Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tonight at a public meeting politicians will be asked some tough questions about the closure of the South Primary School.
Education Convener Cllr. Cameron was heard to shout angrily at Labour Cllrs. At the education meeting where the school was doomed by the SNP “youse shut Craigielea primary” and we did, also Ferguslie primary along the road from it, what she forgot to say or deliberately missed out of course was that these two schools were replaced by a brand new state of the art school accompanying both at a cost of £7m. How a convener of education could miss that is beyond me, still it’s a taxing job. Hold on though, it was her who opened it, I was there and saw her, and heard her sing the praises of the wonderful new school. Come to think of it she didn’t mention that Labour built it, wow ! And she and the SNP opposed it wow ! what a memory.

The good ship "Renfrewshire Education" sets out for the future with Captain Cameron at the helm, she strolls on deck with her deck chair and we the people shout Captain will you point your deck chair forward to greater things ? Or backward to steady the ship ? perhaps your deck chair should point starboard to greater achievements or point your deck chair to port for the greater benefit of all, which is it convener ? Which is it ? tell us convener please. Education Convener Cllr. Cameron is then heard to growl in exasperation “ah cannae get this ******* deck chair tae assemble”

Poor old Cllr. Mitchell, I hear that him and Cllr. Adam, Bravehearts both, are now timing their appearances in public to avoid the folk in the South End whom they have sold out. Word has it that they and their coalition partner Cllr. McGurk have been invited to this public meeting tonight by the South School parents, all three though could possibly have other commitments, it‘s a busy life being a political charlatan, having to continually invent half truths and find ways to mislead people, Cllr. Mitchell has a long history of opposing a great many things with the proviso that that opposition must first serve his purpose, only his. Cllr. Cameron of course needs no invitation, she is as mentioned before the Captain of the ship, she wouldn't want to be anywhere else, would she ? could she ? she is the boss after all, do you think she or anyone else from the administration will dare to go ? I Don't !

One of the awkward questions might sound something like this - the reason for closing this school is financial. Q - Why is it then that other schools in Renfrewshire are being kept open when they are costing more than South Primary to run ? “at’s a cracker” as Frank Carson would say. I will report back when I can find an answer but don’t hold your breath, getting a straight answer from the SNP is like trying to put tooth paste back into it’s tube.

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