Friday, March 18, 2011


Most electoral results can be spun to demonstrate that the result wasn't as bad for your party as it looks, as the great one nation Tory Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said "there are lies: damned lies and statistics" meaning some clever people can manipulate things to get them to look good no matter how bloody awful they really are. Every now and then a result happens where the above mentioned scheming manoeuvres are simply not possible, last night the Paisley South By Election was just such an occasion when Labour won easily and took the seat previously held by the SNP.

The Tory avoided humiliation along with the "Scottish Socialist Party Stop the Cuts" (nice snappy name there) and the Independent, none of whom were serious candidates. It was a Labour triumph while the SNP were humiliated by losing in a seat where their previous incumbent had sat for 30 years a sea change indeed and an example if needed of how dire their stewardship of the council has been, this was the electorate enjoying the taste of a cold dish called revenge and they gave the SNP collaborators a good kicking which they richly deserved,

Remember "the Westminster Tory/Libdem cuts are about right" (SNP council leader MacKay)

We look now at one of one of the worst humiliations in local politics which I can remember in my life time, step forward Cllr. Eileen McCartin of the Libdems and accept you prize! Not only has this utterly delusional buffoon of a woman led her party into a situation where they came in 5Th. behind the completely unknown Independent and 52 votes ahead of the SSP but she still brazenly acts as if everyone is out of step except her. She not only supported cuts in hours taught by Primary teachers and the scrapping of school busses along with closing libraries and swimming pools but she managed to insult and enrage everyone she came into contact with while doing so. It has been a learning curve for people who opposed these cuts, having seen her at meetings and asked her questions they are incredulous that anyone could vote for someone like her, such is her arrogance, rudeness and complete lack of any people skills. The Libdems are in coalition with the Tories at national level where they are taking a wrecking ball to public services and also in coalition with SNP here in Renfrewshire where they are doing the same thing. People like Mackay and McCartin see themselves as being above ordinary folk, he because of his hidebound obedience to the fairytale of Scottish independence and she because of her idiocy and conceit you have to witness her for yourselves as she sneers and insults people telling them they simply don't understand. She is running for Parliament for the 8Th. or 9TH. time apparently there is no Libdem who would be a better candidate, the word vanity does not do her justice.

Well done Labour, well done Roy Glen and all his team, Labour has now got 18 seats and the biggest share of the popular vote by far, the SNP have 16 and the Libdems a pathetic 4 yet they consider that a mandate, there is a reckoning coming for the political harlots of the SNP/LIbdems and it looks more and more likely that the people of Renfrewshire are getting ready to provide it.


Anonymous said...

Seems the useless councillor Adam is trying to claim that it was not too bad a defeat. They held this seat for about thirty years and were thumped in the by-election. The parents of south school maybe have had some of their revenge but hopefully they will still want to finish the job at the 2012 council elections. Now what about the lib dems. (well wee Jimmy Kerr SSP must be very disappointed to have failed to beat this lot of sell out merchents) their time is coming the people of Paisley will have the chance to wipe them out next year. remember their names Dillon,Mcdonald, McCartin,, and not forgetting the invisible MARIE McGURK.They are about to find out the price they will pay for accepting their thirty pieces of silver

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Dear Anonymous at 15:25

I agree that the SNP choosing David McCartney was a howler which the local members would not have made,. You are right to describe their failure to hold a seat held for 30 years by their former cllr. as marking a real sea change. I suspect that as you say the voters have heard or read about SNP Councillors Cameron and McGee’s ugly outburst of intemperate language. They must read these things and cringe particularly when they consider that Cllr. Cameron is Education Convener.

Roy Glen will do a good job and he will win again at the next election. I am unable to print some of your other comments because I could get in to trouble by doing so.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I was trying to guess which SNP idiot would volunteer to try to play down the defeat, my money was on Adam or Cameron so I wasn’t far wrong. You have to be a special kind of clown to try to minimise such a battering from the electorate so Cllr. Adam you won the cigar.

Failing to beat the wretched cowardly Libdems might be the straw to break the back of the SSP, even wee Jimmy’s legendary ability to soak up punishment might be on the slide after that result, the voters did to the Libdems what they should have done years kick the devious chancers out.

It’s unfair to compare Judas with the Libdems, Judas had the decency to hang himself.

phil mitchell said...

didnt think even you could seek so slow as to condone suicide. i dont think i have ever heard someone with so much hatred than you! lets hope labour dont need the lib dems to help them make a coalition next year!!! if they do i hope the lib dems tell you where to stick it!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By phil mitchell on A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME FROM LABOUR IN RENFREWSH... on 22/03/11

I also have a tooth which I had removed some time ago which I now carry with me, I take it out of my pocket and pour sugar on it so I can watch it ache.

Anonymous said...

seems that the SNP are still in denial, they maybe think if they ignore labour,s crushing victory last thursday 17/3/2011, in the paisley south council by election that no one will notice, still maybe they are helping their quisling pals, the dreadful LIB/Dems get over their total humiliation at the hands of the voters. just to remind people the Lib/Dems got 134 votes, that,s 3% of the vote yet they still run renfrewshire council.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


The ludicrous and increasingly shrill Libdem leader McCartin still lectures us all on what she calls real democracy as she runs the council with 4 out 40 seats and the lowest share of the popular vote.