Thursday, April 30, 2009


Council leader Mackay SNP recently made a complete hash of presenting figures relating to cuts in teaching jobs; his figures were a shambles and he was obliged to revisit them on several occasions resulting in the blame being laid at the door of some poor anonymous secretary who allegedly made a mistake. He desperately wriggled around trying to justify the loss of 122 teaching jobs using figures which were changeable and replaceable, various versions were used until they found the figures they wanted; still; you learn from your mistakes right ? well; in the case of the numerically challenged and hapless council leader it would appear not. Here we are a couple of weeks later and he has just issued another set of figures straight out of the “I Didilum & Co. Accountancy Manual”

Cllr. Mackay and the SNP/Lib. Dem. administration have quite rightly been slaughtered by everyone over the cuts in education, almost £9 million in fewer than two years, a shameful figure and one which he finds impossible to justify. The Council Leader has consistently claimed that education was protected proportionately better than any other council departments; this is serious stuff right? following the last debacle you would think would you not that robust measures would be put in place to avoid any more embarrassing accounting blunders? Well you would be wrong, he has quite unbelievably got this wrong as well.

Here are his latest spurious figures, put together to baffle people and allow him and the administration to wriggle away from the responsibility for their horrendous treatment of education in Renfrewshire.

Education savings (cuts) = 1.8%, proportionately less than all other Departments ? WRONG! THE FIGURE is 1.4% NOT 1.8%

Education has been protected with the 1.8% savings (cuts) proportionately below all other departments. STILL WRONG! THE FIGURE IS 1.4% NOT 1.8%. They can't even get it right when the truth is more favourable to them, this is serial incompetence, the Marx Brothers are now running Renfrewshire Council.

Once again Convener of Education Cllr. Cameron is conspicuous by her absence here; Derek has relegated her to the bench a few times like this when he reckons that a matter is so serious; that only his mighty intellect can deal with it. Can she possibly be any worse than him ? can anyone ? if I were her I would be asking for a transfer, he is humiliating her.

Wrong, and Wrong again Derek, back to the abacus and the dunce’s cap for you, an examination of Renfrewshire Council’s own figures show the following.

These figures clearly show that no less than 5 Depts. Were better treated than education, education was not as Cllr. Mackay says the best treated. Making a hash of the figures once is unfortunate doing it twice and so close together looks like it could be disingenuous.

The cuts of nearly £9 million in less than 2 years is the reason for the cuts in teacher numbers, making Renfrewshire the worst place in Scotland for pupil/teacher ratios in secondary schools and 2nd. worst for primaries as well as causing the poorest morale among educational workers in living memory. Well done Cllr. Derek Mackay; Education Convener Cllr. Cameron and the SNP, well done Eileen McCartin and the Lib. Dems. Have you no shame, no sense of decency?

Following Cllr. Mackay, Cllr. cameron and the Ed. Dept. last wretched venture in to statistics someone rather unkindly suggested that they were now obliged to remove their shoes and socks when counting past ten, I think it was meant as a joke then; but now! despite the shambolic dissaray of the teacher numbers you would expect a bit more rigour surely, If I was that typist who got stitched up the last time I would keep my shop steward close for a while.

Are you ;like me wondering if SNP Conveners/Leaders ever resign?


Anonymous said...

I don't think you and your disgraced former leader Wendy Alexander are in a position to lecture anyone about mathematics.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15:34
I have just posted a lengthy article about the SNP, their leader and education convener and how utterly incompetent they are, I also included my evidence and you have replied with a vague unsubstantiated claim, can you at least try a bit harder. You SNP people are lazy as well as incompetent.

Anonymous said...

what the matter Terry. Post drying up were they?

I think “I Didilum & Co. Accountancy Manual” will be overworked in the next few weeks when Labour MP's expenses will be exposed in there full snouts in the trough glory.

Cant wait for your musings then

Anonymous said...


When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee, the boay McKay has the intellect and body of a 14 year old public school boy, never worked a day in his life, he has like the 14 year old school boy tried work experience, that's it.

As for Mrs Cameron, what can I say, totally out of her depth, lacking any moral fibre, looks through rose coloured beer glasses, it's time you shouted to her " last orders", Mrs Cameron can't spell Education never mind run an Education Dept, she is Convenor in name only. When is this rotten bunch going to resign and allow Renfrewshire Labour to take charge?

The count down has started................

Anonymous said...

Nov 30, 2007

Wendy Alexander's future as leader of the Scottish Labour Party was called into serious question this afternoon after it was claimed that she had written a personal letter of thanks to a wealthy businessman who had made an illegal payment to her campaign fund.

Does this spell the end of Ms. Alexander's leadership?
Ms Alexander, a close friend and confidante of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and sister of Douglas, the International Development Secretary, has maintained that she had been unaware of the details of a donation from retail and property magnate Paul Green. As a tax exile, resident in the Channel Islands, Mr Green is barred by law from making contributions to British political parties.
But today Mr Green issued a statement stating that far from not knowing about his donation, Ms Alexander had written a personal letter to him last month thanking him for the £950 he had donated to her leadership campaign fund.
Mr Green added: "I am very angry after innocently becoming embroiled in a national controversy surrounding donations to the Scottish Labour Party."
Ms Alexander will have difficulty surviving this revelation and her political opponents are expected to call later today for her immediate resignation as Labour leader.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/05/09

Is it possible that in the world that you live in that labour members are the only politicians who get in to hot water over such matters. McLetchie taxis, Hamilton brown envelopes, , Salmond £20, ooo a day at Westminster + of course Trump + Souter buying SNP policy, Lib/Dems taking millions from a convicted fraudster.
Are you really that stupid.

Alex said...

I see labour are making £3.7 million pound of cuts in education in Glasgow this year.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/05/09
Cllr. Mackay is proof of the paucity of people with any genuine ability in the SNP he is where he is because of patronage from above which he enjoys because he is completely acquiescent to the SNP power brokers.

Cllr. Cameron has already secured her place in local political history, she is simply the worst convener of education in living memory, god knows how long the terrible effects of her time in office will last.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 03/05/09
What does any of this have to do with my post ? are you completely incapable of addressing the matters raised ?
Would you like another go ? read the post and then comment on it, concentrate hard.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alex) 11:12

I will go over it again since it’s you Alex. Labour in the past in Renfrewshire have closed schools and no doubt will do so again, the last labour Administration also built 10 new schools and funded the renovation of every other school in Renfrewshire.

We are arguing here about whether the SNP cuts in Renfrewshire’s education budget are justifiable, do you/can you; grasp that?

If you insist on comparisons; how about this one.

Glasgow population 620,000 – education cuts £3.7 million.

Renfrewshire population 170,000 – education cuts £9 million.

That smell Alex is coming from the hole you have just shot through your foot.

Anonymous said...

Didn't labour build and renovate those schools under PPP.

Alex said...

I'm so very glad that you brought the population into the argument Terry, so here's a little bit of arithmetic for you.

Glasgow population - 620,000

Glasgow education budget - £494,433,300

Glasgow spending on education per head of population - £797.40

Renfrewshire population - 170,000

Renfrewshire education budget - £160,622,219

Renfrewshire spending on education per head of population - £944.83

So the SNP/LIB DEM Renfrewshire council despite whatever savings they are making are still spending 18.48% more per head on education than the Labour run Glasgow Council.

I think these figures would be good for the Paisley Express.

I think the smell is coming from your foot councillor.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/05/09

Well; there’s not much gets past you is there? Are you aware that the SNP were boasting that they would match Labour’s school building “brick by brick” and have done nothing? They also boasted about a better way of financing this which was “the futures trust” which has two things wrong with it, it hasn’t materialised and it’s identical to PPP, the SNP supporters are too thick to spot it.

Alex said...

I see you didn't publish my last post.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alex) 17:54
Your support for the SNP means you are de facto a liar. I have not had time to check the veracity of your comments.

And you still haven't addressed the substance of the post, coward.

Alex said...

You cannot stomach the fact that the SNP in Renfrewshire are spending more per head of population on education than Labour are in Glasgow.

Your refusal to publish these facts show the type of yellow bellied coward that you really are.

Anyway, I think these statistics will be public knowledge very shortly.

When the people of Renfrewshire realise that their coucil are spending 18.48% more per head of population on education than Labour are in next door Glasgow, it will show you up for the hypocrtes that you are.


Alex said...

In terms of addressing the veracity of my post, I would remind you that it was yourself who provided the population figures for both Glasgow and Renfrewshire and also the education budget figure for Renfrewshire.

The education budget for Glasgow can be found within seconds on the Glasgow City Council website.

You are stalling because you know I am right.

As for addressing your original post where you are criticising savings (cuts) made on the education budget in Renfrewshire which you then went on to compare to savings (cuts) made by Labour on education in Glasgow in relation to population.

This is exactly my point.

As the SNP in Renfrewshire (despite being in the worst economic climate for a very long time) are stillprepared to spend 18.48% more per head of populatin on education than the neighbouring Labour council in Glasgow.

Unless of course that you have got your figures wrong Councillor and then I would have to ask - What is 2+2? or maybe you would have to take your socks off for that.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest that you buy a thesaurus and find a new word for disingenious

mags said...

Looks like Alex has got you on the ropes Terry. Why is it when someone questions you, they are automatically an SNP supporter, a liar or a coward?????
Come on Terry defend your party if you can!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I think you have got this wrong and you have failed to do enough work on it, perhaps that explains why we are still waiting for the Paisley Express article/letter I will return to this but in the meantime can I urge you to ‘publish and be damned’ or are you a “yellow bellied coward” this is like being back in school isn’t it. Are ye a braveheart or a faintheart?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alex) 05/05/09
Posts are out of sequence but read my last answer.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alex) 07/05/09
I am waiting for you to do 2 things. Go to the press with you argument and also answer my points about Mackay’s made up statistics, could your silence be because you know I’m right?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/05/09

Since you want to go in to semantics I will assume you mean disingenuous, what’s wrong with it? It’s not wise for a politician, even a minor one; to write that someone is a liar.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(mags) 07:41
“Looks like Alex has got you on the ropes”

I’ve been on the ropes before and it doesn’t feel like this, I urge you to urge Alex to go to the press, it will make it more exciting or; better still why don’t you? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you using his statistics, go for it. Also ask him why he still hasn't answered my post about Mackay's fake sttatistcs.

Everyone who argues with me is not automatically an SNP supporter, a liar or a coward this only applies to them, and I know what a rat smells like so, if the shoe fits !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Nice seeing Mags McLaren back joining your Blogg, she hopes to take on Labour at the next General Election, yes Labour is having it's troubles at the moment.

It's the victim of the right wing tory press.

Wht are they not highlighting the Nats Lib-dems or tories.

I agree Terry with your comments re the SNP or as my olde day calls them "Tartan Tories".

Cheers Mate.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The Tories and the SNP are reuniting again but the Tory Press have just let the the Salmond (the spiv) stuff out of the bag, £300 a day on food !!! when he decides to go on the robb. he doesn't do things by half right.

Ms. McLaren has about as much chance as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

allancmc said...

I hate to say it Terry but if i can cast your mind back a few months i did say the expenses scandal was going to get worse and cause the down fall of labour.
And as an SNP supporter/member it does look pretty darn good for us.
Then i noticed your little quote from Tam o shanter,those would be the words from the bard you once described as"a drunken fillanderer"
What gives?? you know the old saying"people in glass house should not throw stones"well it looks to me like labour has broken all its windows now,Parliament is kind of like the Scottish Premier League the same old top 3 teams winning it all which just leads to boring football with predictable finales,the time for change is here and should be embraced.
Although i do agree with the your point that the BNP is not the way forward.But SNP is for Scotland

allancmc said...

HERE HERE!!!Well said Mags,there was me thinking i was imagining that,is the best form af defence to attack?....not in Terrys position i dont think so,who or what do you rthink you are Terry to say what you did about "the bouy"or what ever you want to call him"mind and body of a 14yr old"have you no mirrors in your home?????

allancmc said...

So its not safe for a polititian regardless of little or small to tell the truth after all a liar is a liar for aw that an aw that

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(allancmc) 06/06/09
This is almost incomprehensible; go back and read it again and let me know where I said any of these things.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(allancmc) 06/06/09
I appeal to you again to stop talking in riddles; is this code for something?

Anonymous said...

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