Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Peoples attitudes to politics right now are rather jaundiced; egged on by those with a vested interest such as the Telegraph (Torygraph) we are encouraged to cry “a plague on all your houses” there are some low life deviants out there who are hoping for a low pole at the European Elections next month because of the expenses row. Disaffection with the mainstream parties and a low poll could open the door to people who are dangerous and downright evil, I choose my words carefully.

Time for the brutal truth then; the British National Party are hoping to make a break through because of the bad publicity which is around at the moment, they are Nazis with all that implies, racist, fascist thugs who idolise Hitler and the Nazi philosophy which almost destroyed civilisation with the second world war. These people are waiting like parasites to move in where people are disillusioned, they are confident of gaining enough support to access £2 million in European funding for their future evil plans.

I understand people’s anger and their frustration but I am completely convinced that this expenses mess will be sorted out and the guilty will be punished, you will have your chance to have your voice heard at the next election. If you were to vote for these extremists or stay away from the polls you will be acting on information from a Govt. hating right wing rag (The Telegraph) which has not been tested. Do you want to look back and consider that you allowed a bunch of Nazis to gain a foothold in this country, the expenses issue looks bad I’m not denying that but is it bad enough to allow the BNP to succeed.

Consider what is gong on; what is the correct information and from where is it coming, there has been no proper investigation yet. I believe that some people will be guilty; I’m prepared to wait and see. I urge that anyone who is contemplating a “Boycott" or considering voting for these BNP monsters should take the trouble to find them on the internet and look properly at the kind of people they are.

Do not be side tracked by ongoing events do not let these thugs in by the side door, they are vermin, go out to vote and destroy them, then we can concentrate on getting politics back on track.


David Duff said...

Unless you can provide a chapter and verse quotation from the Telegraph I doubt your accusation that they urged anyone to vote BNP.

However, I think it is important to kick the major parties (please note the plural, Councillor) by voting for a fringe party. I suppose if you are Left-ish then the Greens will be nearest, if right-ish, then UKIP. But I agree, never the BNP.

Anonymous said...

It's not just about the expenses revelations, Councillor. I'll probably be voting UKIP because of New Labour's treason in surrendering our sovereignty to foreigners.

The most important thing in the European Elections is to make it clear that we want to leave the EU and so voting for the main parties would be fruitless.

The BNP are only picking up voters from Labour because your Party has betrayed its core vote.

Can you not see that Labour has become extremist in other ways?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 08:23

You seem to misunderstand things with a certain regularity; I did not say that the Telegraph urged people to vote BNP I said that some people had a vested interest in damaging the GOVT. meaning the Telegraph.

Kicking the big parties because of this scandal would be exactly what the BNP want; we could all then repent at leisure as they grab the platform and the money which goes with it, it is too big a risk.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(stewartcowan) 13:29

“The last refuge of the scoundrel” whether it’s UKIP or BNP it’s all the fault of Johnny Foreigner right.

I couldn’t care less about sovereignty, and I find the pictures of the drink sodden, half witted old inbred Churchill on UKIP’s leaflet a very good reason for binning it.

UKIP are the BNP without the bovver boots.

Stewart Cowan said...

No, Councillor, I'm not saying it’s all the fault of Johnny Foreigner - I'm saying the complete opposite.

It's the fault of people like yourself who "couldn’t care less about sovereignty" and presumably don't see the dangers of losing it - unless you are wilfully treasonous.

I hope you will understand that the slowly-slowly-catchy-monkey methodology of the globalists to ensnare us in a Continent-sized dictatorship will produce the same evil control grid that Hitler was after.

So, millions have died for our freedom just so that this current government can throw it all away.

And you have the gall to criticise UKIP.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Stewart Cowan) 20/05/09

At the risk of encouraging you; I have to say that I genuinely don’t care about sovereignty; I’ve lived in “sovereign” Britain all my life and it’s not worth a bucket of warm spit.

We live in a corrupt capitalist cesspit; plagued by racism, the class system and hypocrisy. Headed by a bunch of half witted parasites known as “The Royal Family” why would I want to see that continue?

Stewart Cowan said...

Oh, Councillor. Most people in the world envy our freedom (well, pre-9/11). Why do millions of people want to come and live here if it's 'not worth a bucket of warm spit'?

You realise what that says about twelve years of New Labour!

You summed it up yourself: 'we live in a corrupt capitalist cesspit; plagued by racism, the class system and hypocrisy'.

One of our Labour councillors came to my door at the last Council elections and admitted that he was against a lot of what the Party was doing.

Why do you stick with it, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I oppose the BNP both locally and nationally, on all levels and by all means necessary. But I'm fed up with being patronised by Labour functionaries. The idea that proper criticsm of the major parties means that you are helping the BNP is just a screen. If you don't want the BNP then clean up the Labour Party and stop humiliating the working people who voted for them!
Also, do not be petty and arrogant. Will you vote for the BNP because of the recent scandals? No? Then why assume that everyone is more stupid than you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Stewart Cowan) 11:57

There are people all over the world who want to move to other countries Britain is no different; I ‘ve got relatives who have left for Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America etc.

“You realise what that says about twelve years of New Labour!”

Britain is what it is because of 12 years of New Labour! a heavyweight debater aren’t you.

“Why do you stick with it, I wonder?”

Because I want to see a socialist society and the Labour Party is the only way, people who agree with everything ther party says are a waste of space, like nationalists for instance.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You are one of three things:-

1/ someone who hates the Labour Party so much that you will say anything; no matter how perilous to damage them.

2/ Taking this opportunity to attack Labour; when you could have attacked the BNP; makes you sound like a treacherous BNP plant.

3/ Someone who is so out of touch with the issue that they don’t seem to see that this is a real danger which makes you a dangerous idiot.

Perhaps No. 2 is the reason for the anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's right! Because I don't parrot Labour's standard position that any one who critcises them is helping the BNP, then by defintion, I must be a BNP plant. This circlar and self-justifying logic just about sums up Labour's bankrupcy when it comes to opposing the BNP.
For your information, local TUC, ant-fascist activists, AFA, and ANL, have been opposing the BNP here in Bradford for the last ten years! Just becasue it might interfere with a few of your precious votes, all of a sudden Labour hacks start lecturing us all about the 'dangers' of the BNP. You should be listening to the people at the sharp end, not pontificating and burbling the current party 'line'.

Stewart Cowan said...

Councillor: "I‘ve got relatives who have left for Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America etc."

To escape Britain or you in particular? Joke.

"Britain is what it is because of 12 years of New Labour!"

A like a man who admits his guilt.

"a heavyweight debater aren’t you."

16 st 3 lb last time I checked, so yes.

"Because I want to see a socialist society and the Labour Party is the only way."

And currently one fifth of the electorate agrees with you. Socialism fails the people it pretends to favour.

I bet your mum said the same to you - if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Difficult sometimes, isn't it?!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Stewart Cowan) 21/05/09
I can only assume that you are in fact 12 years old and still haven’t heard of the word history.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/05/09
Once again you attack Labour and ignore the BNP, if it sounds like a rat and smells like a rat and looks like a rat it’s usually a rat, in this case a BNP rat.

Nick said...

Good morning!

This article and this article are interesting reads. They put forward the argument that people don't vote for the BNP as a protest: they vote for them because they actively endorse their racist, nasty politics. That's more scary...

I think saying 'vote for us or the monsters get in' is a particularly compelling message to campaign with. There are loads of small parties people could vote for - who knows, maybe the Greens will be sending MEPs to Brussels? Not voting Labour, Tory or Lib Dem doesn't guarantee more votes for the BNP.

"you will be acting on information from a Govt. hating right wing rag (The Telegraph) which has not been tested"

I don't understand the 'not been tested' part. The details of the expenses claims released have all been recognised as accurate so far, haven't they? Whether you agree with the Telegraph's editorial line or not, Hazel Blears definitely avoided £13,000 of CGT by flipping and Douglas Hogg definitely claimed £2,000 to claim his moat, for example.

David said...

To say that peoples attitudes to politics are "rather jaundiced" is an extremely flippant statement to make and shows how out of touch you are with public feeling.

People are quite rightly outraged at the way their money has been squandered by politicians to feather their own nests.

Politicians of all parties seem to be well embroiled in this mess and it is hugely disappointing to see so many Labour politicians being amongst the worst offenders.

I have supported Labour all of my life and these politicians involved are as far removed from socialist ideals as they possibly could be. It turns my stomach and I know from talking to many friends regarding the issue that they feel the same.

To suggest that the public will automatically run out and vote for parties such as the BNP is contemptuous and shows your lack of respect for the public in general.

I for one will (for the first time) not vote for Labour in the next local or general election as I feel that the only way the party will return to its roots is to be removed from power and to be sent away to think again.

Maybe labour can be the party of the peolple again but they currently a million miles away.


Stewart Cowan said...

A 16 stone, former alcoholic, 12-year-old? Erm, no!

Although in Britain in 2009 they probably do exist.

History. Even New Labour are interfering with the teaching of this, aren't they?

Yes, I know about history. Labour was set up with righteous intentions and somewhere along the line the Party was taken over by champagne plonkers doing the bidding of their globalist masters.

From socialists to sociopaths in the last couple of generations.

Anonymous said...

If you criticise the Labour line you are a BNP 'rat'. If you oppose identification cards you are a 'friend to terrorists'. If you opposed and oppose the Iraq war you were and are, a 'Saddam apologist'. That's right donkey, don't bother replying to any point with reasoned political analysis. Just sent us a tape from Labour central office and we can play the ready-made stale one-liners for ourselves every time we have a serious question or point to raise.
If it looks like a donkey, smells like a donkey...see it's easy, you obviously know the rest.
I was outside the Leeds versus Millwall game on the 14th to take on and oppose the BNP recruiters there. Strange, I did't see one Labour mouthpiece! Move over donkey, we need people with more imagination and some better patter.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 09:12

Parties like the BNP have always attracted a certain core support; they are not the ones I’m worried about. There is a clear danger at the moment in the atmosphere we are in that many more people will support them I have absolutely no doubt about that and that is why I feel the urge to warn people, its hardly unique to me.

“I don't understand the 'not been tested' part”

What we have at the moment is a set of allegations from an anti Govt newspaper, I expect that some heads will roll but to act on the campaign of the Telegraph would IMO be wrong. I think you might find that very few will lose their jobs and; based on the recurring claim of “I did nothing wrong” lawyers could be dining out on this for years.

“Hazel Blears definitely avoided £13,000 of CGT by flipping and Douglas Hogg definitely claimed £2,000 to claim his moat, for example”

Definitely not cricket I agree but was it illegal, can you be sacked for doing something legal albeit distasteful? Would such a dismissal stand up in court?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David) 10:10

I can assure you I was not being flippant; I share the public’s outrage; it is a major embarrassment for us as well as the other parties.

“To suggest that the public will automatically run out and vote for parties such as the BNP is contemptuous and shows your lack of respect for the public in general”

This is an oversimplification on your part; that’s not what I said, I am flagging up the possibility that the BNP will benefit from this publicity. I think if you are prepared to be honest about this you will note that there are a lot more people than me who share these fears.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Stewart Cowan) 10:11
You seem to have missed out a few things in your history lesson.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 11:59

I am opposed to I.D. cards; I opposed the war; but you seem to hate Labour more than you hate anything else including the BNP. I didn’t attack you for opposing the Labour line I attacked you for your failure to attack the BNP and I do so again.

It’s a strange anti BNP campaign you run; they must be real scared of you.

Nick said...

I think people know what the BNP are - and if that's where they switch their vote to, then they're knuckle-dragging morons. After all, there are other parties they can jump on to swing to the right, such as UKIP, who don't have explicitly racist views.

Ah, you mean tested in a court of law. No, I don't think anyone will be prosecuted. I do think there are some examples of fraud though - the people who have made 'phantom' claims on mortgages that don't exist, for example. Also, loads of the claims are manifestly not for items necessary to their parliamentary duties, in contravention of the guidelines.

Hopefully, a lot of the MPs fingered (hat-tip to Dimbleby!) over expenses will lose their jobs as soon as the electorate get the chance to voice their opinion through the ballot box.

You have to admit, whether it was legal or not, dodging CGT to the tune of £13,000 by some sharp practice puts Hazel Blears in an ethically dodgy position. Claiming for a duck house, moat dredging or mock Tudor beams is just absolutely ludicrous.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 12:43

“I think people know what the BNP are”

I disagree; the rhetoric employed by the BNP is designed to suit these febrile times and many of the angry and disillusioned members of the public could be swayed by it; the fact that they would regret it later is no consolation, that is the danger here, UKIP are a more genteel version of the same thing.

I’m not legally trained but I believe that there are examples of what can be described as law breaking; without going into all the detail; claiming tax relief on a mortgage which has been paid off is fraud, at least I hope it is!

Some clams might be even more damaging than fraud for the reputations of those who made them; treating as they do; the electorate with contempt, again I will spare everyone the details.

Anonymous said...

Eee by gum, ahm frum up north and ahm a bit dim me..ahm a labour kind o' bloke but ah dunno abaht this BNP lot, maybe they're not so bad ahn that, ahm jhust a dumb member t'public so phaps them labour councilors can tell me haw to go on tha knows, cause there reet smart them blokes. As tha met them lot , them 'public'? Reet good peeple noramlly, bot th'cahn't be trusted when t'comes to scandal an that! Mebe I'll ask t'local councilor ha t'go on cause us public are a bit dim an eee sez that tint raght fer tim tbe loosin t'votes en thaat. Tha' really shun't be questionin' tha betters a' sippose, espically when there' to labour ah'n that!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm no BNP sympathiser. I have three beautiful mixed race children and I'm not about to vote for anyone who'd deport them or worse. Not to mention what they'd do to my wife given the chance.

That said there is no way I'll be voting for any of the three main parties in the Euro elections. This time round I'll be voting NO2EU and will return to my usual vote come the general election.

That isn't anti-Labour. It's just a strong desire to remind them of who pays their wages.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 22/05/09
“Eee by gum, ahm frum up north and ahm a bit dim me”

Tha don’t say lad, nay.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 23/05/09
“Well I'm no BNP sympathiser”

You can’t help the BNP any more than by not voting; the lower the poll the better are their chances.
I would rather you voted Green than stayed away; it’s between you and your conscience.