Saturday, December 20, 2008


Below is a comment from the SNP on the latest development in the struggle for South Primary.

(Anonymous) 10/12/08

Well Terry (munch munch)another failure (munch munch)to add to the sad, long long list which defines your pathetic life (munch munch). Put your feet up (munch munch), scoff down(munch munch) even more food, and(munch munch)reflect on the saddness of it all.You led the parents up the garden path (munch munch) to a dead end. Now you will leave them (munch munch) and find another hate filled topic (munch munch) with which to fill your empty life.
Publish Reject

What you have just read is a typical example of the character of the SNP; this is what passes for argument/ debate with them; in fact it’s quite sophisticated by SNP standards, particularly in Renfrewshire. These are the people responsible for running education in Renfrewshire as well as the rest of the council; this is how they react to their triumph in defeating the children and parents of South School who are looking for ways to continue the fight. Wouldn’t it be the greatest result ever if the parents at this late stage were to win, could you think of anything more satisfying than beating these foul mouthed ignorant SNP bullies.

Think about people like the anonymous author of this comment the next time you think about the SNP, think about how low these people can sink, think about their cowardice during the campaign where they could not be found, think about this comment from them where they display their triumphalism and glory in the fear and misery they are causing to innocent children and their families.

They (the SNP) like to call themselves “Scotland’s Party” was there ever a more cruel deception ?


Anonymous said...

How do you know the anonymous comment was from an SNP person? Even if it was, does the fact that one member of a party is cruel about your weight and the alleged emptiness of your existence, mean that all members of that party are the same? Isn't lumping together everyone from a particular group in this way just the sort of prejudiced thinking to which you are opposed?

Full marks for publishing it though. Those are distasteful,highly-personal remarks and no-one could have blamed you for deleting them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Tom Paine) 17:58
In a technical sense you are of course correct but, you are being far too pedantic.

I am absolutely confident that personal abuse of this kind comes only from them, there might be the odd person acting as an individual who does this but it is the SNP’s M.O.

I accept that the SNP have decent people involved with them but, they are outnumbered by this type of knuckle dragging anti English racist bigot, their leadership lies about these people and pretends that they don’t exist.

Anonymous said...

Well you are very overweight. If you cannot accept that you are also blinkered. It does not have to be an SNP supporter who points out the obvious in, dare I say, an semi-amusing way!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(somegirlswanderbymistake) 19:23
I couldn’t care less what people think about my appearance this is about a serious subject, if you, like the author of the post think that this is relevant in any way then you are leading a very shallow life.

Send me a picture of yourself and I will publish it and let people comment on you appearance, go on, it’s just a bit of semi amusement, the kids and parents losing their school won’t mind, what kind of people are you ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Terry you are universaly disliked by lots of us, just not the nats. Jews, Royalists, sensible folk of all kinds... the list is pretty long. I suppose if you can't take it don't hand it out. Publishing references to scarfs of cancer sufferers, and the wifes and families of your opponents makes you fair game I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

It was not your appearance I was commenting on - some of us have no control over how we look, even although we sometimes try to conform to some sort of 'normality'to avoid upsetting other peoples' sensibilities - something you obviously do not have a clue about.
You are fat because you are lazy and perhaps greedy, the original subsciber of the quote was making a joke of that all too obvious fact.
Unfortunately this blog does not allow me to make attachments, await the requested picture in the post. If you have the technology and the courage you are free to put in on your blog.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(somegirlswanderbymistake) 16:54
I have no idea what you look like and I don’t care, I am obliged to form my opinion of you based on what you write, based on that, I find you shallow and not very bright.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I think Tom Paine though well meaning has not been to a Full Council meeting, when members, plurar, laughed as Cllr Kelly's Daughter made her maiden speech, laughed and they spoke.

So I am sorry Mr Paine, these disgraceful remarks will have the full backing of the SNP Administration in Renfrewshire, no doubt they will be sitting in some watering hole tonight, laughing, joking and sawing how they got one up on Cllr Kelly, these people, plurar give the wider SNP a bad name, these people who slander people on this web site and then cry to Cllr Kelly is he dares print anything untoward about them, these people have no sence of decency, if they can back stab their own, what does Mr Paine think that they will do to their enemies.
All credit to Cllr Kelly, if I were him I would keep printing these sort of comments, only by doing this will he awaken a sleepy public.

Merry Christmas.

Bob Young
Shop worker.

(Anonymous) 21/12/08
I think remarks like these are worth publishing because they expose the kind of people who are the SNP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:30
“ Yeah, Terry you are universaly disliked by lots of us, just not the nats. Jews, Royalists, sensible folk of all kinds”

This is pretty dumb even by SNP standards, I am not disliked by Jews and sensible folks but, being disliked by Nats. And Royalists and you is a great comfort to me.

Anonymous said...

"Send me a picture of yourself and I will publish it and let people comment on you appearance, go on, it’s just a bit of semi amusement,"

Is your short term memory really that bad?

Anonymous said...

The unpublished comment featured in your post is a sad reflection of the calibre of people unfortunately known in Renfrewshire as "The Administration". It has been clear from the outset of the South Primary campaign that this was some kind of SNP vendetta, and that the whole issue was some sort of pathetic retalliation against Labour. Councillor Mitchell made that all the more evident when his only attempt to comment on or demonstrate any interest in the issue was to list schools closed under the Labour administration. Cllr Cameron found it prudent to smirk and roll her eyes thrughout te Education Policy Boad meeting, which would have been somehow easier to stomach had she been a worthy occupant of the chair in which she sat. As has already been observed, this is an arrogance derived from her own awareness at her lack of ability to do her job well. Someone should tell the SNP councillors that bitterness is not an attractive trait.
Somegirlswanderbymistake - you're really quite easily amused, aren't you? Do you ever stick your neck out for an issue in which you truly believe, or do you prefer to stick to slagging off those who do while hiding behind your username?

Anonymous said...

"I am obliged to form my opinion of you based on what you write, based on that, I find you shallow and not very bright."

This doesn't come easily to me, but the man's right. Shallow, not very bright, a stranger to debate. Is that the best you can do to a man who is himself not too good at debating? So you had a laugh at Terry's weight. I'm impressed. EEjit.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Sunday, December 21, 2008 8:05:00 PM

Since I haven't got a clue what you mean, perhaps the answer is yes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim Lewis) 08:33
“Is that the best you can do to a man who is himself not too good at debating”

“The man” Jim, doesn’t need to be very good to deal with his critics but, since it’s the season of goodwill I won’t go there.

Anonymous said...

Touché, Tel. Anyhow, have a good Xmas and come out all guns blazing in the New Year.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim Lewis) 22/12/08
You betcha.

smee said...

Their is no point in posting on this idiots blog, as he wont put it on if he disagrees with it. Which is quite often.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(smee) 29/12/08
I think if you look at the comments you will find lots of people who disagree with me.
There are some comments which are sent which are not fit to print, it’s down to standards, you wouldn’t understand.