Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Once again we see the truth of the above quote as America displays its stupid gullible side to the world over health reforms; the stories being peddled and the down right lies being told by information providers in America about our NHS could only be put about by those who have nothing but contempt for the American people. If you watch American TV you can only conclude that in many cases the right wing reactionary news companies like Fox know their target audience very well as we watch in amazement while crowds of baying fools, parade with signs depicting President Obama as Hitler and placards which say that his plan to provide health care for everyone including the poor is ‘evil’ and is the ‘road to communism’ It beggars belief that any sane person would give such garbage the time of day but; in the USA it is being gobbled up by millions of the idiots. Perhaps we should remember that they elected Ford, Reagan and G.W.Bush as well as supporting the candidacy of Sarah Palin for Vice President . She has described the proposed reforms as introducing “Obama Death Panels” to decide who should live or die. She wasn’t an elaborate joke; had McCain won the election she would have been a heartbeat away from the big job with access to the nuclear codes. Millions of Americans voted for her while the world watched with its collective jaw on the ground so; perhaps we shouldn’t be so amazed at the behaviour of the ‘herd’ when the vested interests use their money to con the public.

Those of you who don’t pay much attention to news from America might find some of the following hard to believe but it’s what is being put out by the right wing propagandists financed by; private hospitals, Insurance companies and drug companies. They say the following :-
-- In the UK if the cost of treatment goes over £14,000 you are on your own – over 60’s do not get heart operations – had the great physicist Steven Hawking not been famous he would not have received treatment -- Senator Ted Kennedy would not have been treated for his brain tumour if he had lived in Britain because the NHS would not regard someone aged 77 as worth treating – The UK practices compulsory euthanasia – Heart treatment is not available in the UK if you are over 59 – this underhand attack on the NHS and a whole lot more is being fed to the American public by the super rich. Among all this filth and lies the prize winner has to be the odious Fox News; I watched the other night as their presenters put forward the proposition that the British NHS is a well known recruiting ground and hiding place for Muslim Terrorists based on the Glasgow Airport incident, that is how low they are prepared to stoop, not for the first time the American loony right are dragging the name of America through the mud.

This is the horrible uncaring and brutal side of America where tens of thousands of houses are lost and bankruptcies are caused by too little health insurance; the loudest critics of our system are fond of shouting that America has the best health care in the world and in one sense they are right but they lie by omission when they say this. The truth which they will not admit is that they have the best health care in the world “for those who can afford it” and that excludes the 47M with no insurance and the estimated 25M with inadequate insurance; they can go hang; shucks it’s the American way and it’s a hideous philosophy, please god we never copy them and that the “poor huddled masses” will win this one.

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