Sunday, April 05, 2015


I have just listened to Nicola Sturgeon on TV, full of synthetic rage and refusing to comment on a question about the now famous leaked email where she declared her preference for a Tory government. She refused to answer because the questioner was quoting a high ranking snp official whom he would not name, who said that “a tory Government would be better for the snp”. News stories where the source is not disclosed are commonplace and no one exploits them more than the snp, this made her position on this look feeble and disingenuous. What people should mull over in all of this is what Nicola Sturgeon actually wants, I would suggest that her one and only wish is separation, does anyone disagree with me?.
Her position for that reason is apolitical and always has been, using plain language, she will do and say anything to achieve success for the “cause” this is why the snp were able to bring Thatcher to power all those years ago by bringing down the Labour Government, they and she can and will continue to justify anything by telling themselves that it is the “cause” that matters, a position which has been taken by despots and dictators throughout history. It follows therefore that she and they are neither pro or anti Labour, neither pro or anti Tory, she is pro separation. Would Sturgeon and the snp support a Tory Government if they thought that it would benefit separation, help the “cause”?, you better believe they would, they would support anyone.
The consensus among the news agencies and the political commentators backed up with polls and computer data was that no significant gains were made by any party following the leader’s debate, despite the snp attempts to declare Nicola Sturgeon the winner. The usual coordinated cybernat campaign to ‘big her up’ ran in to the ground because the rest of the UK was involved and they still stubbornly refuse to treat her and the snp as a ‘premier league team’. Her reputation was exposed as fragile when she tried to wrap herself in the cloak of opposition to privatisation of of the NHS, this was the big league though, and they remembered her tenure as Scottish Health Minister when she spent millions on private health spending. Her oft repeated sabre rattling about austerity as well was exposed and continues to be exposed as a deception through their  past absurd claims about oil prices being the backbone of an independent Scottish economy. One does not need to be a Nobel Economic Laureate to work out that reliance on oil and it’s price falling from the snp forecast of $130 a barrel to $50 a barrel would have caused an unprecedented economic collapse, with no England to blame for it either, the stuff that violent government coups are made of and our Polish, Asian and other minority communities would have felt the brunt of it. The nationalists “land of milk and honey” Norway has had to devalue the Krone by 35% because of the oil price crash. The cuts which would result in such a scenario would be far in excess of any austerity cuts proposed by a Labour government.

Sturgeon and her supporters seem to think that declaring a liking for children and a dislike for nuclear weapons will suffice as far as gathering votes is concerned. My guess is they are going to find that it is more complicated than that, they must be hoping that no one will bring up the actual attitude in Scotland to Trident which is not what they are telling people, the population I’m sure will see the obviously bogus position of making anti nuclear weapons a major plank of your policy while at the same declaring your support for NATO this is not only contradictory, it is insulting the intelligence of the Scottish people. Today’s hysterical snp reaction to Sturgeon’s comments display a party which is in a bit of a funk and really panicky. It’s getting interesting.        


Anonymous said...

titter titter terry, The british establishment is closing ranks again and using the torygraph to do it's pathetically weak dirty work,i mean come on is this it? and who jumps on the bandwagon the ex-socialist terry kelly.
Although i must admit, you seem to have unearthed the secret at the heart of the scottish national party, they want an independent scotland, omg shock horror, hold the front page.

The liberal party died in the 30's britain not just scotland is about to witness the death of another political party, bye bye labour. almost 100 years and what have you got to show for it? a few seats in the house of lords, which you promised to abolish and foodbanks in every town in britain, you should hang your heads in shame and rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Seen this

The start of the salmond youth?

However its not a one off;

SNP Kids?!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Sunday, April 05, 2015 7:14:00 pm

The “Torygraph” is with the exception of the snp itself the most poisonous and dishonest participant in politics today. I have no idea whether their story is accurate or not and neither do you, all you have is Nicola Sturgeon’s word which in my opinion is worthless. I take the considered view however that if Nicola Sturgeon and the snp thought that joining with the tories was beneficial to their fanatical cause of separation they would not hesitate to do so and that is what gives the story credence, she would join with UKIP and the BNP if she thought it would assist separation. The rest of your post is uneducated senseless drivel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Sunday, April 05, 2015 7:34:00 pm

This has the snp's fingerprints all over it, similar to salmond sneaking himself in to a school by the backdoor and without the permission of the head teacher to get a photo shoot during the referendum.

Alan said...

whom he would not name, who said that “a tory Government would be better for the snp”. News stories where the source is not disclosed are commonplace

These would be the cowards that you mention often in your posts who refuse to identify themselves!!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea whether their story is accurate or not and neither do you, all you have is Nicola Sturgeon’s word which in my opinion is worthless

typical terry kelly and labour party outright lie, the french consul and the french ambassador have both clearly and categorigally told us it didnt happen. even douglas alexander has now deleted his tweets and scurried under the bed to hide.
no wonder your party is dead you still cant get it can you. People are sick of this crap from labour, go and do something about the tories instead of making up nonsense and spin

Anonymous said...

This has the snp's fingerprints all over it, similar to salmond sneaking himself in to a school by the backdoor and without the permission of the head teacher to get a photo shoot during the referendum

unbelievable that a group of schoolchildren are prepared to show socialist leanings and that you should condemn them for that.
Do you gthink Ian Davidson offered to give any of them a doing? or Joanna called any of them a virus?

dig a great big hole at the end of april a huge number of labour political careers are coming to an end.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Alan said...Monday, April 06, 2015 1:14:00 pm

No Alan, whatever your name is, the ones (snp thugs and yobs) I refer to are those who post poisonous personal abuse directed against me and my friends and family and make serious allegations against us as well, allegations which I would take action against if they were to identify themselves, do you want to have a go?.

Craig Blundell said...

"Sturgeon and her supporters seem to think that declaring a liking for children and a dislike for nuclear weapons will suffice as far as gathering votes is concerned"

Labour could have attempted it as a bair minimum... instead we have foodbanks and Trident.

You are no longer a traditional Socialist (SNP seems to have filled this void, what a troubled and complex charicature you are becoming), you are a Labourite, your political positions take account for nothing apart from the Labour party needs. You are nothing but a serf.

You managed to write this article here and it will have the general public laughing. You have described the complete delusion which is actually rife among you and your cohorts.

This generation of political activists have leapfrogged your kind and left you teetering and in complete denial, i have said it before and i will say it again with gusto, as the events of the election run up have given nothing but sheer creedence to the claim that you are a dinosaur who hasnt realised the asteroid has landed.

Is that sulphur you can smell ? "naw it must be you!!!"

Watching you post on here is like the epitome of Labour just now... talking to itself!!

The only party in the UK without an identity LOL!!!

Thanks Terry, you cheer me up!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Craig Blundell said...Tuesday, April 07, 2015 3:32:00 pm

It’s what the American’s call “mom and apple pie politics” Mr. Blundell, for it to succeed you need a gullible audience. Foodbanks have always been with us, we used to call them soup kitchens and DSS crisis loans their proliferation now is the result of an international financial crash a couple of years ago, it was in all the papers, go and check for yourself. Getting rid of Trident would not make anyone any safer you need a gullible audience for that one as well, can you tell me anyone who actually wants nuclear weapons?. As for being a traditional Socialist is concerned, your assertion that the snp have “filled this void” is proof that you know nothing about Socialism. There is nothing new about people in hard times going for the easy answers traditionally provided by reactionaries, racists and nationalists and that is what we are witnessing now. The fight for Socialism will continue despite the temporary diversion provided by the racists of the snp and their tartanshirt followers.

Craig Blundell said...

Well isnt that a retort specifically designed to defend the state of affairs in a country. Your Labourite standing means you have to apologise (or excuse) the failings of succesive Labour governments.

Your reply of 'we have always had poverty' doesnt make for very good reading, unless its the gullible readers you are targeting here.

Just because we had soup kitchens before doesnt make Foodbanks OK now.

Yes the gullible electorate being up in arms about foodbanks is unfounded. At least the reactionary parties are reacting... Labour on the other hand.

The global financial crisis does not equate to a get-out card for the Tories or their red immitators, it was down to fiscal irresponsibility in the banking sector helped by lax Tory and Labour governments more concerned about appeasing businessmen than voters.

Yes the fight for socialism will continue... with socialists, you and your duplicious party dropped that mantle years ago yet you havent noticed... Gullible?

Needless to say with the century long success of the labour party and their socialist background, the poor in society shouldnt be in this mess.

I wouldnt say im a socialist to be fair, i believe that you should be able to get ahead in life however what i am not is a cold and heartless human who would sign off on the gross penalisation of the disabled and the demonising of the vulnerable.

With your party stating there 'isnt a thing they would reverse' from a Tory budget designed to continue the process of the poor paying for the richest's actions, would you be in a position to display some level of testicular fortitude and answer me how you feel about Labour's support of a tory budget and how that reconciles with your 'socialist beliefs'?

Also try answering without talking about what the other bad parties are doing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Craig Blundell said...Wednesday, April 08, 2015 2:24:00 pm

‘we have always had poverty’ does not make for good reading if you are too stupid to grasp the point or if you want to wilfully misinterpret it. Is it really necessary to say I am opposed to poverty? Is that what your grasp of this remark amounts to?, are you seriously trying to get people to believe that I regard “Food banks as OK now” The lax Labour government you refer to was condemned by alex salmond and the snp for being too tough on the banks, they wanted less regulation you idiot. The successes of the Labour Party and our union brothers and sisters are all around you, only a partisan bigot would try to deny that. Labour did not say they supported a Tory budget they said they agreed that the deficit had to be cut, you are telling far too many obvious lies to be taken seriously, you just aren't credible.

Anonymous said...

The SNP are not a ‘leftist’ party and never will be, they are simply dressing in an old Labour coat to get what they want. Check their history; they have veered from hard right to democratic left over the decades depending on how the opportunities fall. Even now there is a more militant ‘let’s declare UDI and fuck the English’ group, but they just keep them out of sight. A quick Panorama-style exposure would show them up. I know a couple of these closet ethnic racist Gealophiles who toddle off to ‘Tartan Day’ in the US, dance about in kilts, and hob knob about with Mr Connery and assorted red-neck racists and backwoods ‘community socialists’.
Sturgeon and Salmond have done a very good job of keeping these core crazies out of the limelight and away from full political gaze. Ask SNP voters if they know who their regional secretaries, local SMPs, treasurers and main funders are and so on, and you get blank looks. All they know are Salmond and Sturgeon and that the rest are ‘not from ‘Westminster’! I do know these lieutenant figures and I have listened to the SNP conference speeches on the radio and so on, it makes your hair stand on end, they are genuine anti-English flag-waving nutcases, ranting about ‘taking back Berwick’ and so on. No joke! They have also managed to cover up their political roots in social fascism and ethnic nationalism associated with the likes of Siol Nan Gaidheal (who are still around and attached to ethnic nationalist and racist movements across Europe which I am currently investigating) and figures such as Arthur Donaldson. You will find no mention of these Scottish ‘nationalists’ on any SNP information or on their Wikipedia info. If you think this is false you can quickly check the veracity. It is also hilarious to see apparently ‘sane’ people drive about with saltires in the back-windows of their cars, showing their true irrational and primitive nature. Salmond tried to push the same cultural politics line in Scotland with the senile blood and soil ‘Homecoming 2009, Clan Gathering’ event. But it let too many of the core nutters become too visible. Very amusing to observe!
As for Trident, of course Trident is NATO and US co-directed and deployed and part of NATO’s ‘nuclear sharing programme’. If you don’t want Trident you deal with the consequences. I am in favour of the UK being independently defended and so getting rid of it is not a problem to me or those who know what this position ultimately entails. However, this was the source of Salmond’s quandary about getting rid of Trident as a vote catcher while also remaining within NATO. He forgot to ask NATO about this and simply made bold assertions that were in the end low-minded and undignified. He wanted the ‘other’ main military partner countries in NATO to remain nuclear while Scotland got rid of nuclear weapons but remained in NATO. These ‘other’ countries would then take the ‘primary risk’ of being strategic nuclear targets while the ‘Scottish people’ got the NATO ‘guaranteed security’ but ‘not the risk’ (and he got some more confused left votes). For shame! I am against citizens freely carrying firearms and so I would not ask and would not expect that one who did would shoot an assailant for me. This in effect though, is the SNP position.
Rainer Mallarme

Anonymous said...

The SNP are not against nuclear weapons, they just don't want to help pay for Trident.

On "The Daily Politics Show" Andrew Neil reduced SNP depute leader Stewart Hosie to incoherent blabarings when asked to explain this.