Friday, August 29, 2014


My repeated predictions about public disorder when the separatists lose are right on track. The closer we get to their day of reckoning the more deranged they become, the real violence is not far away now, a couple of bad polls for the snp could see it kick off. The Buckfast has been stored away, the wee chibs that they plank down their socks are in place, the clubs and knuckle dusters are at the ready, the tartanshirts are whipping themselves in to an anti English frenzy, an English accent will be very dangerous and even if you don’t have an English accent they might just decide that you look! English, I bet you didn’t know they could do that did you?, well they can, at least they say they can, how long will it be before the eggs being thrown become stones and bottles?, I hope the 'Polis' are ready for them.

The situation is very tense and worrying and the refusal to denounce what their snp supporters are doing by the separatist contributors on radio, TV and the press is a reminder of how deep the hatred is among them. We have been heading for this for a long time thanks to  alex salmond and the snp. Their constant anti English propaganda and sniping and sneering at the English would eventually end in serious trouble and that is now starting. If anyone lands in the dock it should be salmond but we all know that is not going to happen. I would bet that in this case he does in fact have a 'plan B' and you won't see his heels for the dust, while his ‘useful idiots’ charge at the guns. By using U Tube you can type in “Jim Murphy’s street meetings” and be prepared to be shocked. You will not find an uglier dumber more nasty mob than the snp hooligans who are being organised by their leaders to disrupt Murphy’s meetings, Disrupt in fact hardly describes it, make no mistake, what you will see is the very worst of Scottish people. A gang who are out of control and who also manage to look like the discarded extras from the Pirates of the Caribbean, the ones who were turned down for being too upsetting to show in the movie. First minister salmond has managed to generate a climate of hatred among fellow Scots. that will last decades, not only will he lose but, that will be his shameful legacy.         

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