Friday, December 28, 2007


I was once sent for the Christmas lights to decorate the canteen of a factory I worked in, they were kept in the store and the storeman old Alec. was known as the girning champion of the world. I approached and said "Alec, it's that time again and we need the Christmas lights", he looked at me, scowled and said 'Christmas is it ? I'm F------ sick of it, every F------ year's the same, as if I've no got enough tae dae.

I went back with the lights completely shocked, it took me some time to realize that old Alec was a born comedian who was great at playing the part of the greeting faced storeman, he helped me to look behind someone who is angry and horrible and count to ten before concluding that he was indeed a horrible old sod, that helps me to deal with most of the comments I get on this blog.

This year has as always been mixed, the biggest event by far for me personally were the elections in May which were of course a huge disappointment for me and Labour, it's not a lot of comfort to know that the minority Govt. and Council are showing signs of disintegration already but we will fight on.
I believe that Scotland will eventually feel the shame of having a govt. with Alex (the spiv) Salmond as leader and regain it's pride and self respect by booting him out, an executive position with Trump & Co. beckons.

When I was a teenager I became hooked on some great writers and entertainers and I will miss some who passed on this year.
The irrepressible, outrageous George Melly whom I saw many times and once by accident met in a Glasgow bar during the interval of his show which I was there to see, a hilarious 20 mns. ensued, he left the bar in an uproar.
Norman Mailer, America's own 'angry young man' another great talent with a taste for burning the candle at both ends, I wonder at how he found the time to produce so much work, a bundle of energy and brilliance.
Most recently the great Oscar Peterson, in those days I would be last to go to bed and I used to watch the Oscar Peterson Show late at night. I became fascinated by the style and talent of this jazz giant, I learned to like jazz then and it has been a constant in my life since, thank you to all of them.

I wonder if the lights are still in the factory storeroom?


Anonymous said...

'the minority government & council are showing signs of disintegration.'

Councillor, if you believe that, you either overdosed on the Irn Bru while watching the Queen's Speech, or been on Wendy's Good News Ouija board over Christmas.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 30/12/07 - We can all make allowances for inexperience as I often do with you but you are starting to take liberties - try to keep up with events.

Anonymous said...

Cllr, let me spell it out for you -the minority government and council are disintegrating at the same rate that Mount Everest is eroding.

This means that neither event is going to happen in your lifetime, so dream on Kelly.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Rabbie) 19:08 - You sound as if you are trying to convince yourself not me.

Anonymous said...

You need to remember good people, Terry IS the intellectualist of the Renfrewshire Labour group.

I would however wish Cllr Terry a happy new year, what with his baggage of religeous bigotry, hatred for all things Scottish (usually there is an Irish inferiority complex in there somewhere)love of the British state, Wendy and his cooncil buddie possibly facing the slammer. It could be a trying year.

All he needs is for Ian MacMillan, his group leader to be stuck by lightning and he could be in with a shout at putting his intellect to positive use.

Worrying is'nt it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Com-ed) 01/01/08 -
So, you accuse me of religious bigotry, hatred of all things Scottish, Irish inferiority complex, love of the British state -

You sound like a Scottish Nationalist, I know that’s a terrible thing to say about someone but, you leave me no option.

Anonymous said...

Why are you denting being Wendy's election agent? Thrice before the cock crows eh Peter!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(The Laughing Cow) 02/01/08 - Last time OK - Wendy does not have an election agent because there is not an election on.

I am honoured to have been her election agent twice in the past and would be honoured to do the job again if asked.

I might be too old by then, I might not even be here, I might have retired to one of my holiday homes by then.

Anonymous said...

You do seem to have a thing about Scottishness though Terry. And no I am not a gnat. It's pretty much established that Irish independence was a terrible mistake and I'd hate to see Scotland go the same way.

I just notice that you slag every aspect of Scottish culture and never have anything good to say about the place. In my opinion you are playing right into the hands of the gnats by doing so.

The union united will never be defeated.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Brian Pearce) 04/01/08 -
I do have a thing about ‘Scottishness’ but it’s no different from the other ‘nesses’ Irish, English, American etc. it’s nationalism and it’s a disease as Einstein said.

I am neither proud or ashamed of being Scottish. It’s meaningless, it’s an accident of birth. People who claim to be proud of being Scottish or English or Welsh or anything else are pathetic.

I have great respect and admiration for many Scots. past and present as well as contempt and distaste for many Scots as well but, where they were born has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

that's right, Terry is an 'INTERnationalist' What he and others stuck in the old Labour mindset don't appear to have figured out that he is still a nationalist, INTER or not.

when are you campaigning for the dissolution of the British state Terry into a one world government? or for the Republic of Ireland to be brought back into the comforting arms of Westminster? That would be one 'nation' less according to your philosophy.

I am not holding my breath on this one.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jobsfortheboys) 04/01/08 - “INTER or not."

I always have to rely on nationalists for the really stupid answers.

Perhaps you would find it easier to grasp if I said I regard myself as a citizen of the world.

Nationalists are sustained by a hatred of their neighbours, in your case the Engurlish !

Anonymous said...

'I regard myself as a citizen of the world.'

Rather like the Flying Dutchman then Councillor, no b****r want him either

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment. We are all citizens of the world whether we like it or not. Unless of course you are going to shock us by saying you hail from a different planet.

What level of organised government Terry do you believe is right for your wee brain to agree with. Is it British as you don't disagree with it, tell us why, is it possibly European or a one world governemnt. again tel us why. Go on, Terry, express a view on something other than just insults.

You pontificate about issues but then never actually engage or respond to questions posed, sensible or not.

Your a New Labour faker, just like your ex-hero Blair and Gruesome Gordy with his tortured smile.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(jobsfortheboys) 05/01/08 - “You pontificate about issues but then never actually engage or respond to questions posed, sensible or not.” simply not true, empty rhetoric, I engage/respond with people all the time, if you don’t like what I tell you maybe it’s because you are not up to it.

I’ve already told you why nationalism is bad, it breeds hatred, like the SNP members hatred of the English.

I believe that cooperation is the way forward for all, the nationalists stand in the way of that. See not one insult.

And Gordon has a 'tortured smile' dear me, what is that about ? nationalst debate eh ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/01/08 - I know about the ship legend but I can’t make any sense of this I’m afraid but I’ll print you anyway, maybe someone will follow you.