Sunday, July 04, 2010


Are the SNP preparing to throw in the towel: have they accepted that the game is up: can they feel the rising water lapping around their ankles? We read today that a supposedly orchestrated coup d'├ętat has been defeated by the SNP who changed their own rules to prevent people whom they don’t like or trust from joining the party, or the ‘conspiracy’ as it should accurately be called. Hundreds of applications flooded in at the last minute which would have allowed the applicants a vote in choosing Holyrood candidates: that would of course have weakened the stranglehold of Salmond (the spiv) and the faction which runs the profoundly undemocratic SNP. It is also reported that a lot of the applicants had Asian names: what will the Asian community which has been courted so diligently by the Gnats. think now? Now that they know that they were only invited to join when the SNP thought it prudent for them, not when they had the chance of electing their own candidates. It was always transparently obvious that the SNP support for Asian communities was bogus: it was never anything other than a ruse to buy their votes: stunts like selling dinners with ministers at Holyrood and awarding grants for Asian projects were used to convince the Asian community that the SNP were on their side. The truth is that the nationalists have no more sympathy for the Asian community than they do for the English whom they hate. They have callously used and manipulated the Asian vote for their own political ends: perhaps more of the Asian community will begin to look more closely at them now after this calculated decision by the SNP to exclude them.

Have you wondered about the SNP’s Pakistani candidate Mr. Hanif: businessman, slum landlord and devoted dad who likes to teach his kids how to fire a Kalashnikov assault rifle? I assumed that we had seen the last of him but it turns out that he is apparently still an SNP candidate for Holyrood. How could this guy survive? Is there another political party in the UK who would not have booted him out: excluding the BNP of course who would have not allowed him to be a member because of his race not for firing dangerous guns with his children: why did they keep him? it is bizarre. I think there is a story to be told about the SNP and the Asian community which will not play well for the Gnats. if and when it eventually gets written.

If the Renfrewshire SNP are anything to go by then they have had their chips: they are now saddled with a coalition with the Libdems, known everywhere else as the Torydems as they shore up the savage Tory Budget cuts with relish: it should be interesting over coming months to see how the SNP support their Libdem partners in Renfrewshire while they (Torydems) support the Tories in Govt. This should be good experience for wide eyed Cllr. Mackay who leads the council; this is where selling any principals you might have had leads you: this predicament does not of course apply to Libdems because they never had any principals to start with but you (the SNP) at least used to have independence, before you bottled that as well.

Holyrood elections approach and the SNP are fighting like ferrets in a sack: they are only too aware what is coming their way: remember the SNP hubris surrounding the election of the pathetic Salmond flunky John Mason when he won Glasgow North East? “this is the end of the Labour Party” bragged Salmond (the spiv) the repellent little creep (Mason) spent his brief time as an MP trying to spread lies about Labour candidates, I have kept a picture of him standing next to Labour victor Margaret Curran as the result was announced. He had taken the seat by 365 votes and found himself swamped by a massive 11,848 majority for Labour's Margaret Curran, the look on his face is a pick-me-up for me. No wonder the SNP candidates for Holyrood are dashing for the cover provided by the ‘List System’ they have nightmares about Mason and his slaughter: what if anything must be going through the heads of SNP nonentities like Dr. Bill Wilson, Gil Patterson and Sandra White and no, you are right I didn't pick those names at random.

Two further things about the Renfrewshire SNP 1/ where are they; they can’t be found in public. At Renfrewshire’s leading community occasion the Barshaw Gala we were there with our stall and we were the only political party there! unprecedented over recent years: they have gone into hiding. Quite a lot of people asked where their stall was on the day, if you can call “where are those SNP b******s” asking for them that is. 2/ I have grown accustomed over the years to being insulted by the SNP morons who attack me when I write about them on this blog and I duly did just this on Sunday June 27 – 2010 I have had no comments from them, despite taking some considerable time to deride them and insult them in a most truculent manner. The tartan towel is being thrown in and the tartan frocks are being put away, those guys who write the 50 verse dirges about Bonnie Chairlie and the sorryfull glens and but n bens are sharpening their pencils, ochone, ochone !


Nikostratos said...

the repellent little creep (Mason) your being too kind to Mason.....wonder what become of him?

Anonymous said...

Why label Mr Hanif as 'the SNP PAKISTANI candidate,' Councillor?

What bearing does his race have on his suitability as a candidate?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/07/10
And why have you not raised the issue of me referring to the Asian community: why is it OK to say Asian candidate and not Pakistani? his race has no bearing: he would not be known if he wasn’t the “Pakistani” candidate who taught his kids to fire a Kalashnikov would he.

Now why don’t you stop trying to dodge the issue and explain why he is still a candidate: Labour removed an already selected candidate at the recent General Election for referring jokingly to the elderly as coffin dodgers remember?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Mr. Mxyzptlk) 04/07/10
Where did they find him and what kind of people in the SNP chose him? what a shower. I believe he is also a God bothering Bible thumper as well: the complete hypocritical package in fact.

Anonymous said...

Councillor, since you raised the issue, you tell me why it's OK to say 'Asian Candidate.'

In my book, in this context. 'Asian' is as bad as 'Pakistani.'

Clearly, you believe race and religion affect a candidates suitability - I dont.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 18:26
There is a subtle difference here; not spotted by you but it shows you up: had I not used the word Pakistani I would not have heard from you despite my copious use of the word Asian so; come on explain yourself why do you, yes you, regard Pakinstani as different: so different that you felt compelled to write? I think you have blundered here: in your eagerness to pin something on me you have shown yourself up; 2 out of 10 try harder and don't assume that everyone is as hapless as yourself.

SNPWatcher in the Rye said...

It has been known for sometime that an asian SNP Candidate was trying to sign up people in a branches and pay for it with one cheque.

8 individuals signed up hundreds of people in Eastwood and Strathkelvin and Bearsden. These people were id as Tory asian voters.

In Strathkelvin and Bearsden, 'Toxic' Saeed is said to be standing, he is a pal of Salmond the spiv. Toxic has no chance of being elected. The only way he can get elected is the list vote.

'Toxic' Saeed stands in Strathkelvin and Bearsden and this is an area that was used to rig the ballot for the West of Scotland list.

Toxic is known as not being very clever, stupid and lazy fits the bill.

Saeed and Councillor AK47 Hanif should be expelled by the SNP.

Saeed is hated by SNP Activists I know with passion. One of them calls him 'Toxic' Saeed.

The 8 who signed up the people
should be investigated but Salmond wants an Asian back in parliament so no investigation will take place.

Anonymous said...

They are both disgracefully racist terms.

I hit on 'Pakistani' because that is the term you chose to use. Had you said 'Asian' candidate, believe me, my reaction would have been the same.

Like so many Old Labour, Kelly, you're a closet racist.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/07/10
You are a liar: you had the chance to comment on my use of the word Asian and you didn’t respond. You thought you had found something to damage me with and just proved yourself to be quite happy to exploit words like Asian / Pakistani when in suits you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(SNPWatcher in the Rye) 05/07/10

You have clearly gone into this in depth and it sounds very feasible: lots of people have been watching what the SNP have been doing with the Asian community and wondering when the trouble would start.

It will end in tears because Salmond (the spiv) has been conning them into believing that the SNP was their natural political home.

His and the SNP’s mistake is that they are so arrogant that they think that the Asian community can’t see what they are up to: he has made a mistake. Any immigrant community which comes to the UK and settles and is successful especially when they have different coloured skins is clearly made of stern stuff and Salmond (the spiv) is finding that out: compared with what these people have had to endure Salmond will in the long term be no match for them, eventually the Asian community who have thrived while enriching our society will spit them out.

Byeck said...

Kelly, why describe a political opponent as 'the Pakistani candidate' if not to inject race into the campaign?

Seems to me Anon has nailed you for the racist charlatan you are.

Jim said...

Calling a Pakistani a Pakistani is now racist?

oh dear! Where do I hand myself in?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 07:45
My parents and aunts and uncles always described themselves as Scots./Irish / Pakistanis call themselves Scottish Pakistanis and we have Italian Scots. and Indian Scots. etc etc. it’s a sign of the desperation of the SNP morons who write to me to call this racist.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 06/07/10
If you really believed this you would have sent me a membership recruitment form by now.

Byeck said...

Councillor, all your hysterical self-justification falls down because you said 'Hanif, the PAKISTANI SNP candidate, when a simple 'Hanif, the SNP candidate would have covered it.

What next, Isaacs, the Jewish candidate? Pickles, the Fat candidate? I worry about you, really I do!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 12:08
So where is my application form then?

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 12.08

Good to see you're taking my attempts to be helpful the way I intended.

Point is, the guy who wrote Mein Kampf expressed similar views to yours, no one could be bothered to correct him and the next thing we knew, the b****r had invaded Poland!

Dont want you marching on Bradford, Terry lad, simply for want of some kindly advice.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 07/07/10
I am: as always: grateful for advice.

Anonymous said...


Look at what is happening in Renfrewshire; moves are a foot to ensure that the Boay McKay (The King in waiting) gets a first or second place on the Nats West of Scotland list.

He is receiving assistance in this operation by a little odious creature called Dave McCartney; check out his Face book page (if you are constipated, really check out his page). Dave can see his future as an MSP in Edinburgh; he can't make a move on Del Boay, as he would be shot down in flames, so he got a job as Dr Bill Wilson’s (WHO) Office Manager, now he is plotting to unseat him. The second problem is how will Gil Patterson (WHO) re-act and one must not forget Stuart McMillan (WHO) whom enjoys all the trappings of being an MSP, lastly Stewart Maxwell house will be looking to remain in the top place in these rankings.

Add the self assured Kenny Gibson to the mix and what you get is a bunch of non entities fighting in a sack!

What will be the end result, I will make a prediction.

The Boay McKay 1st or second on the list.
Kenny Gibson 2nd or 3rd on list, although he will fight to keep his first past the post seat.

Dr Bill Wilson out, with the help of the Judas who works in his office.
Gil Patterson 3rd or 4th on the list, Stuart Maxwell house, 3rd or 4the on the list.
Stuart McMillan out, may get a job along with McCartney in McKay’s office, Del Boay will need more staff if he receives a cabinet post.

Del Boay will want to keep McCartney close as he knows that Dave has made it clear to the members of Paisley South SNP that he wants a seat in Edinburgh.

Dave is very close to the Nats Lorraine Cameron, who he feels understands his complex needs and desires, certainly if his wish came true, Ms Cameron would be his fulltime office manager.

In conclusion, remember where you read this first.

Next week, Iain Nicholson in "My journey back to the top" and Bruce McGhee’s "My journey to the bottom".

And wee Kenny McLaren "My journey as a wee ginger".

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It’s interesting and not quite surprising: Salmond (the spiv) would be toast in almost any other party but the SNP members are spineless cowards.
They are heading for the long walk into oblivion at the Holyrood elections.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I enjoy reading your well informed comments and I appreciate your forensic examinations of the wretched Renfrewshire SNP but: a word of caution.

I fear you are sailing a bit close to the wind with your remarks about Cllr. Cameron, Mr. Mc Cartney and Cllr. McLaren, I would not like to see you stop writing but I have to be careful here,

I know it’s a bit of fun but the SNP are not known for their humour just take a look at them when they are sat together: they look like professional mourners.

Anonymous said...

The last article is very interesting but is very credible. McKay can't wait to move his office from Cotton Street to EH99 1SP in Edinburgh. I have never bought into the "McKay" he very much appears as a "Boay" to quote from this web site, he promised much and delivered little, instead we see a High Street with false facades, a little like the SNP in Renfrewshire, they are full of smiles and pats on the back but once the cameras are switched off they begin to fight like ferrets in sack.

I think it would be interesting being a fly on the wall and find out which list MSP is leaving or being pushed to make way for McKay, which one is accepting or willing to kiss McKay’s ring. I disagree though regarding the Dave McCartney, he actually believes that Alec Salmond and Mike Russell defers to him before making or discussing new policies, you can make of that as you wish.

Basically the SNP in Renfrewshire and in Edinburgh have lost all credibility. Look at Grant Thoms on Glasgow City Council, he took a well paid job on one of Glasgow City Council's external bodies, apparently he couldn't wait and the talk in the City Chambers was on how little it is these days to buy off a Nat, well done Grant, hope the £7,500 comes in handy, apparently he is a pall of the Dave McCartney, need I say anymore.

Let’s look forward to Renfrewshire Council's elections in 2012, when the Council returns to Labour, I should also state that next year the Nats will be thrown out of office at the Scottish Parliament.

Oh Happy days.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12/07/10
The disharmony and personal animosity in the Renfrewshire SNP is an open secret and you are right about McKay: someone will have to fall on their Skean Dhu to make way for him. This will cause even more trouble.

There are several people in the group who see themselves as far more astute and definitely far more experienced than McKay and they will be like vengeful assassins when the time comes.

Adam, Lawson B, Cameron, McFee and Nicolson see themselves as far superior to Derek and the mind numbing thing is that they are right and that will eat away at them, bring it on!

Anonymous said...

I read an article in the News of the World - July 4th 2010.

"THE SNP'S FOUR WEST OF SCOTLAND LIST MSP'S Stuart Maxwell, Stuart McMillan, Gil Patterson and Dr Bill Wilson face a tough internal battle to keep their top rankings for next Mays Pole."

Do I need to say any more, keep your eyes on the Boay McKay and his assistance Mr McCartney.

The knives are being sharpened as I write this on this.

Back at Renfrewshire Hoouse, the Boay Nicholson’s mouth is watering at the thought of returning to Power, his lovely wife has been given the Boays McKay’s olde seat, Ms Cameron has already kissed Nicholson’s ring and pledged her full support, poor olde Bruce is sitting in an empty room, thinking of past glories, facing an uncertain future, I wouldn't be surprised if he throws in one of his mataland towels.

Urgent Update.


I have been informed that the Boay McKay has pledged a parliamentary job for wee ginger Kenny McAllen, apparently somebody stood on his tale and he ran to Del Boay, kissed his ring and was offered the new post.

More News Shortly.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:58

I disagree with one point, having known McFee for some years I would find it highly improbable that he would vacate the scene without backstabbing a few of his so called colleagues.

If it is possible to inflict pain on the Boay Mackay he will do so, his nature would force him to do that. Mackay much to McFee’s disgust will get to Holyrood, the ‘Boay’ has usurped McFee and left him trailing and Bruce is not pleased.

Mackay for his part will thrive at Holyrood where he will become indispensable to Salmond an Co. as their chief clype, rumour monger and school fag.