Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Mark Hirst, SNP researcher to Christine Grahame MSP, what a pairing; the woman who hates the world and everyone in it and the Spin Doctor who stokes that hatred. Sacked by Sandra White SNP MSP for calling the Union Flag “the butcher’s apron” a phrase I first heard uttered by another character consumed by hatred Cllr. Bruce McFee SNP; a charming man who recently used the phrase “the final solution” in a debate in Renfrewshire Council about Travelling People. Displaying characteristic SNP loyalty Hirst tried to drop White in it by suggesting that she sanctioned his comments.

This guy now dips his toe into the churning waters of Irish politics in a most unsavoury way; he claims that the peace process is a sham by Sinn Fein; he reckons that they do not want quick progress; why? because according to him using 50 year old sectarian language; they intend to outbreed the British Unionists. Mr. Hirst is quite happy to slither around in the sectarian filth which most decent people are trying to make a thing of the past; he claims that the plan is to have more catholic voters than protestant and by doing that they can vote for a United Ireland. This is not the drunken sectarian bigot of the street riots and the football terraces, this is an SNP employee with influence in the party, an advisor to an SNP MSP, Christine Graham, if ever a couple deserved each other; this is the face of the SNP.

Years ago at the time of the Paisley double By Election I made my way to a preordained pub for a beer when the polls closed before going to the count. While in the pub a group of what I could only describe as goons came in; about 6 of them; all dressed in black wearing SNP stickers on one lapel and another yellow badge like an arrow on the other, I think they saw themselves as some sort of elite para military SNP group although they would not say who they were. It stays in my memory because they were handing out a small news letter which was blatantly Anti Labour, Anti English and Anti Catholic it’s headline read “keep Scotland protestant- vote SNP” I have often wondered what happened to them and their followers, have they been absorbed into the SNP mainstream I wonder.

This SNP employee (Hirst) also claims that Sinn Fein’s tactics will stir up disorder and the Unionist UK Govt. will use this disorder to frighten Scottish voters away from independence, sometimes the tartan veil slips and we get a glimpse of the ugly face of Scottish Nationalism don’t we. I urge everyone to monitor this guy’s situation, will he be dealt with? my money says; no he wont, my guess is that he has too much popular support in the SNP for the men in grey kilts to touch him.


Anonymous said...


May I be permitted to state why I will never vote SNP again.

For many years I was an active member, assisting at elections, all that sort of stuff, kept myself to myself, never joined any faction to which there were many.

Everyone in the SNP knows that McFee and Nicoloson have very different views
On the Irish issue, that maybe for another day.

I can recall many years ago, Councillor Jim Mitchell when he was not very well, going to the Labour Leader Councillor Jim Harkins and asking if his SRA Allowance could still be paid while he was off sick, normally this SRA would not be paid if the person was off sick, with credit to Councillor Harkins , he said yes, although it would need to be agreed at Full Council. What Jim Mitchell forgot to say, was the fact the SNP Group had no knowledge of this deal and when the Full Council meeting came along, the SNP would not support Jim Mitchell, at the same time Jim Mitchell also asked Cllr Harkins if his daughter could receive her full pay if she took time off to look after her old man, this was not agreed at it was blatantly against Council policy, this shows us the true colour of Jim Mitchell.

Councillor, there's more, the bold Jim Mitchell used to critise his colleagues who attended Civic Functions, when it came to his daughters wedding, the bold Jim had the cheek to ask then Provost John McDowell if he could use the Councils cars for his daughters Wedding, being a decent person, Provost McDowell agreed.

Mrs Lorraine Cameron has been mentioned several times on your site, quite rightly so, when she was first elected Jim Mitchell sat her down with an expense form and within months, she was the highest claimer of any SNP Councillor, the very fact that she abused the Housing system for her own ends amazes me, everyone locally is talking about it, sorry to say that it is true and the facts will come out.

Terry you mentioned the true face of the SNP and their form of Nationalism, here we have it for all to see in Renfrewshire, two years on, what they have brought, nothing, absolutely nothing, the Town is in terminal decline, the SNP has a leader who has all the qualifications of a YTS.

The SNP is bad for Paisley, bad for Renfrewshire, bad for Scotland. YES the honeymoon is still taking place, this will wear off though but my god what damage they will have done......
It really makes you appreciate the Labour Party and Labour movement.

Councillor, I’m sure that they, the SNP will blame every other person for this blogg and not put their name to any of their bloggs.

For the first time in my life I feel like leaving Scotland. Never thought I would ever hear myself say those words.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I have heard these stories many times about Jim Mitchell, I’m not aware of these things happening but maybe I wasn’t around at the time.

Likewise the current ones about Cllr. Cameron they are quite common now but; I’m sure the powers that be are aware of them, I myself have been accused of every crime under the sun but nothing ever comes of it. As I’ve said before if you or anyone else are aware of Cllrs. breaking the law from whatever party there procedures in place to deal with that which you can use.

Your remarks about the competence and performance of the SNP/Lib. Dem. administration are unfortunately too true, they are completely out of their depth and the people, particularly the children in school are suffering because of them.

Anonymous said...

A reply to J.C
Cllr. Kelly has been a good friend of John McDowell in the past - check the connections. So he is not going to take anything you say 'on board'.
So have a rant by all means - but you are addressing the wrong person.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I can only repeat that these stories about Cllr. Mitchell have been around for a long time, the person to respond would of course be Cllr. Mitchell, maybe he will write to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read Hirst's article Terry? The thrust of it is an attack on the violent tactics of disident republicans. He writes: "A return to the dust and the bullets of bloody conflict in Ireland would have far reaching political implications for us all and the republican leadership is right to so forcefully reject those fanatics who seek to wreck peace and a brighter future for all." http://www.scotsindependent.org/2009/090320/index_p.htm - Ugly face of nationalism?? I think you only need look in the mirror to see that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You can justify anything if you are already on the side of the culprit.

I read his appalling article very closely and it was deliberately laced with inexcusable anti Irish, anti Catholic sectarian bigotry, he is also prepared to frighten people with lurid scares about imaginary conflict, again laced with his sectarian bile.

It’s very noticeable that he feels comfortable in the SNP as do you presumably, you are Scotland’s shame.

Anonymous said...

Hirst is a catholic of direct Irish descent according to an article he wrote for Scots independent in 2006 and is married to an Irish girl. I think you should start taking the pills again Terry.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“ Hirst is a catholic of direct Irish descent”

So was William Joyce.

I don’t care if Hirst is a green man from Mars, the article he wrote was dripping with anti Irish racism and anti Catholic sectarianism, it makes me feel good to know that he is a member of the SNP.

Anonymous said...

"I don’t care if Hirst is a green man from Mars," - probably why Adam Ingram, former Orange Order member, was attacking him then !! But Ingram's not dripping with anti-catholic, anti-Irish racism... You Labour clowns crack me up!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08:58
I believe that Adam Ingram was a member of the Orange Order when he was 16 years old and knowing him personally I know that he is not in any way bigoted.

Hirst stands accused by his own hand; he wrote the sectarian racist filth not someone else, some people are prepared to justify anything particularly nationalists.

Anonymous said...

May I say Terry, I am going dedicate my 2012 to making sure you are not re-elected. You are possibly the dumbest councillor I have ever come across. You are the holy grail of why people should not vote Labour.

Thank you

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08/10/09

A comment on a 7 month old post? That’s strange. Still it must be frustrating for you to harbour such hostility toward me and not have the courage to identify yourself, I am trembling.

“I am going dedicate” “You are possibly the dumbest councillor I have ever come across”


Jocko1 said...

Not being an activist,I did not know anything about Mark Hirst until I read about the Edinburgh Castle Saltire Petition to Parliament.For him to link the British Legion Scotland politically with the BNP is disgusting to all ex- servicemen. Mind you, his link with Christine Graham says it all!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


This guy Hirst is an embarrassment to the SNP as is Christine Graham a woman who hates the world and everyone in it, they deserve each other.

I know that morons like Hirst put great store in flags it shows the limits of his intelligence, I don’t know however what he said about the British Legion and the BNP perhaps you could enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Not that you'd make any sectarian comments about Mormons or anything...

Anonymous said...

I've just read Hirst's piece that you're getting so hot & bothered over and I have to say I really don't see it.

I agree that there is plenty of anti-catholicism in Scotland - though i happen to believe it all comes under xenophobia & racism, after all, how many Catholics do you know that are 100% Scottish? Very few, so being Catholic is a calling card that allows people to recognise the 'furrenurs'.

But much as I might applaud your stance on prejudice, I think there are plenty of areas you could choose to look at instead of nit-picking at the syntax of a man writing about how peaceful the Northern Irish peace process will be in the future.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I read your post until I came to this “how many Catholics do you know that are 100% Scottish? Very few” and stopped can you explain what you mean by this?