Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have said many times that Israel is guilty of war crimes against the Palestinians. They illegally occupy the West Bank and Gaza, apologists for them are quick to say that they don’t occupy the West Bank but they have turned the Gaza Strip into the world’s biggest prison, no one moves without their say so, the place is completely sealed; the Israeli’s control every inch of land, sea and air, they decide who lives and who doesn’t so don’t come away with this lie about them not occupying Gaza. They also continue to take Palestinian land on the West Bank and are now into the fourth day of their murderous killing spree, when you drop high explosive bombs on an area which is the most overcrowded in the world and then claim to be targeting terrorists and not civilians you are telling a lie which will besmirch the name of Israel for ever.

Israel has been described as an Apartheid State by people at the highest level of the UN as well as others like Ex US president Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, they stand accused of committing genocide by statesmen and politicians around the world. In WW11 there were anti Nazi partisan units fighting in many countries which, just like Palestine were occupied, when the Partisans achieved a modest success by killing one or two German troops the Germans retaliated by dishing out “Collective Punishment” which usually took the form of rounding everyone in a village up and killing all of them, Civilians, the elderly, women and children of every age were slaughtered. Some of the German troops responsible for these actions are still being tried today as relatives seek justice.

The charge against them could hardly be graver, it is one of committing war crimes by using “Collective Punishment” against innocent civilians; this is exactly what Israel is doing to Palestinians today and they should not be treated any differently. The rest of the civilised world should stand firm against America and Israel and demand that it stops and those responsible should be charged in exactly the same way as war criminals in the past have been, the reason is simple, they are committing the same crimes and justice demands that they be brought before an International court to answer for them.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree; Israel should always give a proportionate response to the rocket attacks that it's citizens are faced with almost daily.

That would mean NOT spending the equivalent of thousands of dollars on each guided missile, and just sending cheap unguided missiles over into Gaza instead, with the sole intention of killing people just because they're Muslims.

OK, so I'm being sarcastic - but would you really prefer it if Israel did that?

Israel is the only country I know of that, upon being attacked, calls the addresses of their potential targets, and warns innocent people to leave - if they can (and if the gunmen will allow them to). Have we ever done that in Iraq? (that isn't a criticism of British forces by the way; giving your targets advance warning of a strike is totally stupid from a military point of view) - the fact that the Israel does that anyway proves to me that it's not the evil international ogre that the BBC and, unfortunately, you, seem to think that it is.

Israel can never do anything right in the eyes of the world's media. It's a wonder that they still even bother trying.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/12/08
“with the sole intention of killing people just because they're Muslims”

Israel is attacked by Palestinians because they have invaded and occupied their land, not because of anyone’s religion, that’s another lie to hide your guilt.

“Israel is the only country I know of that, upon being attacked, calls the addresses of their potential targets”

You are a contemptible apologist for evil, tell this theory to the Approx. 400 Palestinian dead.

“Israel can never do anything right in the eyes of the world's media”

Another blatant lie; someone must be helping them, who could it be, the opprobrium heaped upon them is justified, they are the aggressors, the invaders, the war criminals, they are guilty.