Friday, April 24, 2015


Over recent days the lies of the snp have been catching up with them, from saying they will stop austerity they are now saying austerity cannot be avoided. This is not however what they say when canvassing where they are still claiming that the snp will end austerity, this is a lie. The snp’s raison d’ĂȘtre is independence yet they are saying “this election is not about independence” are they confused or again lying?. Sturgeon states that she wants to support a Labour Government yet no one can find a single snp member or activist who can bring themselves to say they would support Labour, this is lies on an industrial scale. 

The snp activists want a Tory victory which will allow them to blame England for Scotland’s woes under the tories.  A fortnight ago the snp were labelling Labour as red tories and now they want to support our ‘progressive policies’ they want Ed Milliband as Prime Minister but are telling everyone not to vote Labour! They are treating people with contempt --- yet again.   

Meanwhile the low life fascist wing of the snp continue to use social media to abuse, bully and intimidate people who speak out against the snp. These tartanshirts also continue to claim that the referendum was a fix by the state despite their own party leadership accepting the result; these people are dangerous and sinister. The snp’s immediate response to it’s influx of new members was to immediately shackle them and prevent them from expressing an opinion by passing a vote at their recent conference which banned all members from expressing any dissent about snp policy, someone in the snp hierarchy has been boning up on German Nazi politics circa 1930’s.  

Contradictions (lies) abound such as “We want more millionaires, and any notion that an independent Scotland would be left-wing is delusional nonsense,” Jim Mather, the SNP’s Enterprise Minister in the 2007-11 SNP government. “we Scots. didn’t mind the economic side (of Thatcher) so much, but we didn’t like the social side at all.” Alex salmond. “ we need less bank regulation” Alex salmond just before the banking crash.
They (the snp) promised that the average price of a barrel of oil would remain at $113 until 2020. And within months it had slumped to less than $50. the SNP has increased private health spending by 47% since 2011 and is now running at £100 millions a year. 4,500 jobs in the NHS in Scotland have been cut, 2,000 of them nurses. The main architect of these NHS cuts? Nicola Sturgeon.
Council jobs and services have been decimated to allow the snp to buy tory votes by giving the rich tax breaks in the form of a local income tax freeze, corruption by another name.

Nationalism wants you to vote based on where you were born no matter the outcome, in this way they will be able to claim with patriotic fervour ‘well it’s rubbish but at least it’s good old Scottish rubbish”. Labour wants you to vote based on what is best for your class no matter where you were born.  

Every seat won by the snp will be cheered to the echo by the tories, be in no doubt about that. If the Labour party were to form a minority government they would be vulnerable to the single issue politics of the snp, politics which have no concern whatsoever to working class aspirations. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN. 

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