Friday, August 21, 2009


The squalid circus is over; Mr. Megrahi is with his family and loved ones who will comfort him as he approaches death; and Kenny MacAskill and Salmond (the spiv) are smugly contented that they wrung every ounce of publicity that they could from the whole business; at times like this you sometimes see people at their best or at their worst; on this occasion we got the latter. The decision was the right one but anyone who thinks that it was as a result of the compassion shown by MacAskill and (the spiv) Salmond is either deluding themselves or is a knuckle dragging nationalist.

I make the above points because the whole grubby charade was not necessary; IMO the Scottish Govt. are guilty of either criminal incompetence or devious scheming and manipulation to profit themselves. They have known for some time that this man was seriously ill and he was diagnosed as terminally ill a year ago; it’s not rocket science even for someone like MacAskill. A year ago this high profile prisoner had 20 years to serve and the authorities were told he has a year to live; that is when this whole issue should have been sorted out and everything prepared for when his death was imminent; Macaskill’s failure to do this is either gross neglect or sinister political manoeuvring, is Salmond (the spiv) capable of such a thing? make up your own minds; I’m sure you know my answer.

Another high profile prisoner emerged in all of this when none other than President Obama made a wretched appearance to say that he had contacted the Scottish Govt. to ask that the prisoner die in jail he described the decision to release him as a mistake; he was being mendacious as was Hillary Clinton; as was President Clinton years ago when he ordered the execution of a man with a mental age of 12 years to show his toughness to the American people. All 3 are prisoners of the American right wing media and all 3 are afraid to tell the truth, I believe that all 3 would privately agree with Megrahi’s release but the febrile nature of American politics prevents them.

The reactions of the American media and the relatives of the victims was completely predictable; these people would gladly join the firing squad; pull the electric chair switch; administer the fatal drug or assist the hangman to tighten his noose on the Libyan bomber; all 4 of which incidentally can be done in America today. They are bereft and they live in a country where revenge is a big deal; in some societies God represents mercy in theirs he represents wrath.

Not only did MacAskill manipulate the situation to blame Westminster; wasn’t that a shock? but he put on a counterfeit exhibition of pious insincerity which was cringe worthy. He said that “humanity is the defining characteristic of the Scottish people” absolute guff; humanity is world wide with no-one having a monopoly; he also said it was “viewed as a defining characteristic of Scotland and the Scottish people” more guff, he also made a rather grotesque reference to God by saying that Megrahi would answer to “a higher power” a wholly predictable exhibition in SNP deceit, showing us yet again that there are no depths to which they will not sink.

One of the best comments I’ve heard on this was from an article from a paper which I can’t remember the name of and it was quite simple it said; “if MacAskill had genuine confidence in his actions he would not have found it necessary to go on for 20 minutes explaining it” why not just say “there is provision in Scots Law to release a prisoner on compassionate grounds if the prisoner is terminally ill and likely to die within 3 months and that is what I am going to do” as I’ve said repeatedly the whole bogus farce was not necessary, once again they bring shame on all of us.


Anonymous said...

He should never have been released, he is a convicted mass murderer - would we allow the release of hindley, shipman, west, Neilson.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:18
Hindley should have been released we just never had a home secretary with the courage to do it. Shipman I think has not served enough time to be considered; West is similar and Neilston possibly not considered safe for release, in a mental institution probably.

Anyone who has served enough time and is considered suitable for release by those who have the responsibility for such matters should be released.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet my house that Megrahi is still about next year.

Also, I looked at the medical reports given a year ago and they stste that he was expected to live for more than 2 years.

As at that time he had served only 6 years of a 27 year sentence,why should anyone be paving the way for his release.

What do you think of the feelings of the families of the victims of this horrible crime.

The victims cannot be set free to have some time with their families before leaving them.

Your priorities are once again all wrong councillor.

God help us all if you ever had any power.

The criminal wouyld be walking the street and the victims would be in jail.

The Terry Kelly answer to Law and Order.

voiceofourown said...

“if MacAskill had genuine confidence in his actions he would not have found it necessary to go on for 20 minutes explaining it” .

And I have no doubt that if MacAskill had given a cursory 30 second explanation you'd have critisized his dismissive arrogance and would now be calling for a full and frank explanation.
Presumably then, you think that a recall of Parliament to discuss the decision is a complete waste of time?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/08/09
“What do you think of the feelings of the families of the victims of this horrible crime”
Some of them agree with his release; how do you account for that? Are you saying that all the people who agreed with his release don’t care about the feelings of the dead people’s families or is it just me?
“The Terry Kelly answer to Law and Order”
What is your answer to law and order?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(voiceofourown) 11:06

And I have no doubt that MacAskill could have done and said anything no matter how dim-witted or embarrassing and you would still have praised him.

He could have shown some stateliness and used 2/3 minutes or even issued a statement but; him and (the spiv) chose to exploit it to gain publicity for the SNP Govt. and ridiculed themselves and Scotland by doing so.

Honestly invoking God and attributing special qualities of compassion to people because of where they are born is risible; this was the big stage that they crave and they blew it.

Pauline said...

"Anyone who has served enough time and is considered suitable for release by those who have the responsibility for such matters should be released."

Exacty how much time would you consider to be "enough"? I mean you, not the Labour party or Scots law or any other precedent. Megrahi served two weeks in prison for each life he took. In my book, that is certainly not time enough.

HC Bosman said...

Councillor, your compassion for mass murderers is admirable. Hindley, Shipman, West and Neilson - al have one thing in common. None showed their victims the compassion you are willing to show them.

Shipman is never likely to be released...he committed suicide in prison.

Rather than castigate the SNP who have done nothing wrong in this instance in releasing an innocent man from jail before he dies...perhaps your anger is best directed at your beloved chums Gordon and Little Lord Fondleboy both of whom have met with the Ghaddafis to negotiate the release of al-Megrahi in return for oil deals.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Pauline) 23/08/09
Two weeks for each life he took certainly isn’t enough but neither is it relevant; he wasn’t released because he had served enough time he was released because he is dying.

I don’t know what enough time is for a crime; that’s why we have courts and judges but; I believe that having a provision for compassionate release is correct.

There are plenty of people in the Labour Party who disagree with me; it's the same with most parties except the SNP that is; where they all agree with Salmond (the spiv) at all times.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(HC Bosman) 11:57
I was in favour of his release did you not spot that? The SNP have made fools of themselves with their handling of the whole affair.

Salmond (the spiv) is a low life con man who would kill his parents to get to the orphans outing and MacAskill is now a figure of fun and ridicule with a mouth like a clowns pocket.

Jim said...

You don't make much sense here Terry, although you remain consistent at least. The correct decision has been made, but your visceral hatred for the Nationalist's has made you try to spin it against them (I suppose every action must have an equal and opposite reaction).

Are you sure you're not above the likes of this though?

"Salmond (the spiv) is a low life con man who would kill his parents to get to the orphans outing and MacAskill is now a figure of fun and ridicule with a mouth like a clowns pocket."

HC Bosman said...

Councillor, would your reaction be the same had Labour held the reins in Scotland?

I think Westminster has stitched up hte SNP like an Arbroath Smokie. Gordon will do a Pontius Pilate and wash his hands of the whole affair...and it isn't even Easter. Don't let your hatred for the SNP get in the way of your niaivete.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 08:15
They have traduced the reputation of all of us with their sickening showboating and ineptitude. The whole circus wasn’t necessary it was done for their benefit; that’s why the clown MacAskill went to visit Megrahi he could have spoken to his lawyers or taken a written statement; he lied about Straw’s advice and he didn’t need to send him back to Libya. A spectacular own goal they just weren’t up to it,.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(HC Bosman) 10:15
Niavete is it? If Brown did anything it was just letting the clowns get on with it; and we now have to cope with the world laughing at us; they were well out of their depth.

My reaction if Labour were in power? You are either thick or you are a liar my reaction has been stated and it’s not the one that Labour took.

Jim said...

Terry, I'm not sure where you're getting your legal opinions from but I listened to the MacAskill speech and he stated:

"Prior to ratification of the Prisoner Transfer Agreement, it was scrutinised by the Westminster Joint Committee on Human Rights, to which Jack Straw, UK Secretary of State for Justice, gave a commitment that in cases where applications were not submitted personally by the prisoner, the prisoner must be given the opportunity to make representations. Mr Al-Megrahi had the opportunity to make representations, and he chose to do so in person. Therefore I was duty bound to receive his representations. I accordingly met him."

I really thought you could be more constructive than you have managed here. Simply calling MacAskill a clown does nothing. You could have been onto something with the media circus thing, but descending into name calling achieves nothing other than highlighting your partisan nature.

HC Bosman said...

Now, now Councillor, no need for vitriol.

I'm merely suggesting that the Scottish government could not and would not have released Mr. al-Megrahi without the permission of the Home Office. Mr. al-Megrahi would have had to pass through some sort of Broder Control on his way out of the country, and I'm pretty sure that the Scottish Government is not responsible for Border and Customs control at the Scottish Airports.

I seriously doubt that Wee Wendy would have made anything but a pig's ear of the whole charade. I notice that the MP for Kirkcaldy remains tight-lipped - I wonder what his constituents must be thinking?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jim) 13:38
MacAskill is lying it’s that simple; he is making out that he was obliged to meet him because of Straw’s advice; Straw didn’t say he was duty bound to meet a prisoner in such circumstances; MacAskill chose to meet with him and told the press prior to it happening he did it because he wanted the limelight; he is a clown.

IMO he is also lying about considering other options for the released prisoner; when challenged about this he cited the cost and media circus which would happen, this is not a valid answer it is no answer at all. If he had considered other options he would have come up with something stronger than this. Does anyone actually believe that the authorities could not have controlled this? It’s a load of “old pony”

I won’t apologise for my partisan nature when it comes to people like Salmond (the spiv) and MacAskill they are both abhorrent characters.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(HC Bosman) 14:47
I’ll tone down the vitriol if you stop lying.

My understanding is that he left Greenock in a prison van and drove on to the airport tarmac where he boarded a Libyan jet and took off; maybe border control didn’t know he was leaving.

The MP for Kircaldy is doing what Salmond (the spiv) and (Coco) MacAskill demanded and staying well out of it, and he is absolutely correct to do so, would you want to get involved with any venture being run by those two.

Anonymous said...

this is a very easy easy issue to use for partisand ends. However it is to your credit that you have supported the decision whatever concerns you have about the process followed and the manner in which it was announced.

All credit to Malcolm Chisholm and Henry McLeish for putting party aside and standing by their principles.

I was ashamed I'd ever voted Labour watching that farce in the Scottish Parliament. Is Salmond bribing them to act that daft or are they really just tubes?

The Lib Dems if anything were an even bigger embarrassment, more so when you consider that at least one opinion poll shows the vast majority of their voters supported the decision.

I have to laugh at Iain Gray telling us what he'd do if he were first minister. Is he serious? It's never going to happen and if the party don't give him the boot soon we'll be stuck with Salmond for yet another 5 years.

Whit a parcel o numpties.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 27/08/09
Chisholm and Mcleish’s positions were predictable, the former because he was being honest and the latter because he has not managed to cope with his fall from grace and is now trying to damage the party. I think you will find that the majority of the Labour members will concentrate their fire on the shambles which the case now is rather than the decision to release him.

I don’t agree with your analysis of the Labour group at Holyrood; they have some very talented and diligent people among them; certainly far more than any of their rivals; the feral nature of politics at the moment and the abuse which Labour is getting makes it very difficult for any of them to get a decent shake from the press.

Ian Grey made a mistake when he said rather too quickly that if he were first minister Megrahi would be still in jail, I think you will find that he has shifted to say that Megrahi could have been released but kept in Scotland which is my position and that of most members.

I can assure you that If you ever get the chance to spend some time talking to people like Chisholm; Wendy Alexander; Hugh Henry; Cathy Jamieson; Pauline McNeill etc. you would not use the description “numpties”

Anonymous said...

'My position...Megrahi could have been released, but kept in Scotland.'

Your position Kelly was that he should have been released, end of story, otherwise, how could 'his family and loved ones' have comforted him?

Only now, realising you have been conned, have you added the 'kept in Scotland' rider.

You've been taken for a ride Councillor, be a man and admit it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 14:17
“how could 'his family and loved ones' have comforted him?”

That’s a tough one maybe they could have come here by camel; come to think of it how is Gadaffi going to get to New York for the United Nations meeting.

“Only now, realising you have been conned”

How so? I have never said anything other than I supported his release; it strikes me as quite obvious that sending him back to Libya was a mistake, where does the con come in.

Anonymous said...

What a great answer.Straight from the Nu-Lab Boys Book of Spin. Three points:

1. Megrahi's terminal condition appears to be not quite so terminal.

2. Where did you say 'Release him, but keep him in Scotland?'

3. Who would house him and his loving family and who would pick up the tab for security if he were to live in Scotland?

Megrahi was released in exchange for trade agreements by the reptiles in Westminster who leaned, heavily, on those nice SNP folk. What a stinking mess your party has made of this country's reputation.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 28/08/09
1/ who told you this?
2/ I said it when I realised he was going back to Libya; I assumed that he would go to a Hospice or safe accommodation.
3/ The Scottish Govt. would pick up the tab.

Those “nice SNP folk” have done our reputation proud haven’t they? Coco McAskill reckons that Scotland would have been incapable of dealing with a dying man; we could not have dealt with the security issue. Says it all about independence doesn’t it.

Anonymous said...

Who told me that Megrahi's condition may not be terminal?

Listen to the deafening silence from any consultant oncologist who may, or should have been, involved in the decision to release him, Councillor and, using the few brains you have, work it out for yourself.

Seems he was let go on the say-so of the local pharmacist, a good man, but hardly a cancer expert.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 30/08/09

Your conclusions are hardly surprising considering the toxic haze of ignorance, revenge and prejudice which informs them.

Anonymous said...

Kelly @2.19
When listing my many virtues, you left out 'realistic,' you naive Scottish politician.

And, an oversight, I'm sure, you forgot to rebut my claim.

To remind you, I queried why no Consultant Oncologist supported the Megrahi prognosis.

Calling me 'toxic,ignorant, vengeful and prejudiced,' while flattering, does,t really make your case.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15:44
“To remind you, I queried why no Consultant Oncologist supported the Megrahi prognosis”

I missed medical school the day they taught about the prognosis for Prostate cancer.

Anonymous said...

Another one you forgot to answer - where did you say 'Release him, but keep him in Scotland?' And I mean before his release.

Gets murkier doesn't it Kelly? Brown, Blair, Straw and Rammell are now implicated as well as Mandelson.

Looks like this is going to end in tears!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 01/09/09
I never said release him and keep him in Scotland before his release; neither did I say release him back to Libya. When Coco MacAskill announced he was off back to Libya I along with a great many others said wait a minute why does he have to go back to Libya and I have never claimed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to say the nu-lab days of control freakery are long gone and that the party is allowing individual elected members to speak out based on their own consiences. Though there is a but coming...

We have Grey and Smith who wanted Megrahi to die in prison, Brown and Chisholm who agreed with the SNP decision and you coming close to supporting the Tory 2nd best position of release but no return to Libya.

While I agree with Gordon Brown and Malcolm Chisholm on this one and will vote Labour at the next election (old habits) I am disturbed that the party north of the border is led by such a hang em and flog em merchant.

When even the SNP take a more compassionate view (for whatever base motive) is it not time to question whether Grey is the man for the job? My guess is that most Labour folk support compassionate release of some sort.

Grey's desire to see the man die in prison does not reflect the views of most Labour members or supporters. Frankly it's what I would expect of an Essex tory of the worst sort.

I lived in the USA for many years and I saw the way the Democrats adopted hang em and flog em positions for political gain. The Labour party has always had dodgy elements but I just pray we're not going the same way as the Democrats. The Blair years, contrary to polular belief did yield some good but they were an abberation in Labour terms.

For what it's worth whilst I thought Wendy Alexander was right to go when she did in the circumstances, I think she would have been a much better leader than Grey and would have taken a more compassionate view than he has in this situation. I didn't always agree with her and winced at her presentation at times but she had a fine brain. Grey just comes across like he desperately wants The Sun to like him for being tough. Alexander would have held the SNP to account AND maintained a decent left position. Grey frankly comes out of this beneath contempt. We've been there before can we not do it again.

I can understand the families of criminals victims feeling such vengeful feelings but the leader of the scottish branch of a progressive and I believe at heart socialist party to be so cruel and unforgiving disgusts me.

I respect the view you've taken and applaud the degree of compassion in it. And I know I'm being emotional but I've sadly nursed enough relatives through cancer to know all any of them want is to die at home. I cannot see any reason to deny Megrahi and his family that small concession. More so as I belive that in time evidence will prove that he was an innocent man. If you doubt this I urge to read the Paul Foot investigation intoi this very dodgy conviction.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“I am pleased to say the nu-lab days of control freakery are long gone”

In almost 40 years in the party I’ve never experienced this; we do have collective responsibility in relation to decisions which have been made which I agree with.

“and you coming close to supporting the Tory 2nd best position of release but no return to Libya”

I didn’t notice this but I did notice the Tories coming close to my position.

“I am disturbed that the party north of the border is led by such a hang em and flog em merchant”

I know Ian Grey and this is unfair; he is no hanger and flogger I can assure you. He made a mistake here under a lot of pressure it was knee jerk stuff; I believe his true position is much closer to mine and most of the party.

I have worked closely with Wendy for approx.10 years and in all my 40 years in the party she is the smartest most diligent politician I have come across and yes we do have our fights.

I believe there is enough confusion and inexplicable events surrounding the case to seriously consider your view about his innocence, I believe it should be further investigated.