Thursday, March 17, 2011


Have you ever wondered how Kate Middleton feels about being called a commoner? It sounds a bit insulting and let's face it would you tolerate being called a commoner by a member of one our most embarrassing anti social dysfunctional families the Windsors, the Tories should start with them to see who is and who isn't fit to work. Still she will have the compensation of having some very famous people at her wedding, she will boogie with despots and tyrants who are all friends of her husband's uncle Andy, if you can't have a good knees up with Andy around there is something seriously wrong just don't expect him to buy a round though. He travels the world (first Class) stays in luxury hotels always with his golf clubs; dining in the most expensive restaurants, he is our official gun runner to tyrants everywhere he can't find his own arse using both hands but he's a Royal dontchaknow! It's a dirty dangerous job and we should be grateful that we have Prince Andrew to do it for us, a positive slave to duty he is.

Also in attendance will be William's Uncle Edward whose film company went bust leaving the investors skint and Edwards's wife Sophie whose company crashed with debts of £1.7Million. Don't forget Ginger nut Sarah; she owes £5Million of debt and Andy persuaded his American millionaire friend a Mr. Epstein a convicted criminal to 'bung her £15,000 to help with a debt "that's what friends are for" And us peasants will play our part as their friends by forking out millions for the wedding, I know you didn't get a choice but it would be churlish to object, wouldn't it? Kate would be well advised to count the spoons at the reception.

The charming Kate must be careful when travelling abroad where her new family have some close friends who are mega rich through oil; she is however a woman and these Arab Royals still think nothing of beheading women; even princesses. How will she get along with the world's most obnoxious man William's Grandfather big Phil (the Greek) Windsor, brother in law to 5 high ranking Nazis during the third Reich, so much quality, the breeding is obvious don't you think. No doubt she will learn all about William's late beloved Grandmother the moronic bigot and racist Queen Mother who left £6Million of debt in her wake when she shuffled off this mortal coil, what a mob.

There is a school of thought that says that the Windsor parasites will be always with us; this is based on the following reasoning which says, 'considering what they are like and their history if we haven't gotten rid of them by now we never will'

Still it is not all doom and gloom Alex (the spiv) Salmond likes it that way he wants the house of Windsor to carry on forever, by the Grace of God she and her heirs will be the future Heads of State in wee Eck's independent Scotland. Come to think of it they have previous together, neither the Royals nor the Scottish Nationalists wanted to fight the Nazis during the Second World War, Jackboots and Kilts anyone?








BeegJeem said...

I have labored mightily to find reason to disagree with you, but today I really can't (I might quibble that Miss Middleton can indeed pick her in-laws, but that would be arguing over a trifle). We have plenty enough foolishness over here in the US that it doesn't pay for us to point out the follies of others, but in this case I will accept the risk and note that the UK has for some time engaged in an extravagant experiment in inbreeding. Perhaps Miss Middleton will add some depth to the Windsor gene pool.

Have the good people on the UK considered how much they might benefit from encouraging the Royals to use bicycles? I would save on fuel, reduce pollution, and absorb some of the time they presently spend on burning-off tax money. If you could get this done it would provide an excellent example to the creatures in Washington DC.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


America has its faults and so do we but one can only congratulate you and the American people on getting rid of the British Monarchy so long ago, they were then and still are now an affront to democracy.