Sunday, July 19, 2015


The revelations about the snp just keep on coming. The latest two are 1/ snp lies about Fracking and 2/ Rank hypocricy over Alex Salmond’s business contacts. The boss of Ineos whom salmond colluded with to undermine the Scottish Trade Unionists during the Grangemouth dispute Mr. Jim Ratcliffe states unequivocally that “the SNP Government is not opposed to fracking” and he further states that “the shale gas industry could be up and running on a commercial scale by 2018”. Is it just me or is that not the impression given by the snp before the election?, should they be in the dock with Mr. Carmichael?. The snp heid yins know of course that there are not many bad situations that the intervention of Winnie Ewing’s boay Fergie can’t make worse and here he is proving it again as he says ‘there will be a moratorium on fracking’ closely followed by the hapless John Swinney who declared that he wanted The Scottish Government to get the revenue from onshore fracking. Do they ever meet? speak? email? Carrier pigeon would be an improvement on this rabble. Labour’s stance on this is by contrast unambiguous and cogent.     

“ would introduce a triple-lock system to halt any onshore fracking taking place in Scotland until environmental and health safeguards are in place, including a local referendum before final planning approval is given” Shadow Energy Minister Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald.

The snp have again been caught hiding the truth, they have some explaining to do.

Qatar is “a far off place of which we know very little” to probably misquote Neville Chamberlain. Not so in the case of Alex (del boy) Salmond, his experience and intimate knowledge of the place and it’s medieval rulers is, almost encyclopaedic according to papers released under Freedom of Information the other day at the request of Labour MSP Neil Findlay. Salmond and his bag carrier Humza Yousaf  snp MSP spent a jolly good time meeting with the unelected ministers of the Gulf state, home and away, our money it seems was no object as salmond propositioned business men, grey robed Qatar officials and the obligatory military types to venues like Edinburgh Castle, the Ryder cup golf at Gleneagles and the military tattoo.      

Qatar unfortunately for “Del boy” Salmond is an absolute Monarchy with an appalling record in human rights and allegations of human rights abuses ‘including worker’s deaths in the run-up to the 2022 football World Cup. In a gut wrenching touch of Irony Salmond now finds himself the snp’s foreign affairs spokesman

The minister’s ‘batman’ Yousaf apparently went missing on a 3 day trip to this country where “some” people enjoy “wealth beyond the dreams of avarice” while others are kept as slaves, he still hasn’t explained his disarearance, perhaps he is a secret agent?. Despite international concern from such as Amnesty International Mr. Salmond and Mr. Yousaf did not see fit to mention the issue of human rights to their fabulously wealthy hosts when they were in their desert kingdom?.
Qatar is a medieval place where life is cheap if you are poor. Homosexuality is punishable by death, as is adultery (for women of course), public flogging and stoning for drinking alcohol and for women who dress inappropriately and many other horrors are the norm.

I have visited Auschwitz twice; it is a small picturesque Polish village where the people are lovely and welcoming, it is a short stroll from the more famous Auschwitz, I couldn’t help asking myself did the villagers know?, I visited Berlin, one of the world’s great and most sophisticated cities and asked myself the same question, did the ordinary Germans know?. Is it possible that politicians who deal with Qatar don’t actually know about it?.   


John Clarkie said...

If you are going to cut and paste you could at least keep the typeface the same, just to pretend you have a coherent thought about anything.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

There is one part of this post which has been 'cut and pasted' and that is in inverted commas quoting Labour MSP Lewis MacDonald. Would you like to tackle the points made?.

Running Man said...

Last night 80% of Labour MP's abstained on Tory Welfare bill hat will cut 13BN from Welfare across the UK......No backbone and entranced with middle England middle class votes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said...Tuesday, July 21, 2015 9:48:00 a.m.

There is a healthy and very public debate going on in the Labour Party about how best to oppose the Tory cuts, as I have told you many times, debate is a good thing but you and the snp would not understand that.

Running Man said...

I'm surprised that you would need a debate on how to oppose Tory cuts...First step is usually to oppose it...Seems that is quite a hurdle.

You can desperately keep throwing the nazi stuff around Terry but it Labour who are the in the spotlight. Quite rightly for acting like a right wing party and in the process throwing its remaining supporters into a tailspin of confusion.

Debate, aye right.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The debate is about tactics not about whether we oppose cuts which of course we do. I am not desperately throwing the Nazi stuff about I am reminding the public what kind of people you and the snp are.

Anonymous said...

The debate is about tactics not about whether we oppose cuts which of course we do.

have you been asleep? The labour party raised the white flag and surrendered, the vast majority abstained from voting on the welfare bill, on what planet does that denote opposing it ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I would not normally give this a second chance but I will give you one last opportunity to explain why Labour ran up the white flag, not subjective claims arguments mind. BTW where does someone get the brass neck to accuse anyone of running up the white flag while refusing to identify them-self and cowering behind anonymity?.