like a Labour government selling off the Post Office perhaps?”
Have you been away somewhere? Labour is investing £1.7 Billion in the Post Office and has just awarded the Post Office Card Account to them as well.

I don’t really mind who a candidate is related to, I try to judge them on their merits. I do accept though that accidents can happen with appointing relatives, look at Churchill.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:14
Everyone from South Primary should hold their heads high, when the children are old enough to understand fully what went on here, they will be proud of you.
The SNP have brought shame on Renfrewshire and not for the first time and it won’t be the last.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:49
The education convener makes Renfrewshire Council look backward, she is a perfect example of how not to chair a meeting.

“As expected, the SNP and Lib Dem councillors reeled off a list of school closed by a Labour administration”

They were counting schools like Craigielea and Ferguslie which were replaced with the brand new state of the art Glencoats Primary, 25 yards from the previous Ferguslie Primary and approx 200 yards from the old Craigielea Primary, this school was opened in a breathtaking Janus faced display by Cllr. Cameron and other SNP councillors who queued up like the biggest bunch of hypocrites ever assembled to take the credit for it.

Cllr. B Lawson despite trying to appear clever omitted to mention the 10 new Schools labour built, what does this make him ? could you ever trust this man ?

Cllr. Adam is a creation of HG Wells “the invisible man” he miraculously reappeared today because he was safe with his mob around him.

Everyone connected with the fight for the school should be proud of their stand, the SNP/Lib.Dems. should be ashamed but, they have no shame.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:41
Your first minister is a political spiv, a wide boy who runs rings round his lumpen pedestrian colleagues.

“Nationalism is an infantile disease; it is the measles of the Planet Earth” (Albert Einstein)

OK, so Einstein wasn’t Scottish, I’ll admit that but, he was quite clever nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

When I mentioned Cllr B Lawson and his reference to the schools closed by Labour in my last post, I should have said the difference was that each of these schools went on to an improved facility; not children being split up and farmed out.

We are proud of the stand we took, and the battle we fought. I wonder if Cllr Cameron can say the same. Cllr Adam is an insult to his electorate - so much for being a "representative"


Jock said...

It is honest of you to publically allow my comment, to your credit.
I do understand you dont want to debate socialism, as it is a viewpoint that socialism has little or nothing to do with the Labour party. As I am an anonymous contributor, you have another valid reason. But I think your most recent reply to me does reveal that your upfront and bold views (often entertaining views - thats probably why many people look you up!), you are not entirely convinced yourself about socialism and the Labour Pary, there may be a little lurking doubt. Doubt is good, of course, some would say it may be the beginnings of complete honesty and truth.
Additionally, you are quick to deride all nationalisms with your quote by Einstein, but please, Terry, be theoretically consistent. Do you also equally condemn Irish nationalism, Cuban nationalism, Welsh nationalism and British nationalism etc? Or is it only the Scottish type that Einstein's quote applies to? Do you support the Great Leader's idea of a British Day, British Empire Day (whatever Gordon wants to call it)? Is that nationalism too? Or because the Great Labour Leader has to be followed/obeyed, then that it OK, I'll not let the Great Leader know what I think of his British nationalism!
Best of wishes to you and family Terry, all the best in the New Year, keep up the entertaining blogging!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18/

Cllr. Cameron has been an embarrassing disaster, her aggression and foul temper are caused by her own knowledge that she is out of her depth, in football parlance she ‘gets her retaliation in first’ this is caused by fear and inadequacy on her part.

Cllr. Adam has turned out to be a man of straw, he is a big guy with a loud voice but completely without substance, he ran and hid, as did Cllrs. Mitchell and McGurk, these three cowards are what are laughingly known as your “local representatives”

If any of these 3 ever look you in the eye in the future it will be for the first time.

You have earned the right to be proud of yourselves.

The SNP/Lib. Dem. Council have earned a badge of shame.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jock) 19/12/08

“I do understand you dont want to debate socialism”

Not true, I don’t want to debate Socialism with someone whom I believe shares my views, it’s quite pointless.

“Nationalism?” I quoted Einstein because I agree with him, is that not plain enough for you.

“Do you support the Great Leader's idea of a British Day, British Empire Day?”

Now you are just being silly. An International day OK - but not this garbage.

Macnasty said...

'Labour is not selling the Post Office.'

So, me, Dennis Skinner and all the Old Labour stalwarts misunderstood Lord Mandelson's statement?

Will you tell Dennis he got it wrong, or shall I?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 15:29
I wasn’t aware that Lord Mandelson had made a statement about the Post Office, is it remotely possible that a towering intellectual like you could be getting mixed up between the Post Office and Royal Mail ?

Macnasty said...

Post Office vs Royal Mail

Selling the Post Office isn't in the public domain yet, but it will be.

Can we have your views on a Labour Government flogging the family jewels, starting with the Royal Mail, Terry?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 19:14
And here’s me thinking that you had made a mistake, you are not capable of admitting to a mistake are you ?

I am opposed to privatisation and in favour of public ownership and labour are not in favour of selling the Royal Mail, this is exactly what clowns like you said about the Post Office and you got it spectacularly wrong, what do you make of Labour’s plans to save and support the Post Office?

Anonymous said...


Throughout Ayrshire,Inverclyde, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire, the Labour goverment have just decided to close 44 branches of the Post Office leaving the most vulnerable of society without local access.

Oh and by the way. The Post Office is part of the Royal Mail Group and as far as I hear, the goverment are planning to seel it off.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alan) 20/12/08
Poor Alan, is it any wonder you are ashamed to identify yourself, you are devastated that the Labour Govt. are backing the Post office, don’t take my word, go and talk to the Post Office Workers Union and the Organisation of Sub Postmasters as well as their support groups.

You were praying for them to close weren’t you Alan ? you couldn’t care less about workers whether they are in the Post Office or the Royal Mail you are driven by one thing only, a hatred of Labour, with friends like you the workers don’t need enemies.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Kelly,

May I be the first to thank your and the Labour Group for your outstanding work with your campaign to save the South School,
May I also be permitted to say to the SNP cowards who stated that I don't exist, that I don't live and breathe, well sorry Nats I do exist and yes I can breath.

I am utterly appalled at their behaviour, the arrogance of Cameron, Lawson, and lastly, the boay McKay, (never had a real job in his life) Cllr, they are making one mess of Renfrewshire, one big mess of Paisley, the only area in Renfrewshire that is having money spent on it, is Renfrew Town Centre, need I say anymore.

Cllr, Yes I stay in Glenburn and yes I did support the previous Cllr's, tell you what though, the current three are not liked one little bit, Adam, must scare the pensioners half to death when he meets them, one of them told me,

As for the self publicist, James Michael, former Mr Espdair Street 1976, this man is an insult to every human being in Renfrewshire, he hates everything that is English or British, I remember Jimmy from years ago, Jimmy's mantra is simple Jimmy first, Jimmy second, jimmy third, Lastly Cllr, they all claim to be republicans but many years ago, Jimmy's name was being talked about for a "gong" from wee Lizzie, and Cllr need I say anymore but guess what! Jimmy was getting his best 1970's suit and kipper tie washed, ready for his train journey to London, I am sorry if this is a little personal this time, but it's the entire truth, not one word of a lie.

No doubt one of the Nat's sub primes will be on this Saturday, Stuart Glowie doesn't exist, when if any of the Nat's wish to visit me, then pass your details onto Cllr Terry Kelly.

Stuart Glowie.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 19/12/08
Stuart – since you are involved in a dispute with the SNP mob over whether you exist I have decided to print most of your letter, perhaps they will respond but, if they treat you anything like they treated the parents of South Primary you will not hear from them.

Your comments on the SNP members mentioned while funny and very descriptive I’m afraid would be risky for me to print, they are not known for their sense of humour or indeed for any sense at all.

I assume you mean Mitchell and not Michael, the unfunniest comedian in Scotland; considering how cheap his principles were when he joined the Tories on the old Paisley Council I have no trouble believing that he would be on his knees in a flash grovelling before the British Queen for a gong, just like big tough Sean Connery.

I believe their position is now that their version of an independent Scotland would retain the British Queen as sovereign, the complete silence on this matter from former “kiltie warriors” like B Lawson, Mitchell and McFee can only mean one of two things, either they agree with Alex (the spiv) or they are feart frae him, my money’s on the latter.

Anonymous said...


I stay in Seedhill Road and have the misfortune to see that big lanky Adams character, you hear him before you see him, I thought you were pulling our legs when you said he was/is a Councillor, that was until I heard him in the queue in our local convenience store, talk about blowing your on trumpet, it really must be hard sitting with these blow hards in the town chambers, this guy clearly loves himself so much, If we was Christmas pudding, he would have ate himself by now, did you also know that he likes to be called "Mr St Mirren", good for him, whatever turns you on as they say.

Keep up the good work.

Sam Peters.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 22/12/08
Cllr. Adam has a reputation for being able to “talk a good fight” this was shown to great effect when he went missing during the South Primary campaign.