Friday, September 02, 2011


31/ 08/11 - 7 PM - to the Martyr's Memorial Church Hall for a public meeting to kick off a campaign to save Ward 15 (children's ward) at The Royal Alexandra Hospital which is threatened with closure by Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. It was the second such meeting in the same day and between them they attracted about 70 people, not bad for the first kick of the baw in any campaign and this will run and run if I am any judge. It will grow because just about everyone in Renfrewshire has a locus in the children's ward, we all know someone with a connection to the place; in many cases we ourselves have reasons to be thankful for the skill and dedication of the health professionals who work there, hospitals can be very scary places for obvious reasons but; the children's ward is the scariest place on earth if you are a helpless terrified parent sitting by the bed of a sick child, you're sick child. This is when the staff working there grow halos before your very eyes as they pull out all the stops for your child or for the child of someone with whom you are connected in some way. Grannies, granddads, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, neighbours etc. etc. the whole community is in this fight.

Despite what Mrs. Thatcher said about there being no such thing as society we will prove her wrong. The community working together can win this fight, It is not my intention to start rehearsing the arguments for keeping the ward open; those will be well reported as the campaign grows and the arguing starts. This post is by way of a wakeup call to everyone in Renfrewshire to get ready to rumble with the bureaucrats and bean counters who manipulate our lives without looking us in the eyes. I would urge everyone who agrees with us to watch out for the publicity which will shortly be going out to ask for help for the campaign. I get the feeling already that the people of Renfrewshire are going to win this one.


Anonymous said...

The SNP msp says that the children's ward should not close, he has the ear of Nicola sturgeon so that must therefore guarantee that it will not close. He must deliver now. Come on george

Anonymous said...


In your opinion, and not Martin Luther King or anyone else for that matter.

Do you think that rioting, looting, theft and criminal damage is a justifiable way of making your voice heard

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on WARD 15 (CHILDREN’S WARD) RAH IS THREATENED WITH C... on 05/09/11

Can you tell me what they should do when their voices are not heard, when they are condemned to a life of poverty, ignorance, unemployment and no hope of making progress? What would you do?

I didn't know that the rioting and looting etc. had spread to Ward 15 of the RAH.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on WARD 15 (CHILDREN’S WARD) RAH IS THREATENED WITH C... on 04/09/11

SNP MSP George Adam is clearly supporting the campaign so it would seem logical that he and his colleague SNP MSP Derek Mackay should be speaking to the health secretary Nicola Sturgeon – no doubt someone will urge them to do that.

Anonymous said...

Not sure many folk should support a campaign run in part by a number of folk who have a sad, long mix of criminal convictions and failed political campaigns behind them.

Most of them don't give a damm about the kids. They just want to see their names in the newspapers.

All in favour of keeping the ward open. Just be careful of the motives of these people.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on WARD 15 (CHILDREN’S WARD) RAH IS THREATENED WITH C... on 07/09/11

I didn’t see anyone like that at the meeting I referred to, why not get involved and help the campaign, all the people I saw were there for the right reasons.