Friday, July 16, 2010


Some 2 weeks ago the local labour Party went out leafleting as it does most weeks; they managed to deliver a good amount thanks to the efforts of our party members and friends; so what I hear you ask. Well a couple of days after this leaflet drop there appeared a letter in the Paisley Daily Express from none other than Cllr. McCartin the leader and also head of the soliciting department for the local Liberal Democrats. Ms. McCartin was not thrilled; the leaflet went out in her ward you see and she was as joyful as a one legged man in an a**e kicking competition.

The fact that her deeds and those of her colleagues in her own wretched group and in their even more abject SNP partners since they formed the coalition from hell has left her and them vulnerable seems to have escaped her. That is no revelation to those who know her and have had to put up with her conceit and ignorance over the years; she has the appalling but deserved reputation of being impervious to everything but blows, utterly uninsultable you would have fared better trying to insult the late far more agreeable Bernard Manning, so what did the Labour leaflet say to provoke this rush to print? Let’s see.

The cruel Tory budget wouldn’t be possible without Libdem support.
The Libdems have supported the Tory 20% VAT bombshell.
They have supported risky cuts to public spending despite previously denouncing them.
They have backed the freezing of child benefits and cutting tax credits for millions of families.
In Renfrewshire they supported SNP cuts to teacher jobs and the cutting of school busses.
In Renfrewshire they have supported the SNP’s increased charges to the elderly.
Cllr. McCartin hopes to get away with this catalogue of disgrace but we don’t have it in mind to let that happen.

She; (McCartin) clearly thinks that repeating falsehoods makes them true, such as accusing Labour of walking away from a coalition. Would she have entered a coalition if Cllr. Mackay had demanded her resignation as the price for a pact? That’s what Clegg did with Gordon Brown; Cllr. Mackay would still be getting treatment if he had dared suggest such a thing, it was the Libdems who walked or more accurately crawled away.

The Libdems stated prior to the election that some things were non negotiable and they would not deal with anyone unless they got their way on such things as; Abolishing Trident, Delaying Cuts, no VAT rise, and the introduction P.R. and in a breathtaking display of spineless duplicity they discarded all of them.

In Renfrewshire the Libdems came last in the number of popular votes cast and third out of the four parties; they got 4 out of 40 seats and Cllr. McCartin has the quite reprehensible effrontery to claim this as some kind of mandate.

At future elections people will remember their Westminster betrayal and in Renfrewshire their support for the SNP closures of libraries, schools, swimming pools and the unpardonable decision to remove school transport. They supported savage education cuts meaning we have the worst teacher pupil ratios in Scotland thanks to Cllr. McCartin and her SNP colleagues. She claims that people are joining the Libdems “because of what we stand for” is this what passes for humour in the Libdems? What they stand for! Read that again readers “what they, (the Libdems) stand for” can I be the first to know what that is when they tell us? They will without shame join the Tories, or the SNP or Labour, meaning plainly and frankly that they are “up for sale” to the highest bidder at all times no matter who that is, they wouldn’t blink at joining the BNP.

Their ‘policies’ are what they are told to adopt by their paymasters. They believe in nothing and they stand for nothing and shamefully, they form the Renfrewshire Council Administration, we are left to wonder if Cllr. McCartin has any shame, any sense of decorum, just what depths is this woman prepared to sink to, will we ever find that out?


Byeck said...

Gawd, Terry, whan an unremitting catalogue of broken promises. The woman and her party are a disgrace.

Mind you, according to Lord Mandelson's book, Brown and the PLP have an unassailable lead in the Shame Stakes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 16/07/10
If Mandelson had written that Brown, Blair and the PLP were just great fellows all of them and we all got along splendidly, it would not have found a publisher, just how naive are you?

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 2.57

Not nearly as naive as the 'Great Clunking Fist'....he brought Mandelson back and gave him a peerage!
At the time, I said it would end in tears...But you hailed it as a masterstroke. demonstrating Brown's genius.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 18:39
You have just made this up; I never use words like master stroke or genius when talking about politicians; where did I say these things; this is very lazy even by your standards.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that as soon as Labour gets back into power they will raise the council tax by a massive %. They did this in every year that they were in power in Renfrewshire for 27 years and what did they deliver.

lets see

They left 95% of council houses in need of refurbishment at a cost of 147 million pounds to the new administration who are now funding and delivering these improvements that Labour would not fund.

Labour should hang their head in shame amongst council house tenants.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 24/07/10

I think people can now see the result of the SNP’s council tax stunt and they are not pleased at being conned, Cllr. Mackay has even suggested that people might want to pay more now just to help out with the present situation you see, what a ground breaking policy I wonder how many volunteers he has had, does that count for the stupid politician statement of the decade award?

Your take on housing suggests that when the deadline for the new housing standard came along; under Labour approximately 35/40 thousand tenants would have been made homeless, that’s another cracker can you get people to buy that? Ordinary real people I mean not SNP/Libdem fools.