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Jena Louisiana, population 3,000 - black population 450 - the old school has a spreading tree in it's yard which affords shade to pupils when it's hot, white pupils that is, yes, this is the USA in the year 2007 - black kids can't share the shade of a tree with white kids.

A black kid dared to stand under the tree and take shade, the next day three nooses were on display from the tree's branches - remember this is the poisonous red neck state of Louisiana where, between the years of 1882 and 1968, 335 black people were lynched, yes you read that right 19 68 was not an error, those who put up the nooses got suspended for 3 days.

Tension - a white kid pulled a gun a black kid got hit over the head with bottles - later a white youth was kicked unconscious by 6 black youths, the white youth with the gun and the white youths with the bottle attack were not charged while the 6 black youths were charged with attempted murder and are looking at up to 80yrs. their victim attended a school disco that same night.

Black demonstrators are now supporting the 'Jena 6' - at a protest rally, a blast from the past the Rev. Al Sharpton from the Selma and Alabama days with doctor King said " in the 20 Th. century we fought to sit on the bus, now we fight not to sit in court, we have gone from being slaves to being prisoners" one tee shirt proclaimed ' we are here to cut down the white tree of white supremacy' they are still marching and singing "we shall overcome" does anyone doubt them ?

This is the same America which, as I write is busy all over the world exporting American values, from the barrel of a gun, this is the USA 2007.


RfS said...

The Jena 6 attacked the victim from behind, knocking him unconscious immediately. They then kicked him while he lay on the ground until they had to be restrained. Witnesses have lodged statements that they saw the victim having his head hit against a concrete beam.

Other witnesses claim they have been threatened and had kept a low profile until the attack and arrests.

The 6 have long involvement with minor criminal activity, most of which has went unpunished because their coaches and parents covered for them to protect their athletic prowess.

While the victim discharged himself from hospital in the same day he did so against medical advice and after he had run up $14,000 in medical treatment. He still had blood clots in the eye.


Anonymous said...

Do you agree with many other socialists who say that South Africa is a black country and should be run and ruled by and for black people?

Anonymous said...

Goddam! Ya mean they let those pesky demonstrators hold a protest rally? Ya mean, out in the open with police protection? And was that led by the same 'Rev.' Al Sharpton that got caught by the 'Feebies' on video talkin' 'bout launderin' drug money with an ex-mobster turned FBI informant?

Jesus H. Christ, why don't the Yanks learn from all those socialist places where they jest shoot everyone!

Byeck said...

Nothing smart, nothing clever - this is shameful.

But why, why, why, did you have to over egg the pudding by implying only 'Black' people were marching through Jena in protest?

You might also have added that there is a move to haul the Jena D.A in front of the U.S. Attorney General to explain his actions.

Jena is no more representative of America than you are of the Labour party.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - White kids in Jena commit crimes of violence against black kids with impunity and when black kids retaliate they face up to 80 yrs in jail - that's something that you clearly would defend, well done.

As I said it's another example of America's shame, and yours too.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

shotgun - No. and I've never met any Socialists who say that.

I don't believe you have either.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

david duff - These are the same as before but the police are no longer willing to let the world see protesters being beaten by cops and attacked by dogs. Bad for the image of the 'land of the free'

Yes the FBI managed to fit up Sharpton as well as blackmail MLK as well as cause Stokely Carmichael to flee to Cuba and lock up the Soledad Brothers and Angela Davis, remember Ruben Carter, Cassius Clay unable to buy a burger even with his Olympic Gold Medal round his neck etc. etc.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck - I wasn't aware that I said it was only black people who were marching, I said that black demonstrators were marching, I didn't say that white people were not marching. the article I was using didn't mention white demonstrators, in truth I'm not aware if white people were marching. It's a rather strange thing to fix on, still.

Byeck said...

Indeed you did not say that"only black people were marching," and neither did I say that you said it.

What you did, was use half-truths to embellish and smear, by implication.

When you have a good story Councillor, as this was, it doesn't need spinning.

RfS said...

No, I am not passing comment on the other stuff, what I am saying is that this was a 6 on 1 attack that instantly incapacitated the victim and that the beating only stopped when the accused were restrained.

Do you think that these men should be excused this attack because of the racist stuff that has went on there in the past?

Anonymous said...

"Yes the FBI managed to fit up Sharpton, as well as MLK..."

That's an extremely serious accusation. Are you saying the FBI framed Al Sharpton? What evidence do you have?

Anonymous said...


How come you have yet to post anything on your blog about the crisis in Burma?

Or is it okay for Socialists government troops to shoot unarmed monks?

Where is your denouncement of the sectarian violence perpetrated by Burmese soldiers?

Jackart said...

So basically what you're saying is Black people shouldn't be held to the same standards as white people. White Americans are stupid and that's why they removed a foul dictator from power in Iraq, whose citizens don't want democracy, because they're Arab. Jews are evil and Palestinan suicide bombers are freedom fighters. Oh and Cuba's a paradise because the only thing that works in a Health service and that makes mass murder acceptable.

I Think I've got your non-racist, pro human rights position right, have I Fatso?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck - I have read what I said again and I don't retract a word, I have spun nothing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - I don't think that these kids should be excused anything, if they beat someone unconscious then they should be dealt with by the law.

What should happen to the white kid with the gun and the other white kids who attacked the youth with bottles ? If you concentrate hard you'll see that that, is what this is about.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anon - Al Sharpton was a serious thorn in the side of the establishment and was branded a communist agitator and un-American etc. Do you have any proof other than the FBI ?

Do you think the FBI would do such a thing to someone like that ?

Anonymous said...

Eh? So I have to disprove your theory? It doesn't work that way, Tel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Henry Crun - I'm watching what's happening in Burma with horror like most people, I think they stopped calling themselves Socialist back in the eighties and I certainly wouldn't regard them as Socialist.
'Or is it okay for Socialists government troops to shoot unarmed monks?' No it's not OK for any troops to shoot unarmed people, unless of course you are white supremacist S. A. Troops.

George Orwell served there as a British Colonial Policeman 'Burmese Days' it seems consistent when you think about India, Palestine, Ireland, S.A. Zimbabwe, Kenya etc. We 'British' have spread peace and democracy all over the world haven't we.

RfS said...

The so-called "white tree" at Jena High, often reported to be the domain of only white students, was nothing of the sort, according to teachers and school administrators; students of all races, they say, congregated under it at one time or another.

Two nooses -- not three -- were found dangling from the tree. Beyond being offensive to blacks, the nooses were cut down because black and white students "were playing with them, pulling on them, jump-swinging from them, and putting their heads through them," according to a black teacher who witnessed the scene.

There was no (direct) connection between the September noose incident and the December attack, according to Donald Washington, an attorney for the U.S. Justice Department in western Louisiana, who investigated claims that these events might be race-related hate crimes.

The three youths accused of hanging the nooses were not suspended for just three days -- they were isolated at an alternative school for about a month, and then given an in-school suspension for two weeks.

The six-member jury that convicted Bell was, indeed, all white. However, only one in 10 people in LaSalle Parish is African American, and though black residents were selected randomly by computer and summoned for jury selection, none showed up.

In July, the first to be tried, Mychal Bell, was convicted after two hours of deliberations by an all-white jury on reduced charges of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit it. It was widely reported that Bell, now 17, was an honor student with no prior criminal record. Although he had a high grade-point average, he was, in fact, on probation for at least two counts of battery and a count of criminal damage to property. In any event, his conviction was overturned because an appeals court ruled he should not have been tried as an adult.

source and source

So now I am confused. What exactly is it that you are complaining about (i.e. what US values are you scared troops are shooting into people)?

Byeck said...

You've done it again you rascal, you've confused me.

Re your reply to Mr Crun, have you joined the enlightened and accepted that the British Empire was the greatest force for good that the world has ever seen, or are you being facetious?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

jackart - delighted as always to print your articulate measured views.

RfS said...


The bottle incident was never corroborated - no medical evidence. The "stroke of a pen" incident was uttered in a mixed assembly hall where black and white kids voluntarily and spontaneously segregated themselves.

The beating had plenty of supporting evidence so I would suggest this is why those 6 people have been treated the way they have.

Anonymous said...

India, Palestine, Ireland, S.A. Zimbabwe, Kenya etc. We 'British' have spread peace and democracy all over the world haven't we.

You bet we have! Ex-colonies which are not now democracies number in single digits. Success stories such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and PNG abound.

We built the modern world. What other nation can say that?


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - You have been using the KKK version of events at Jena.

The Americans are telling the world how to behave, spreading their democracy and I'm holding up Jena and many many more issues as a way of saying they have no right to do so.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

byeck - there's more than me being facetious isn't there.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - your version of events in Jena is a good example of what the blacks have to suffer in such places, a tissue of lies.

I understand perfectly well why people like you react this way but, as the man said whether your sort like it or not "the times they are a changing" white racist supremacists will not stay on top for ever and that, IMO, scares people like you.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any SA Troops shooting unarmed civilians unlike your comrades in Burma.

In Angola, we came into contact with your beloved Cuban and East German brethren. In the townships were were impartial observers not allowed to intervene.

I think you confuse the army with the police, of which I was not a member. But then informed opinion is not exactly your forte.

RfS said...

Anyone who knows me knows you don't know what you are talking about. Indeed the version of events I have been using has been taken from Associated Press, hardly a bastion of right-wing propaganda.

Put it this way Terry, I have cited 4 sources including quotes from leading members of the black community in Jena to your, um, none.

The only person propagating lies here is you. Most of what you posted originally has been shown to be lies or heavily distorted by the multi-millionaire leadership of the race-baiting movement.

Did you not think of researching any of this before you posted? Or did the story, as fed to you by the American Left, seem too good to risk a bit of fact checking?

How can we trust any of the stuff you write about the SNP in the council when the rest of what you output is so shoddy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Henry Crun - "I don't remember any SA Troops shooting unarmed civilians unlike your comrades in Burma." The army in Burma are not my comrades and you are looking rather silly by saying that, still, you are a S.A.

OK lets avoid the confusion S.A. whites under Apartheid shot beat and burned black people with impunity but, you say I am mixing up police with the army so, that's OK then, well done Henry. A great argument.

Who shot all those black people in Soweto in 19 76 then ? You're a liar in the service of Apartheid.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - You are a serious dupe the American right are the most powerful lobby in history and you can't wait to gobble up their lies they regard people like you as fodder.
" Did you not think of researching any of this before you posted?" Of course not I just dreamed it up same as the stuff about MLK and Ruben Carter, the lynchings in Louisiana in the sixties etc none of it really happened did it ? MLK is actually alive and hanging out with Elvis, right ?

Anonymous said...

Exporting bile and anti US/Israel hatred, clr TKMax,

Anonymous said...

"Who shot all those black people in Soweto in 19 76 then ? You're a liar in the service of Apartheid."

The Police. The Army never were involved in the quelling of any riots in the townships. It was civil unrest and therefore the police were left to deal with it.

Hint: they are the ones in the blue uniforms, the army were the ones in the khaki uniforms.

But don't let that cloud your already jaundiced view.

PS. Lydia, my Zulu wife says "hi"

RfS said...

I am not talking about MLK, I have never mentioned him, nor am I a dupe for anyone.

The only dupe here is the person who wrote about a story without citing his sources and managed to get almost all the important facts wrong because he reported verbatim what Sharpton and Jackson have been saying.

RfS said...

Also factally suspect is your claim that Sharpton was "a blast from the past...from the Selma and Alabama days with doctor King"


In 1969, Sharpton was appointed by Jesse Jackson as youth director of Operation Breadbasket, a group that focused on the promotion of new and better jobs for African-Americans.[18]

In 1971, Sharpton founded the National Youth Movement to raise resources for impoverished youth.[19]

Howard Beach
On December 20, 1986, three African-American men were assaulted in the Howard Beach neighborhood of Queens by a mob of white men. The three men were chased by their attackers onto the Belt Parkway, where one of them, Michael Griffith, was struck and killed by a passing motorist.[20]

A week later, on December 27, Sharpton led 1,200 demonstrators on a march through the streets of Howard Beach. Residents of the neighborhood, who were overwhelmingly white, screamed racial epithets at the protesters, who were largely Black.[21] Sharpton's role in the case, which led to the appointment of a special prosecutor by New York Governor Mario Cuomo after the two surviving victims refused to co-operate with the Queens district attorney, helped propel him to national prominence.

Another example that your presentation of a story should be handled with care.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anon - "exporting bile ?" my argument is with America/israel not Americans and Israelis - do you have trouble grasping that ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Henry Crun - you have no shame, a typical white S.A. Supremacist - soldiers shot people dead in Soweto, it was in all the news maybe in your twisted world it's OK to shoot people if you are a policeman.

I've already explained, I'm not interested in a person's colour, race or creed, clearly for white S.A.s it's an obsession.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - I don't much care about your sources because like you I trust my own.

I didn't report anything said by Jackson and I didn't report anything about the incident said by Sharpton.

You continue to have no regard for the truth and, lazy to boot, go read it again, and see if you can admit that you are wrong here.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - What is all this designed to prove ?

Does this mean that Al Sharpton wasn't/couldn't have been around in the civil rights movement at the time of Selma and Alabama, my understanding is that Sharpton along with countless thousands of black youths were politicised by what happened at Selma and after.

Do you say something different ?

Anonymous said...


A little off topic but still on the subject of bigotry/ apartheid etc.

What is your stance on the catholic religion who create a framework of apartheid, bigotry and segregation by separating their children from children of other faiths at primary school age.

Surely they are telling their children that they are different from others and in so doing creating a state funded apartheid situation.

My children grew up through playgroup and nursery and made friends with many catholic children. They and I could not understand then why the other children were the separated when it came to school.

Surely the cost to the state for the upkeep and duplication of many schools must be fairly enormous only to bow to the wants and needs of a religion.

I believe that religion should be kept out of schools and be placed in the reponsibility of the Church and Chapel, therfore allowing all children to grow and mix together in the most important part of their lives which is their educational years.

Surely this would have a major impact on reducing the sectarian problem that we particulary see in Scotland.

Interested in your opinion.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

1/ "What is your stance on the Catholic religion who create a framework of apartheid, bigotry and segregation." That's a nice balanced start isn't it ? What is your opinion of ignorant sectarian bigots who write comments like this one ? How does that feel ?
2/ I went to a catholic school and so did my children and none of us were ever taught that we were 'different'
3/ There was nothing stopping you sending your children to a Catholic school was there, is the Protestant Jesus different from the Catholic one ?
4/ Costs - some say it's money well spent to make sure catholic children are taught without being victimised, did you know that that's why we have catholic schools ?
5/ I hope that Scotland will one day be able to let people worship as they see fit without it being a source of trouble and, as such, banning Catholic schools would be an admission of defeat and a victory for the bigots.
6/ "this would reduce the sectarian problem that we particularly see in Scotland" Bigots have been hiding behind this fig leaf for decades.
7/ Scotland as you rightly say is a sectarian country, racist as well, perhaps you could explain how catholic schools exist all over the world without problems but in Scotland it's divisive ? Why was Scotland the only country in the world where the death of the late Pope could not be marked at football grounds ? Why is Scotland the only country in the world where a player making the sign of the cross can cause outrage ? Explain the outpouring of hatred and poison which greeted Neil Lennon when he touched the ball and this was everywhere in Scotland.

You have more questions to answer than me don't you think ? At the moment I have you down as a sectarian bigot.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Post - Oct 8th. 2,43 pm is for Al.

RfS said...

No Terry, I am pointing out that you are yet again showing that you have scant regard for facts when it comes to your posts and I would advise any one reading this to do their own research.

I have no doubt that you trust your sources but it comes down to that same old chestnut Terry, you keep getting the simplest facts wrong and you don't cite and provide links to your sources therefor what you publish is not worth the energy to click "submit".

Indeed the best you can come up with is to scream "Racist" and hope that everyone else shuts up in embarrassment. Problem is that people like you have used that too often and the rest of the world now recognise it for the cheap "get out of jail free" card that it is.

And for the record: "a blast from the past the Rev. Al Sharpton from the Selma and Alabama days with doctor King said...". This clearly shows you thought Sharpton marched with King. Again, just getting things plain wrong when a simple exercises would have confirmed a few things but unfortunately ruined your narrative.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

RFS - I couldn't have told you whether Sharpton marched in Selma or not but along with others I identify him with the civil rights movement at that time but if we are being literal again well.

Accusing me of screaming 'racist' is that like people screaming 'anti Semite ?'

Anonymous said...


If I were a bigot, why would I want to see my children integrated with children of other faiths. Surely I would want them kept away and segregated as they are now.

Did you know that the equality act of 2006 actually allows catholic schools to discriminate against placement of children of other faiths in their schools. It even goes as far as to say that the school does not have to provide free bus transport if the child placed is not catholic.

This is surely blatant discrimination.

But to answer your points

1. As before, If I wer a bigot then why do I wish to integrate.
2.Merely by segregating children of a faith you are teaching them that they are different.
3. As above, catholic schools are legally allowed to discriminate against children of other faiths. read the Equality Act.
4. You are not seriously telling me that the only reason why the state funds this type of segregation (at huge cost) is because of a bullying problem.
Taking the religious element out of both catholic and non-denominational school would let children of all faiths integrate together. The individual religions should then cater for their own religious education through the chapel or church or whatever.
5.The integration of schools would be a victory for common sense and a boost for the economy in doing away with expense of school duplication.
6. Again you do not make any sense here. How can people who want their children to integrate with others be described as bigots.
7. Here I do agree with you on most points with the exception of that I really don't understand why the death of any religious leader should be marked at a football ground. For me, the only such markings should be related to people involved in football where it then has a relevance.

I am struggling to remember the Pope having an active involvement in the sport and for this reason I can't concur.

I read with amazement about the stance that the catholic church took against the proposal for mixed campus developments in North Lanarkshire. This

The reason that the development was opposed by the RC church was because they did not have separate staff rooms and separate visitor/pupil entrances.

What has that got to do with education?

If that is not a wish for apartheid then what is?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Al. - Here's what you said "the catholic religion creates a framework of apartheid, bigotry and segregation"
1/ read the above quote 2/ already dealt with. 3/ you assume you would be turned down then. 4/ Catholic schools exist to prevent anti Catholic discrimination. 5/ The integration of catholic schools to suit the argument of someone who writes as you do (see Q1) would be a victory for sectarian bigotry. 6/ see Q1. 7/ stop wriggling - the questions which you can't / won't answer are why can players cross themselves all over the world but not here, why Lennon was treated as he was, whether the pope had anything to do with football is a red herring, why was it a problem and, last but not least why are Catholic schools acceptable all over the world, why they are not a problem all over the world but they are here.

Try again without lies of omission. And be brief, please.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Al. - Here's what you said "the catholic religion creates a framework of apartheid, bigotry and segregation"
1/ read the above quote 2/ already dealt with. 3/ you assume you would be turned down then. 4/ Catholic schools exist to prevent anti Catholic discrimination. 5/ The integration of catholic schools to suit the argument of someone who writes as you do (see Q1) would be a victory for sectarian bigotry. 6/ see Q1. 7/ stop wriggling - the questions which you can't / won't answer are why can players cross themselves all over the world but not here, why Lennon was treated as he was, whether the pope had anything to do with football is a red herring, why was it a problem and, last but not least why are Catholic schools acceptable all over the world, why they are not a problem all over the world but they are here.

Try again without lies of omission. And be brief, please.

Anonymous said...


You have misread or maybe you cannot read properly. I would suggest watching a few series of "on the move". It was made for people such as yourself

I said that I agreed with you on most other things in point 7 apart from the thing about the Pope at the football.

you appear to have dimissed this and went on another rant in defence of Neil Lennon etc.
I have no objection to catholic scrossing themselves, using rosary beads, doing Hail Marys and anything that lets themselves feel much better about themselves.

In the same way as I feel about the ways of other religions expressing themselves. My point always has been that school apartheid is unnecessary except in the eyes of the catholic church

Anonymous said...

Why should a catholic school funded by tax payers money have the right to refuse a school placement on the grounds of the pupil not being a baptised catholic.

I have also read research that suggests that almost 40% of catholic children attending denominational catholic schools are not baptised catholics.

It would seem to be suggesting that there is not a real need for separate schools and that this is just a waste of taxpayers money

Anonymous said...

This is interesting.

Why do all the other religions in Scotland go to non-denominational schools but the Catholic religion gets the government to pay for a separate education for them.

Shouldn't this be a private fee paying school if people want the choice of going to a prticular school. It is most other places of the western world

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(AL) - You haven't answered my questions on why these things only cause controversy here in Scotland and nowhere else, why is C.C. The cause of sectarianism here and nowhere else ? You started by writing to me accusing the Catholic Church of Apartheid, Bigotry and Segregation. That makes you a sectarian Bigot.

Accusing me of being unable to read simply means you have lost.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(carol) - What does any of this have to do with my argument with (AL) who accuses the C.C. of promoting Apartheid, Bigotry and Segregation, and being the cause of sectarianism in Scotland, I say they are not the cause, I say that Scotland is a sectarian, racist country that's the cause.

My understanding is that Catholic schools don't have the right to turn down pupils because they are not baptised Catholics. You seem to have overlooked the reason for having Catholic Schools. We have Catholic schools to ensure that Catholic children get a proper education which they were not getting and to make sure that they are not discriminated against which they were.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anon - "This is interesting" if it was as you say 'interesting' why are you talking about something else, this argument between (AL) and me is about whether Catholic schools are the cause of Sectarianism in Scotland, he says they are I say they are not.

Catholic schools were created because Catholics were subjected to religious discrimination in the Scottish education system.

Anonymous said...


Read the provision of the equality act 2006 and come back when you know what you are talking about.

Also you mention Catholic schools all over the world not being a problem.

Do you dismiss the fact that the Catholic religion has a horrendous record of abuse (mostly sexual)at its establishments.

Try googling "catholic school abuse" and you will have enough reading material to keep you going until doomsday - so much for being set up for protection.

If you can't accept this I will post you a daily article on some of these stories as I reckon that you are too lazy to do any real research into anything.

Can you answer why the RC church would insist on having separate staff rooms and separate pupil/visitor entrances. It feels that they could not accept the prospect of sharing with what they feel as the unclean.

I welcome the prospect of my children sharing their educational lives with children of other faiths and feel that we must travel out of the dark age and into a future where all children can integrate.

You on the other hand seem to support segregation and what can only be described as apartheid within our educational system.

I have you down as a lazy biased bigot who would do anything to protect his religion - right or wrong.

Incidentally, I now must agree with my fellow posters.

You are not very intelligent!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(AL) It didn't take long to rumble you did it ? "I said that catholic schools all over the world were not problem." Lie - I said that catholic schools exist all over the world and the sectarian problem only exists in Scotland why ? It would appear in your tiny bigoted world that only the Catholic Church has a history of abuse (mainly sexual) Also in that little twisted world you inhabit the Catholic Church regards non Catholics as "unclean"

"I welcome the prospect of my children sharing their educational lives with children of other faiths" I pity your children, religious bigotry is renowned for it's blindness, like this statement.

"I support segregation and Apartheid" another measured comment right ?

You regard me as a "lazy biased bigot" I'm delighted to let others decide who the bigot is.

You also say as your parting well thought out argument that "I am not very intelligent" well what do you expect ? I am, after all, a Catholic.

So 'Mason Boyne' would you like to try again ? If Catholic schools are responsible for sectarianism why is it only Scotland that has the problem ?

Anonymous said...


No answer to anything other than rebuke and to confirm that your comments have no foundation.

Do you deny that the catholic church has a massive history of sexual abuse throughout its establishments. Are 2 million plus internet articles wrong.

Do non-denominational schools and others religious establishments have similar records

Please show me the links that show a similar volume of discussion.

You cannot answer this and therefore resort to writing bigoted mince.

You deride me for wanting my chldren to integrate with children of other faiths - why?

You really have serious sectarian issues.

Have you looked at the Equality act of 2006 yet and how this allows the catholic church to discriminate and impose apartheid.

You are a shameful bigot and probably are not worthy of much further conversation as you cannot see beyond yourself and you certainly have no interest in the in the integration of all children in a society where they can mix and live together.

By the way your "Mason Boyne" comments are just silly and bigoted as you have automatically assumed that I am Protestant..

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(AL) - Mason Boyne was an anti catholic bigot, like you, where did I say you were a Protestant ?

You came on to this blog attacking Catholic Schools and claiming that they were the cause of sectarianism in Scotland.

I'm going to ask you this question again for the third or fourth time, if Catholic Schools are the cause of sectarianism in Scotland as you allege, why is it that Scotland is the only place with this problem ? This is your last chance.