Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Byeck) 17/03/10

You have made serious allegations against someone without giving your identity therefore I can't print them. Try to find some courage somewhere and resubmit your accusations with your proper checkable ID and I will print it; that way the accused gets a chance to see who you are and respond if he/she sees fit.


Byeck said...

Kelly, it is a matter of record that the PM has admitted his answers, to Chilcott and to Parliament, were factually incorrect.

The fact that he was already on record when I made my comments, makes your stated reasons for refusing to publish look a tad less than truthful.

Now, about Byers, Beckett, Hoon & Moran....

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 15:54

Still no names no pack drill eh? do you not worry about your credibility?

The fact that this was and is being treated as a non story even by the right wing media who are desperate to bring down Gordon Brown should tell even the likes of you something.

Let me give you a clue why; now think about this carefully when someone says something which is “factually incorrect” or repeats information given to them by someone else which is inaccurate does that make them a liar?

Byars, Beckett, Hoon and Moran; I saw the story on the news and their behaviour if proven to be true is terrible but : I’m almost sure that they are not unique in the House of Commons; what do you think?

Byeck said...

Suppose that's the closest you've ever come to 'Sorry!'

Byers, Beckett, Hoon and Moran? No, I dont think teir conduct - if proven - is unique to Parliament. But, three of these were Cabinet Ministers, Labours creme de la creme.

Makes sensible people question the the judgement of the Kirkaldy Clown and his predecessor