Saturday, July 09, 2011


The article below is copied from a reader's comment and shows Murdoch and Co. as the liars and thugs that they really are.

"Don't imagine this act of defiance will be painless or without consequence. Already a senior Miliband aide tells me they received a "very hostile" threat, not veiled at all, from a News International journalist warning: "You have made it personal about Rebekah, so we'll make it personal about you." Braggadocio maybe, but as the recipient of the threat said: "That's how they operate." And it can be terrifying. Bugging, blagging and Benji the Binman send shudders down many a spine. The spell is broken, but the terror may not be over" The above is a quote taken from the most recent Polly Toynbee article on this scandal. Even now News International are still trying to bully people and even now people still fear them. This is unacceptable and now is probably our last chance to bring Murdoch to account. I would call on every member and supporter of the Labour Party to contact the party leadership and offer their full support and solidarity to anyone threatened in this manner and ask that the aide concerned make a full public statement which details who made the the threat and when. For members and supporters of other parties I would urge you all to contact your party leadership and offer your full support to anyone threatened in this way by News International and demand that they name names and make full public statements on every threat they receive. Everyone has to stand together on this. We can beat Murdoch and the disgusting rags he publishes. link to Toynbee article


Anonymous said...

Terry, I believe anyone implicated in the hacking scandal should be hung up by the thumbs.

But, I do not believe that all News International employees are liars, destined for the pit, nor do I believe the Gospel according to Toynbee, the millionaire Tuscan Trot, is one I should follow without question. The truth probably lies somewhere in between the two.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous Sunday July 10 2011 12:22: PM.

How many employees had no conscience problems about working for Murdoch, how many went with him to Wapping when he sacked thousands of their union brothers and sisters? How did they manage to become part of such evil? Did they tell themselves they “were just following orders”? I would genuinely love to hear their excuses.

I bow to no man in my loathing of Polly Tonybee but I don’t mind using her when it suits. She would chop down a tree and stand on the stump to make a speech about conversation.

Anonymous said...

Terry, two points... firstly, the Wapping episode was 25yrs ago, so I suspect not many of the current staff - journalists, admin or technicians, were there at the time of the move and therefore dont deserve to be castigated for it.

Secondly, the Wapping move could not have succeeded without the collusion of the EETPU, so it could be argued that a lack of union solidarity played a large part in building Murdoch's empire.

Again, most of the then members of that union are unlikely to still be active, but under the circumstances, if you're going to carp, in a spirit of equity, have a pop at both sides

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


You are absolutely correct to say that those who were not there at the time of Wapping do not deserve to be castigated for it and you should read what I said again because I covered that. Would the EETPU admit to having colluded with Murdoch in the sacking of thousands of workers? Are you a journalist by any chance?

I wouldn’t work for people like Murdoch and I think it’s legitimate to wonder what kind of people do, as I said are they just “following orders” would it be right to speculate that someone who had worked for Murdoch for years has no conscience? Would you for instance be happy to socialise with people who are quite happy to work for NI?