Friday, September 30, 2011


Well Mrs. Thatcher if there is "no such thing as society" what am I doing sitting here on Friday 30 09 11 at 11: AM drinking coffee in the community hall in God's own little acre Glenburn, historic birthplace of talented musicians, clever scholars and great footballers, yes I come from Glenburn back in a time when hair was long and time was short. Along with others I am doing my modest bit to raise money for the McMillan Cancer Charity at a coffee morning, by the time you have entered the hall, had a coffee and bought some raffle tickets a ten pound note or "big brown drinking voucher" as me and my brothers used to call it has vanished.

My good friend and comrade Neil Bibby Labour MSP was instrumental in organising this event along with similar gatherings across the country, and I can say without fear of contradiction that if you feel the urge to part with some money there is no more charming man to relieve you of it than big Neil, you feel nothing as the cash flows gently like a blood transfusion from you to him. This event was run by Neil and the local labour Party and it was nice to see some of the usual suspects there as always when good causes need support, the kind of people that the likes of Thatcher would never understand, the kind of people who prove time and time again that there is a thing called society and we are proud to be part of it. Why not join in by sending a donation to Neil Bibby MSP at the Scottish Parliament Edinburgh.

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