Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When alex salmond waxed lyrical about what a wonderful country Scotland was he resolutely avoided any mention of ugly issues such as racism and sectarianism, he was of course and still is an habitual and devious liar. The present controversy about certain footballers deciding to play international football for countries other than the country of their birth reminds me once again of Scotland’s disgrace when it comes to the twin evils of racism and sectarianism. It is difficult to find a more hypocritical stance than that taken by people who willingly encourage and support footballers who decide to play for Scotland who were not born here while levelling criticism and abuse at a couple of footballers who do exactly the same thing by deciding to play for Ireland despite being born here in Scotland, I refer of course to the Irish internationalists McCarthy and McGeady, what kind of an idiot is Gordon McQueen who actually encouraged Scottish fans to abuse both these players despite he himself  having played with players for Scotland who were not born here?. Is big Gordon an idiot, a bigot, a hypocrite or is he a mixture of all three?. Incidents like this give the lie to those who claim bogusly that Scotland is not a country infected by these issues and they are still mainly directed at Irish Catholics, and McGeady and McCarthy fit the bill nicely.

During the Jock Stein years at Parkhead Celtic brought unprecedented glory to Scotland by being one of the dominant teams in Europe and over a period of about 6 or 7 years they won the European cup reached another European cup final and contested semi and quarter finals regularly, there was not a team in Europe at this time who did not fear coming to Glasgow to face that mighty Celtic team. It is also my contention that Celtic did not get the credit or respect that their achievements deserved because of the aforementioned twin evils of racism and sectarianism in Scottish society, this was and still is down to their history of being an Irish Catholic institution in Scotland. The 11 players who won the European cup were all eligible to play for Scotland and indeed they all did so, and here are the stats. Ronny Simpson 5 caps, Jim Craig 1 cap, Tommy Gemmell 16 caps, Bobby Murdoch 12 caps, Billy McNeill 29 caps, John Clark 4 caps, Jimmy Johnston 23 caps, Willie Wallace 7 caps, Steve Chalmers 5 caps, Berti Auld 3 caps and Bobby Lennox 10 caps. Check it out, Murdoch, Wallace, Chalmers, Lennox, Johnston, McNeill etc. dominated Europe but were not considered good enough for Scotland, are there people out there who think these guys actually were not good enough?. These eleven players could have gone to the world cup as Scotland’s first choice players and based on their ability to do so well in Europe where Man U, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ajax, the Milans etc etc played they could have made their mark and done very well indeed. Can anyone explain that?, perhaps McGeady and McCarthy got the impression that they, like the players I have spoken about were not welcome.   Oh just a thought did I mention one Jimmy McGrory?, he got 7 caps, ken?.              


Anonymous said...

1. How did you contrive to get Alex Salmond into this debate - as far as I am aware he hasn't commented? (I think the answer is that you loath him and will do anything to include him in your rants even if it is not relevant).

2. The difference between these 2 players playing for ROI and English players playing for Scotland is that McGeady & McCarthy turned down approaches from the SFA to represent the country of their birth i.e. they turned down the opportunity to represent the country where the were born, raised & educated.

Anonymous said...

sectarian bigotry brought to you by the labour party keep the poor poor and the morons with a scarf on.

50 years of unbroken labour administration in Glasgow- so who is to blame for this blue and green blight on our city? Alex salmond of course according to the sectarian bigot representing the green half of the morons- terry kelly

you fit in well with the morons, no wonder your party is dead. Archaic and pathetic. people have moved on from the blue green nonsense. haven't you noticed? your bedfellow unionists in the orange order can barely raise a whisper unless it comes to attacking wee lassies with a saltire, and the idiotic existence of the green brigade is being questioned by every decent celtic supporter.

Your politics and your bigotry are going going gone, Glasgow has bested you and your kind. and good riddance we say.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Thursday, November 13, 2014 7:11:00 pm

Anti Irish racism and anti Catholic Sectarian bigotry were alive and thriving before Rangers, Celtic and the Labour Party existed, salmond and morons like you choose to deliberately lie about it. At the remembrance day services the Orange Order were welcome and present, there is no reason to exclude them, particularly when we put up with snp fascists attending.

No doubt Scotland will be free of poison like racism, sectarianism and nationalism and people like you and the snp will no doubt cling on the longest to the hatred which motivates you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Wednesday, November 12, 2014 8:00:00 pm

1/ When first minister salmond deliberately avoids Scotland's shameful record on racism and sectarianism he includes himself and exposes his guilt.

2/ Your excuse for the abuse directed at McGeady and McCarthy is pathetic, you are clearly one of the bigots I refer to.

Anonymous said...

When Jack McConnell described Scotland as the best wee country in the world (or something like that) did sectarianism and racism not exist?
I wasn't offering an excuse " about abuse that has been directed at McCarthy & McGeady" I was simply stating facts. Incidentally, the match hasn't yet taken place yet so there has been no abuse (although I acknowledge that they will probably be booed.
I see you revert to norm by insulting me and you don't even know me but insults are the trade of someone who has no coherent argument.

Anonymous said...

oh dear the land of your birth pumped the land of your sectarian bile. and that goes for poor wee Aidan too, what a shame.


no doubt you will find a way to blame aliksammon and the tartanshirts.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Saturday, November 15, 2014 7:05:00 am

It comes as no surprise that snp cowards like you wan't to run away from the issue of racism and sectarianism.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Listen up bozo, you snp cowardly racist sectarian bigot. "Anti Catholic anti Irish racist sectarian bigotry is Scotland's secret shame" (Jack McConnell).

If McGeady and McCarthy had chosen to play for England, Wales or Northern Ireland we would not be having this conversation, we are having it because you and many Scots are anti Irish anti Catholic racist sectarian bigots.

Anonymous said...

Still insulting as usual. I am neither SNP, racist, cowardly or a bigot. I have a mixed race grandson whom I love, I am not a member of any religious or political organisation and I have voted Labour in the past before Tony Blair turned the Labour party into another Tory party. It has been said in the past that there are certain areas in Scotland where a monkey with a red rosette would get elected - you are proof of that. I can insult too bozo!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Saturday, November 15, 2014 8:57:00 pm

You have a twisted talent for ignoring the point like "Jack McConnell" that's a form of lying and the biggest insults are the posts you send, they are insults to people's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I acknowledge your point about Jack McConnell's comment about Scotland's shame and he was right. Will you acknowledge the point about his description of Scotland being the best wee country in the world? I have no anti Irish agenda - in fact if I was good enough at football I would qualify to play for ROI through my maternal grandfather but I would have chosen Scotland first.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

When McConnell said what he said about Scotland being great he was talking rubbish and telling lies when he made his statement about racism and sectarianism he was telling the truth.

I have no anti anyone agenda but far too many Scots have an anti English/Irish and an anti Catholic Sectarian agenda.

Running Man said...

What about anti Scottish bigotry from the likes of you Terry, a man by his own past admission(s) is allied to London ?

Do you want off that charge on a technicality ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said...Sunday, November 30, 2014 8:51:00 pm

What anti Scottish bigotry?, is it not more a case of you being unable to face the truth about Scotland?.

Why would being "allied to London" make someone a bigot?, is that not a bigoted thing to say?, ken?.

Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job in the closing days of your Imperial Masters.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I have no imperial masters, I am a citizen of the UK.