Thursday, September 27, 2007


We are decent hard working people here in our town. Our population has halved from a million to half a million over 60 yrs. and in the first half of this year 13,600 homes have been repossessed, 10 yrs. ago that figure was 3,400 and last year it was 7,000 so it's worsening, and it's scary we don't understand what's happening, we need help.

Companies going bust are up 71% since last year, during August 245,000 lost their homes country wide, fast talking salesmen have conned people into massive debts, many immigrants came here fleeing poverty and now they are worse off, dying without a home after a lifetime of hard work.

60 families a day lose their homes, this is not regarded as an emergency, not regarded as unacceptable, nobody is organising protests, it doesn't make the headlines - where is this ? is it some banana republic run by a bloodthirsty military dictator, no it's not.

Because this is the city of Cleveland in the mid west of the world's self appointed greatest country America, this is now Sept. 2007 - this is a society which is rotten to it's capitalist core.

These poor people still sing 'god bless America' and stick the 'stars n bars' in their yard if they are lucky enough to still have one, the power of propaganda is such that they are terrified to admit that ' The American Dream ' is a cruel scam which exploits them, they are scared stiff of being labeled un-American or un-patriotic, they should try singing 'God Help America' and learning to fight back - in the words of the great American Union man who was murdered by the state Joe Hill " don't mourn, organise"


Anonymous said...


People have been hit by the sub-prime mortgage crisis here too- and this country is run by the Labour Party. Is it their fault then? If you blame the Bush administration in America then the only logical thing to do is to blame Brown and his minions for what is happening here.

Some towns decline and others rise- so it has always been.

Byeck said...

Hill tried to overthrow the government of Mexico.

Later, in Utah, he was tried by jury, convicted of murder and executed.

Not exactly a man of peace, was he?

Anonymous said...

is it some banana republic run by a bloodthirsty military dictator, no it's not.

You don't think President Bush is a bloodthirsty dictator? Crikey, Terry, your standards are slipping...


Jackart said...

This is so pathetic, I just don't know where to start. This is saying that "repossessions are up" therefore "capitalism is bad".

Sure. There's an increase in repossessions... Well duh.... We're in a bit of a slowdown. It happens. It's called economics... you just don't understand.

You know what? Each and every one of those repossessions took on a mortgage of his own free will. That is why there's no protests.

There is no freedom unless there's freedom to fail.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Rumbold - I just thought that people might occasionaly like a glimpse of the truth, surely you're not afraid of that, this is America today, it's not the 'home of the brave' or 'the land of the free' it's a capitalist cess pit, trying to implicate Labour is dodging the issue.

We live in the same capitalist cess pit here and we are striving to change it, you clearly are content with what is happening in Cleveland, "Some towns decline and others rise - so it has always been" a chilling thing to say, are we no better than animals then ? what kind of person are you ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck - Joe Hill was murdered by the State of Utah, I'm not alone in that opinion, accusing him of not being a man of peace is a bit strange, many many warriors have had right on their side. A hypocritical thing to say.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Patrick - keep trying, I think you probably know that I was referring to the West's description of Bush.

Most people who read this blog will have an idea of what I think of Bush.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jackart - let them go hang, you're really tough aren't you, a right wee capitalist warrior.

I'm just asking people to look at Cleveland and give it some thought, is Capitalism good or not ? That's all.
You seem a bit unsure here, what's the problem with highlighting these things ?

Byeck said...

The report says "Hill was tried for murder, found guilty and executed."

Your version is "Hill was murdered by the State of Utah"

Oh well, so much for trial by jury, then. Though I'm not sure your lads and ladies, Castro, Arafat, Stalin and Hilde Benjamin would have given him a fairer shake.

Your admiration for murderous old B*****s, together with your ability to not answer questions remains a source of delight to all your readers.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck - so that's all right then, America doesn't do miscarriages of justice, America doesn't 'fit people up'

I answer all questions, you don't like the answers so you can't think of anything else, because you haven't won, the game must be rigged, in fact that's quite an American trait.

Byeck said...

In the past ten (Labour) years, we've had Mandelson, Blunkett, Robinson, Levy, Vaz, Formula 1, the Hinduja Bros, Cash for Honours, Byers, Tessa the Mortgage Queen, Cherie's dodgy flats and been taken to war on a lie by a 'pretty straight kind of a guy.'

You said "We live in the same capitalist cess-pit here," and I'm not about to argue - you hit it bang on the button.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck - welcome to the socialist cause, you could spend hours on that list, years if you include the USA.

Byeck said...

I could 'spend years on that list' if I included the Renfrew and Scottish Labour groups, never mind the USA.
And all you can come up with as an example of Tory sleaze is Neil Hamilton, a tiddler of a backbencher.
Weak, Councillor, very weak.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck - Being facetious again, we both know that this would be a very big list is that what you want me to do ? We could spend months at it and then ?