Wednesday, May 06, 2009


“Scotland hasnae got a king and hasnae got a queen
How can there be a second Liz when the first wans never been”
Back in the sixties the SNP and their followers (knuckle draggers all) put the above piece of embarrassing doggerel to a traditional old folk tune known and sung by many as“the Sash My Father Wore”oh yes! the SNP have always been sensitive, a great many members of course did not even have to break stride as they seamlessly marched from one parade to another. Perversely back then their vision of a kind of superior Scottish race did not include the Queen; she was out because of her“Engurlishness”her majesty is I believe greatly relieved that King Alex (the spiv) has smoothed the way for her rehabilitation among the nationalists, such is his autocratic power, a Scottish “Sun King”if you will.

Winnie Ewing; trusted friend of Italian Fascists, creator of a right wing group and well in with other right wing goons in Europe who started out as what we now call a “fundamentalist”is to have her portrait presented to Holyrood in a ceremony to mark 10 years of the parliament’Who sad the following? “The enemies of Scotland are the traitors within the gate, the unionist parties who, whilst claiming to be Scottish, don't wish for their country the normal freedom that every world citizen expects for their country." Yup it was Winnie; all Scots who did not vote SNP are traitors; nice woman eh? Who told the Queen to change her name to Elizabeth the 1st. because Scotland never had an Elizabeth the 1st. This is the same Winnie Ewing and indeed Elizabeth Windsor who are about to gush all over each other, pass the sick bag please.

Independence for the SNP and their mob back then meant getting rid of the Queen; that was a non negotiable part of their infantile creed; the Salmond (the spiv) led party now embraces the monarchy; the same monarchy led by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland without demur, remember that other great freedom fighter Sean Connery grovelling at the feet of the Queen dressed like Harry Lauder to receive his Knighthood? a shameful incident Connery proved to be a man of straw. Other straw people are all the ex supporters of independence who used to sing the song above, now they hum it to themselves; very quietly.

This SNP mob give other hypocrites a bad name.


Allan said...

You don't know you're history.

The original Queen Elizabeth was only queen of England, as Scotland hadn't been sold out/made itself bankrupt (delete where applicable) yet.

Got to say, i was thinking of my own tribute to "Queen Winnie", according to my Dad she was on TV, having taken cold drinks, saying how Scotland would be better off under Thatcher. This was on the night the last Labour government fell.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 06/05/09
Allan perhaps you didn’t read it right I now about Liz. The 1st. and 2nd. that’s what the stupid song says.
Make no mistake about the Ewing clan they are Scottish Thatcherites to the core, if Scotland were to become independent they would all be in the Scottish Tory Party and she would be it’s head.

Anonymous said...


I hate to spoil the party but isn't Whinne Ewing Dead.

Anonymous said...

'the SNP have always been sensitive, a great many members of course did not even have to break stride as they seamlessly marched from one parade to another.'

I'm not proud of it but coming from a staunch Brigdeton Orange family who spent their entire time marching I'm amazed to learn we had nats in our midst. Are you sure about this?

As I learned when I was old enough to see that crap for what it was the best way to noise them up was to suggest so much as a speck of dust might not want to be part of the UK. On cue they'd go ballistic and accuse you of being an IRA sympathiser.

I'm no nationalist, nor do I deny the SNP might have benefitted from a bit of Labour = Catholics over the years I find it unbelieveable that any lodgers are closet nats.

My father never had an arse in his trousers and if you asked him for an opinion he'd give you a fairly good if ill thought out socialist viewpoint, yet every polling day off he'd trot and vote tory to 'keep the papists oot'.

When I got my first vote I voted Labour and was forbidden by my mother of mentioning this fact to my dad who would have blown up with sheer rage.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08/05/09

Appearances can be deceptive, she is still alive, just like her hero Thatcher.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Most certainly they used to hand out wee pens which had written on them “keep Scotland protestant – vote SNP”

During the Falklands episode the SNP independence seekers were led by Billy Wolfe known affectionately as “King Billy” eschewing independence temporarily he advocated that the SNP back Britain over the Falklands because “ The Falklands are protestant while Argentina is catholic”

At the double by election in Paisley when Norman Buchan & Allen Adams died the SNP were putting out a paper headlined “Vote SNP for a Protestant Scotland” I saw them with it in the Abbey bar on election night.

Whether you actually had any members is of course difficult to say with the loyalty to the Queen etc. I was speaking about their attitudes; they were and still are largely anti catholic and anti Irish, sectarian and racist in fact.

Anonymous said...

As a young man growing up in Kinning Park Terry, I remember very well the hoary old Labour chestnut of "Home rule is Rome rule" - repeated ad nauseum at election time.
It seems that in the predominantly catholic areas, Labour doorsteppers used the equally risible "SNP means Soon No Pope."
Suppose that all passed you by though Terry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:07

This doesn’t make much sense I’m afraid “home rule is Rome rule” originates in Irish politics in what context would someone use such a saying in Kinning Park? and I have never in nearly 40 years in the Labour Party said or heard any other party member say “SNP means Soon No Pope” this is a very strange comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely shocked by this Terry. I'd always thought of the SNP as harmless sepratists. Mind you Mohammed Sarwar did once tell me they were a Scottish Branch of the BNP and wanted a NAZI Scotland. I though he was talking mince but now I wonder.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/06/09
Going by my own experience they includemany members and supporterss who are sectarian and racist bigots with a strong streak of Homophobia running through them.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Ewing, Fergus Ewing's first wife died. Winnie Ewing is 83

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 4:58:00 PM

Does anyone understand this?