Monday, September 24, 2012


The snp have held it to be accurate for years that the young people of Scotland are pretty dim. Their lazy thought processes tell them (the snp) that because they (young Scots.) are young they are De facto rebellious, awkward and anti the status quo, they typically never researched this nor have they done any work themselves to back this up. This conceit by Salmond and Co. has led them in to another mess as they now find out from a large poll of 2,500 youngsters who could be eligible to vote in the independence referendum that 75% of them want to remain British while 25% do not. Mr. Salmond needs this result like he needs a plague of locusts descending on Bute House.

Hard on the heels of the mortification heaped on him by the mighty rally that didn't happen on Saturday he now sees another crutch kicked away by Scottish youngsters who are apparently smarter than he gave them credit for. It will be interesting to see the snp/separatist/cybernat spin on this one. If they claim that 5,000 at the great rally is a triumph what will they call this poll which contacted 2,500? I don't remember a larger poll than this so how will they go about discrediting it?

Meanwhile wee Eck (the spiv) continues to rub the noses of the Scottish people and his own party in the dirt. He is now in the USA, yes indeed he's as fast as a rat up a roan pipe, the reason? He personally wants to oversee the arrangements for the Ryder cup Golf Tournament to be held at Gleneagles in 20 14 honestly the way this guy puts himself out for us makes me feel quite humble. We can expect to see him checking the nets and the pitch markings at the world cup next.

Having spent some 30 years rubbishing England and everything English who do you think turned up in the VIP box at Wimbledon? him again, forever fighting Scotland's corner is wee Eck. Next in line were the Olympics, the ones he did as much as he could to rubbish because they were in London. Like the true patriot he is he overcame his personal feelings and went to London to take in the games, his heroism and love of Scotland saw him subjected to having to spend £500,000 on a 2 week stay doesn't your heart just go out to him?

Now it's America and the Ryder Cup, he leads a fact finding mission because he must make sure everything will be OK at Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup in 20 14, so much so that he once again takes on yet another arduous task and goes to supervise everything. Some of you might be thinking (rather harshly surely) that if Scotland needs help to put on a Golf Tournament after putting on Ryder Cups British Opens etc. on many, many occasions then they might need someone even more wonderful than wee Eck (the spiv) to sort things.

I'm sure he is doing all this stuff for the good of Scotland and her people, you only need look at his face to see the stress and strain he puts himself under with such tasks, anyone who suggests different is being churlish, aren't they?


Byeck said...

How many Ryder Cups has Scotland hosted, Councillor?

Anonymous said...

The usual blend of personal slurs and non-sequiturs, Terence. Bet you were humming Rule Britannia when you wrote it. Thank God these young folk appreciate how glorious it is to be a subject of HM the Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, eh?
Seriously, though-how do you square your professed radicalism with such constitutional conservatism?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

No idea

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

constitutional conservatism does not exclude being radical.

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 10.18
Councillor, you did say in your post that Scotland had experience in 'putting on Ryder Cups.'

For you now to admit you have no idea how many, if any, she's hosted, does rather undermine your argument.

Good to see you're still not on first name terms with facts.

Bet the First Minister knows.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, terrence. my johann, my johann, why have thee frosaken me.

Anonymous said...

Neither does economic or social conservatism, I suppose. Absolutely priceless, councillor.

The first comment you posted is possibly the truest thing you've ever said on this blog.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Byeck said..Wednesday, September 26, 2012 7:39:00 PM .
Kelly @ 10.18

Why do I have to spell everything out to you.

The point is Scotland does need any advice on how to run a golf tournament.