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My late friend Davie Speirs used to love a joke and some were quite elaborate, a degree of patience was involved sometimes to hear it through though. Sometimes, some of his legendary stories could stretch over the length of 2 or 3 pubs. This referendum makes me think of one of these stories because it's become interminable and comical. Davie was a blues/Folk/Ragtime/Jazz guitar player and singer with a huge repertoire of songs, stories and tunes, he could also get you to laugh watching a burning orphanage. One night he was playing at a 'doo' among lots of political types including some noisy drunken snp supporters who engaged him in conversation. He had sung some Scottish ballads and they wrongly assumed he was "one of them"

He gathered them around him and told the story of the death of Bonnie Prince Charlie in reverential tones, a feat of disingenuous creativity as he usually referred to "peas n barley" due to his sexual reputation as 'wee yo yo breeks' Anyway he told them how he escaped the English Redcoats despite being wounded but they caught up and he sustained another wound. He was clearly dying and his braveheart companions carried him off again across the moors and heather and all that usual stuff you get in Scottish stories. Near death they laid him down in a field and gathered stones to place around him to keep the wind off him. Sadly he passed away and his men rather than let the dirty English swines find him gathered more stones and built a large structure around and over him. And then said Davie this is the origin of the song "Bonnie Chairlie 's noo a wah" (now a wall geddit?) well if looks could kill the drunken picts would have killed him, it was turning ugly and all Davie could do was laugh himself in to a black knot at their faces.

There is now a suggestion that the referendum may have to wait until 20 15. Approximately 5 years ago Wendy Alexander challenged Alex Salmond to "bring it on" He of course didn't "bring it on" for the same reason as he refuses to do so now, he fears impending humiliation and the end of his political career which is usually what happens to single issue politicians.

So by the time we get to the referendum if it actually happens and if it's 20 15 we will have been waiting 8 years since that challenge was made. Is there anyone still in any doubt who won the bragging rights in that famous exchange?

I wish Davie was here to comment on it, he would be scathing, hilarious and as always; hard left, I see him sitting playing the guitar with a glass beside him laughing his head off at the cybernats and Scots wha havers, he is much missed.


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"GARDY LOO!" (from the French: "Prenez garde a l'eau!") yelled from an overhead window was the warning before chamber pots were emptied on the heids of "The Enlightened" Edinburgh population when sanitation was nonexistent.
Puts me in mind of the Referendum that Alex Salmond is trying to dump on the heids of the current "Enlightenment" sans the "GARDY LOO".
I miss the point, what does the referendum do? In 1700 Scotland was Europe's poorest independent nation and all that goes with that. After the the 1707 "Act of Union" under the protection of the Royal Navy et al Scotland became Europe's first modern literate society, fermented the Age of Enlightenment in Edinburgh and made Glasgow a bastion of global Capitalism. This happened even with the idiocy of the "1745 Jacobite Rebellion" an exercise in "self will run riot". Hutcheson, Smith, Hume, Hutten, Thomson, Kelvin, Watt, Kames called themselves "North Britons" and took lessons to get rid of their Scottish ways and accents. I'm no Davie but it would have been an honor to know him, if we don't remember the past we are destined to repeat.
Arthur Kelly Chicago/Craigneuk

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Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Arthur Kelly Chicago/Craigneuk
Sunday, August 05, 2012 2:44:00 AM

It’s difficult in most countries to get “patriots” to tell it like it is and in Scotland it is impossible.

The latest spectacular blunder by these snp clowns is that the inhabitants of the Shetland Islands where a great deal of oil, gas, wind and wave is are saying that they want their own referendum, wouldn’t you? But the best laugh is that the snp while demanding a Scottish referendum for themselves are less than enamoured with the idea of a Shetland referendum, some animals are more equal than others it seems. Not only that but they have taken their eye completely off the ball and did not see this coming, the irony and the joy it brings can’t be overstated, they are going ape s**t. The big ugly angry drunken bearded gnats are furious and the men are worse!