Sunday, March 07, 2010

(tony) 17:54

The above post was gobbledygook except for the last para where you make accusations against people; accusations which I will be delighted to print when you identify yourself.


Anonymous said...

Terry, Please, Please stop the Boay McKay from speaking on camera, I was sitting eating my tea the other night, when up comes Del Boay, with his hard hat on, at first I thought Nicholson was about, then realised that it was a piece to camera, the Boay said 3 sentences, ending with the comments that the Council is going to "repopulate the town". Is he advocating “free love”.

My 3 year old can speak better than him, he is the most shallow politician know to man please Terry, would you try and stop Del from making more of a fool of himself.

David Cameron said "Hug a Hoodie"
Can you not "Hug a Del Boay"


Clark Scott & Family.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:07
Cllr. Mackay has a serious credibility problem; it is impossible to think of him as a leader of anything let alone a council. He does however have the unstinting support of the lead officers in the council who know that they can get him to always do as he is told; remember the 17 % wage rise for the council top earners?

Anonymous said...

And yet that massive pay rise still leaves the Renfrewshire Chief Exec earning around 30% less than the Chief Exec of Labour controlled Glasgow City Council.

The Glasgow Chief Exec get £158,000 a year plus other bonuses.

Yes bonuses - you heard me right.

Last year George Black was paid a bonus of £10,000 for just announcing the results of 5 local elections.

3 years ago he was paid almost £30,000 to do the same thing.

This from Labour Glasgow City Council who are so flush with cash that they are closing 22 schools and nurseries this year.

What a joke!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:18
There is not a single thing in this comment which relates to the subject.

The SNP Lib. Dem. administration are forcing approx. 1,000 pupils to walk up to 3 miles to and from school in all weathers by removing the transport provided by the previous Labour administration, and you can’t find a single thing to say about it, you want to talk about everything but the subject in hand.

This is typical SNP cowardice and lies.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a first response to the continual references that you make about salaries and pay rises amongst employees at Renfrewshire Council.

You obviously cannot defend the outrageous salary and bonuses that Labour pay their Chief Exec in Glasgow which far outweighs the Renfrewshire's Chief Exec.

In fact George Black nearly earns the same as Gordon Brown, but then he is Labour of course.

You say that my comment is nothing to do with the subject. Then what is your comment re Renfrewshire top earners to do with the subject.

Instead of being a semi illterate caveman, why don't you wake up and try getting some further education.

I hear that they are going to revive "on the move" and you may qulify for one of their beginner classes.

Anonymous said...

It was you that originally referred to wage rises.

I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy in your statement when your own party sanction a salary for your Chief Glasgow way in excess of the Renfrewshire Chief Exec.

In fact George Black in Labour controlled Glasgow City Council has a basic salary of £158000 plus bonusesper year which is only about 14% below the Prime Minister.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10:18
You are clearly unable to answer with something that is relevant to the issue; you can’t answer because the SNP are wrong and can’t be defended.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12/03/10
“Then what is your comment re Renfrewshire top earners to do with the subject”

The wage rises I refer to and the cuts I refer to are in Renfrewshire; that’s a bit obvious though don’t you think?

“and you may qulify for one of their beginner classes”

You really think I would qulify? honestly I would qulify?