Monday, August 18, 2014


The heading of course comes from Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s cuddly wee minister of propaganda, some people have absorbed the famous saying, none more so it seems than Scotland’s first minister alex salmond.  As the Better Together tanks start to park on the lawn of Bute House wee Eck has retreated in to the darkest bunker of the mansion, not unlike Goebells’s wee pal Adolph back in the day. in the same way as them wee Eck sends out scare stories in a frantic attempt to frighten people in to his yes camp. The fuehrer it is rumoured hectored his generals just before the downfall, stamping his feet, swivelling  his eyes and roaring his defiance as he claimed that he would return and next time he swore he would win because as he reputedly said “next time there will be no more Mr. f*****g Nice guy”. Salmond is I believe on the brink of something similar.
He has now come away with a Baldrick like ‘cunning plan’ involving the NHS, claiming that the only way of saving the NHS from privation is to vote yes in his laugharendum. The evidence he has for this is the privatisation going on in that cesspit England by those Engurlish b******s, he is also quite mendaciously implying that we here in Scotland have no truck with privatisation in our Scottish NHS, let’s check that one out shall we?. Recent information reveals that private sector involvement in the Scottish NHS has rocketed since salmond was elected. Audit Scotland informs us that under salmond’s government over the past 3 years £222 million has been spent on private care for patients here in Scotland, between 2007/08 and 2012/13 private health care has risen by 36% under salmond’s reign.

There is no more emotive subject than the NHS nothing more guaranteed to scare vulnerable people than predictions of it’s privatisation and by creating these dishonest scare stories the First Minister demeans himself his party and his office. Over the years I have used the phrase “he can’t possibly get any lower” in relation to the awful things he has done and said but he has never been more desperate than he is now and there are 4 weeks to go so we will quite probably see worse from the politician ‘alex salmond’ the man who appears to have unlimited quantities of ‘rat like cunning’ and deceitfulness, don’t be surprised by anything he does next.       

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