Wednesday, December 19, 2007


If anyone ever doubted the value and bravery of our police force they must now know that we should be proud of them.
Showing a complete disregard for their own safety they screeched at high speed like Starsky and Hutch to place their motor in the path of the highly dangerous Tommy Sheridan, such was their demeanour that even the unpredictable and dodgy Tommy Boy was obliged to go quietly, they apparently had a bar of soap with them for him to slip on. Scotland’s finest indeed.

At the same time as this selfless display of courage was taking place other Scottish Rozzers were showing courage above and beyond the call of duty by invading his Glasgow house despite knowing that his equally dangerous wife Gail was there at the time.
My Polis clype tells me that they sent out 6 cops for her, only to recall them and reinforce the squad by another three when they learned that the couples 2 Yr. old daughter was also there, you can’t be too careful can you ? Some 2Yr. olds are right wee besoms aren’t they.

This was a Scottish Police operation and not as some have cruelly suggested a ’Keystone Cops’ operation.

Cynical old sods like me predicted with certainty that the revolution would end in tears when we saw the usual suspects flocking to Tommy’s banner. I really don’t care about any of their private lives but I do resent the damage that they do to the Labour Movement, they are a laughing stock, both Solidarity and the SSP.
They consist mostly of egotists who prefer standing on the touchline to playing or better still preparing for the revolution ’as soon as this pub closes’ as Alex Glasgow used to sing.

As Tony Benn once said to me (name dropper) “there were at the last count 23 British left wing parties it would make you weep”


Anonymous said...

Yep he made a similar remark to me once but expressed admiration for Tommy who was booted out the Labour party so had little choice about setting up his own party. Something I have pretty mixed feelings about. I've had my disagreements with Tommy and there are times he makes me cringe but on balance he was something of a loss to us.

I'm a lapsed party member (now living over in Turkey) I didn't know there were any folk like us left in the party!

Keep up the good work and drop into
Bar Freya for a pint on the house if you're ever over in Bodrun!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sandie Mac) 02/01/08 -

I agree with Tony Benn about Tommy in the sense that he once had something to say - he lost that voice when he left the party and he’s now a laughing stock.

It gives me no pleasure at all to say that, he was well done by the right wing, and he fell for everything they wanted him to fall for.