Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same"
(R Kipling)

It was too good to last wasn’t it, there we were all basking in the reflected glory of team GB and their heroics when reality crept up on us with 4 sporting howlers in the one week.

Young Khan the boxer has had great publicity, some earned, some not. The wee skinny Scot. whose name escapes me came within a whisker of beating him in a brutal battle recently, Khan is in no hurry to trade with him again.

The other night Breidis Prescott of Colombia smashed him to a humiliating defeat in less than a minute, the kid was beginning to believe his own hype, maybe someone should have told him Colombians are dangerous son. Thumped to the floor twice, bravely back up and then his pitiful version of the “exit waltz” as he staggered around with his legs like jelly before the ref. saved him, at that point he was fighting from memory and he was in very real danger. When the brain starts making promises that the legs can’t keep it’s time to step in, well done the ref.

Scotland lost 1- nil to Macedonia and were lucky to get nil, they played like a team who had never met each other before, we had a good penalty denied but, the man of the match was Scotland’s goalie which tells it’s own story. Players at one time would lie about injuries to play for their national team now they are not so keen.

Meanwhile the scorer of England’s two goals against Andorra, a geezer called Joe Cole from “Sarf London” described it as a good result, he is now in line to play ’Trigger’ in a remake of fools and horses, England for all their wealth in football and all the great players at their disposal don’t seem to be able to perform on the international stage, Andorra nil England 2 considering that this was a meaningful match the score line will haunt them.

The lid got put on it on it as Andy Murray took a hiding from the best tennis player I have ever seen Roger Federer, an absolute phenomenon. Murray did well to reach a slam final and he will be back but I can’t help thinking he will be all to well aware of the gap between him and Roger, this was as good as I have seen him and if he maintains this hunger the rest will be left in his wake again, I can’t imagine how Nadal or anyone for that matter can live with him when he plays like this.

Still we must not give up, what about 3 am street brawling we could win that OK. When the great Ken Buchanan won his world title he shocked his opponent and the world by winning a fight at 3 am our time in a heat wave, Tommy Docherty commented “ they didn’t realize that everyone in Scotland fights at 3 am in the morning”


Nick said...

In all fairness to the England football team, they don't really have any outstanding players... Over-paid show-ponies they have in abundance.

Good job our rygby team's a bit better, though.

Anyway, erm, politics and that. Yes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Nick) 12:13

Ferdinand, Rooney, Cole, Terry, Beckham etc. etc. players who have won everything in club football at home and abroad, there’s something strangely wrong because these guys can compare to anything that the world has to offer.

Rugby is played by guys who are not good enough to play football.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 13:53

And you are a master debater.

Nick said...

But they're not outstanding compared to Ronaldo, Balack, Henry etc. Still, we thrashed Croatia last night, so viva Walcott and roll on 2010!

Nah, rugby's played by people who don't want to play football, but who want to play, erm, rugby. You might as well say golf is played by people who aren't any good at baseball. It's a fallacious comparison.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Nick) 09:28

They are a match for anyone but you should keep your feet on the ground about last night, the game could have gone anyway until the sending off, a great result but it doesn’t tell the story of the game.

Let me put you straight about rugby. In this part of the world it’s played by those who aren’t good enough to play football.

Anonymous said...

You saw the match, Terry?

One of the Lotus Eaters with Setanta then are you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:38

Nothing’s too good for the workers.

Nick said...

Terry, nothing you say about our plucky boys can dull the fire burning in my breast after the world-beating performance of Wednesday. I don't know whether to kiss the three lions or my shirt of have 'Capello for king' tattooed on my forehead! I haven't felt this good since Tim Henman last lost a quarter-final at Wimbledon.

Judging by the state of the Scottish football league, you must have a lot of rugby players up there. Wacca wacca!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Nick) 09:10

If you think Wednesday was a “world beating performance” then you might be in for a shock, but good luck to the “plucky boys” anyway.

You are right about the Scottish Football League that’s why our rugby players who aren’t good enough for football are such a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Well after all Mr Kipling does make excedingly good cakes.

Nick said...

I'd say, on the evidence of last Wednesday, there's not a team on God's green earth that could beat England when they're in such fine form. A masterful performance from back to front: even Croatia's goal was of dubious provenance.

Looks like Scottish sport only produces people who are good at pedalling a bit fast and going round in circles. Shame, it's always nice to hear 'Flower of Scotland' ring out in the big competitions, especially if it's quickly followed by the demolition of the Scottish pack by eight ravening Sassenachs.

Still, I've no real idea why you're so down on rugby; lots of people really enjoy playing and watching it.