Thursday, August 16, 2012

IAN DAVIDSON MP (LABOUR) 1 v the snp 0

Those still interested in the snp's pursuit of Ian Davidson who watched last night's Scottish news programmes would have been given a large hint about who is winning this spat. There sitting like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights of an approaching juggernaut sat Linda Fabiani snp MSP. Like the previous night's act of cruelty in putting up the embarrassing Derek Mackay against Henry McLeish to tackle Gordon Brown's recent speech, this ALSO was an act bordering on cruelty. No Swinney, no Salmond, no Sturgeon, no Russell, no one in fact.

The wretched and visibly miserable Ms. Fabiani tried to land a blow by complaining that Mr. Davidson's Parliamentary Committee had no snp representative. Was anyone wondering if he might have been ready for that one? Not she apparently as he reminded her that they (the snp) did in fact have a representative on the committee but she was a serial truant. She of course being the snp nonentity who crashed and burned when the snp senior figures who fitted her up got 'offsky' and left her to face the music alone after trying to smear Ian Davidson, whatever happened to her? Then we had the Davidson/Findlaygate smear attempt, where did that go?

Anyway; anyone looking for the snarling, bullying, obnoxious Ian Davidson of snp mythology would have been wondering what all the fuss was about as he tolerantly allowed Ms. Fabiani to talk herself out as she demonstrated how bare her cupboard was. He gently and patiently explained to her how wrong and misinformed she was. Rather like a stern but fair school teacher trying to assist a struggling pupil.

Look out for the snp having another go at Davidson, he is their number one bogey man because he scares them and he has given them several 'doings' my guess is that having tried to smear him several times they will try again and we will if I am any judge see more 'doings' being dished out by this outstanding MP. A formidable opponent? Yes, but no ogre as the snp would have you believe, their attitude to Davidson is if you can't beat him smear him. He gives the impression though that he is able for them; that was an understatement BTW.

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