Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Credit where it is due, I am nothing if not fair and I’m happy to state that there is no greater spiv and ambulance chaser in politics than Alex (the spiv) Salmond.

Think gun bans when the young boy got murdered, Dunblane likewise, retrieved bodies of drowned sailors, Dead Scottish Soldiers, Lewis Chessmen etc. When it comes to exploiting situations, tragedies included, in fact even better, he’s the man.

With eyes like a poor house rat, ears like Jodrell Bank and rat like cunning, nothing escapes his notice he has no equal when it comes to populism and everyone and everything is fair game, he is the best because he has no equal as far as duplicity and hypocrisy are concerned.

There are politicians aplenty who are more than a match for him as far as ability and intelligence go but, with the exception of perhaps the great Teddy Taylor he is the meanest machine there is when it comes to the art of being underhand and brass necked. He has the sincerity of the late Bob Monkhouse and the human kindness of Winnie Ewing, he could slip seamlessly into the Republican Party in America, a Scottish Richard Nixon if you will.

All of the above makes his intervention in the financial crisis so uncharacteristic, in his usual way he sought to exploit the crisis for his own gain by saying that under independence more would have been done to protect HBOS. He stated that Scotland’s own Central Bank would have spent £100bn. to save it. The rather large flaw in this typical boast is that the SNP have decided against a Scottish Central Bank and the Bank of England would have still been in charge. Was this a blunder by the great ‘spiv’ ? I tend to think that he lied and his hubris caused him to think he would get away with it he has a healthy contempt for the Scottish people, they are no different to him than anyone else in that sense.

Along with “free by 93” “ a penny for Scotland” and the “unpardonable folly” he has now eclipsed these howlers with his rant about the money crisis, he served up scorn and vitriol on those responsible blaming “spivs, speculators and short sellers” his lash was unsparing, even biblical, he was at his slippery thespian best except, this time he didn’t see the train crash coming.

The train was being driven by one George Mathewson the Chairman of Toscafund Asset Management, these people are responsible for the much abused (by Alex the spiv) practice of “short selling” it takes a spiv to know a spiv, right Alex ! So what I hear you ask, well this George Mathewson has another important role in the public life of Scotland he is no less a person than the chair of the Scottish Govt’s Council of Economic advisers, picked by ? Come on you are way ahead of me aren’t you, yes Alex (the spiv) appointed him.

B.T.W. he is also Alex (the spivs‘s) Chief Economics Advisor, he criticises Brown and Darling you know, does Alex (the spiv) Here is a question, will anyone from the SNP dare to say something critical about him, what would have happened to Gordon Brown in similar circumstances ?


Macnasty said...

'No greater spiv in politics (than) Salmond.'

What about the Rt Hon K Vaz then, currently under investigation by the Standards Commissioner (he has previous-the Hinduja Bros)for having a quiet word with a judge on behalf of a dubious lawyer friend.

Face it Terry, your lot make any bent Tories look positive shoe-ins for sainthood.

OchEye the News said...

Winnie the Pooh name is correct.
"Everyone Knows" that Wee Eck is cuddly, abut that the comparison with the bear with little brain is more exact than most people realise.
But, he is cuddly, he is Our Eck, and in reality he has no real power to do much damage. Unfortunately, he doesn't realise it and we are willing to let him away with it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 23/09/08

Your fixation with Mr. Vaz is beginning to seem rather strange he get’s your attention while others do not.

Is it personal ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(OchEye the News) 07:02
Is that all the “spiv” told you to say ?

Macnasty said...

Kelly @ 2.14
'Is it personal.'

No, of course it isn't personal against the Rt Hon Vaz. Or even yourself, come to that.I'll get out the the garlic, the white hat and the rope for any politician on the make. An Equal Opportunity bigot, that's me

No, it's just that your lot have a disproportionate number of sad little chancers, the Rt Hon Vaz being the latest, who dislike having a light shone on their dealings.

Macnasty said...

Ah yes, Councillor. Vaz is coloured so any criticism is by definition, racist.

I suspect that will also be the Vaz line. It translates into, 'Because I'm coloured, I'm above the law' and usually works

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Macnasty) 25/09/08

True racism is difficult to disguise and for you it’s impossible.