Saturday, July 25, 2015


“Sturgeon Demands To Know If GCHQ Is Spying On Scottish MPs”
The above headline is from this morning’s news, I have checked the date and it’s not April the 1st and it is presented with no trace of spoof or absurdity. Scotland’s First Minister; the SNP’S Nicola Sturgeon does not know if GCHQ, the UK “Government Communication Headquarters” is spying on Scottish MP’S!. Non Scottish MP’S as always don’t come in to it. Do bears s**t in the forest I hear you shout, is The Pope a Catholic?, will Lionel Messi develop in to a good football player?. I didn’t know she was a heavy drinker did you?.

When the laughter and ridicule fades, I hope the people of Scotland will consider the serious side of this because there is in fact a serious side. N.B. Spying on MP’s is OK as long as they are not Scottish it seems, just like unemployment, poor housing and serious crime are OK, as long as it’s not in Scotland.  This is what makes nationalism a disease. It beggars belief that someone like Ms. Sturgeon can be involved in politics for as long as she has and become leader of her party and not be aware of the activities of GCHQ. Is she an innocent abroad? an idiot? or is her outrage a synthetic stunt?.

Nicola Sturgeon and her minders are once again demonstrating their contempt for the Scottish people. She clearly thinks that we are dumb enough to believe her manufactured outrage, if she really doesn't know the answer to her own conniving mendacious question she should not be in the job she is is in, and that is where the seriousness comes in. There is no doubt that she knows all about GCHQ and its activities and she is arrogant enough to think that she can say anything she likes to get some publicity for herself, and her opinion of us is that we are too simple to see through what she is about. She abuses the Scottish people at her peril, when will the people catch on?.   


Bob Reid said...

I think she is talking about MSPs. The Wilson convention covers MPs at Westminster but has been withdrawn for the devolved parliamentarians. I do think she is right to ask why, don't you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I have already explained and this is the last time. She is trying to look like she is taking on the establishment for her own benefit. If she doesn't already know that GCHQ spy on MP'S, all MP'S then she is in the wrong job. She does of course know and she thinks the Scottish people are stupid.

Bob Reid said...

Her 'outrage' is not that non-Westminster parliamentarians (not exclusively Scottish but Welsh and N. Irish)are being spied on (or monitored?) but that the current government have made it legitimate for MI5 et al to do so whilst retaining the bar provided by the Wilson convention for our parliamentarians in Westminster. Do you not think that the mandate given by the electorate to all democratically elected politicians means they all deserve equal status and treatment?

I don't pretend to speak for her but I'm sure this inequity is the issue she is questioning; in my opinion her complaint is a very valid one. I do agree with you that there is as an element of party political advantage to her motivation but politicians of all colours do the same thing. The tone and language you use in this post is more contemptuous of the people than the issue and manner in which Sturgeon raises this legitimate issue.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Bob Reid said...Tuesday, July 28, 2015 7:53:00 a.m.

I don't know if I've dealt with you before Mr. Reid but you are repeating yourself and I normally don't allow that. If you are happy to pimp for Nicola Sturgeon then that is a matter for you but you will not be doing it on this blog, this is now closed.