Friday, April 24, 2009


Who remembers the consultation to transfer Renfrewshire’s council housing stock to a Housing Association? It was a couple of years ago and the tenants answered no by a very narrow margin. As always the parties fragmented in to the normal camps with the SNP keeping their powder dry until what they thought would be the most opportune moment for their own political gain, with a completely cynical disregard for the tenant’s welfare. The opposition were as always motivated by their desire to damage Labour rather than help the tenants. This was what we accused them and the other oppositionists of doing at the time and here we are now being proved correct.

Cllr. Mackay SNP and Cath McEwan SNP were on the shadow housing board along with me and other councillors, there were also people from no political parties who brought their experience to the table. Over a period of time we discussed matters and I mentioned to several of the non political people that I was sure that Mackay and McEwan would walk out with as much publicity as they could drum up when they thought the time was right, some of the less worldly members expressed doubt over this, and they made a point of saying sorry for doubting me when the walk out happened.

Was I right about their reasons? Well we now have an SNP led administration and guess what? Ferguslie Park Housing Association applied to have another consultation on the remaining council houses in Ferguslie and! come on, you’ve guessed it right? the SNP agreed to let them do it. There’s more, the housing which will be built on the site of the old empty council building will be of mixed tenure and will include so called ‘affordable housing’ these affordable houses will be built and owned by? Come on keep up; a “HOUSING ASSOCIATION “ with the SNP’s blessing, while bragging nationally about building council houses, locally they are using the Housing Associations, contradicting everythng they themselves said about them, humliating themselves again.

My position remains the same, what's best for the tenants comes first without being hidebound by old traditions; over the years I have worked with Ferguslie Park Housing Association in particular and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as suitable providers of affordable housing. The SNP have done another shameful “u turn” once again illustrating that they don’t really stand for; or believe in anything.

A little while ago Labour were accused by the SNP and the SSP (who are very quite about this) of ‘selling out the tenants’ ‘giving away our houses to the private sector’ ‘betraying our tenants’ etc. etc. and here we now are with the SNP embracing the Housing Associations, they have no dignity, and are an embarrassment to Renfrewshire and Scotland. The road to Damascus once again runs through Cotton St.

What a bunch of Janus faced hypocrites, broken promises continue to build up and they show themselves; not for the first or the last to be self serving slaves to expediency, nothing is worth anything to them, behaviour of this kind can only come from people and a party with no self respect and no honour whatsoever, the SNP.


Robert Scobie said...

I'm not sure that I get the point Terry.

Are you saying that the SNP have done a bad thing by allowing these houses to be built?

Or is your nose just out of joint that this is happening on your own doorstep and will reflect well on the SNP.

I may be reading the article wrong but it seems like a load of old sour grapes to me.

Surely this must be to the good of the people of Ferguslie and I am sure they will remember your bitterness at the polls next time.

I am sure that you have me labelled as SNP as you seem to do with everyone who opposes your view, however, this is not the case. I do not vote for either of the 2 parties currently in the Renfrewshire Adminstration.


Anonymous said...

Governments, Councils and Housing Associations should not be aiding people to buy anything, especially houses as that is one of the major reasons the country is in the state it is in - debt.

You are right with regard to this SNP Council and the Housing Association they should be bulding affordable housing for rent, this crash is a wake up call.

We can't go back to the way things were and need to live within our means, so if someone can't afford something then they can't buy it and there is no use wasting money subsidising these people so that they can.

There is going to be less money from now on so we should be spending it on the things that we need and not on the things that other people don't need.

voiceofourown said...

Hi Terry,
I'm looking for your story on the schools that Labour are closing in Glasgow.
Can't seem to find it...

Oh, you've been proved right once more. The latest YouGov poll shows how intent the Scottish electorate is on punishing the evil SNP.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly,

I was pleased seeing Labour out at the weekend working round the doors; it was also pleasing seeing a number of Unison members out as well.

I feel sorry for McKay while he and Mark Ferguson are members of the same gym, Mark is there to bulk down Derek there to bulk up, Derek has a body any 14 year old school boy would be proud of. I am sorry I just can't take him seriously; my 7 year old son looks older. As for the SNP saying one thing and doing another, well lets just say that I am not surprised.

This bunch really does give amateurs a bad name, no shame, no bottle, no hope and no chance.

Looking forward to the next elections when the feeble 17 will be sent home to think again.

J. Flood

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"I'm not sure that I get the point Terry"
You can say that again, it's about les and deceit by the SNp who bitterly opposed housing transfer when Labour promoted and are now in favour of it.

"Surely this must be to the good of the people of Ferguslie and I am sure they will remember your bitterness at the polls next time"

What is this we are getting here? If you slowly read the 4th. paragraph of the article again you will understand why I am now calling you a complete idiot.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:18

“Governments, Councils and Housing Associations should not be aiding people to buy anything, especially houses”

I’m not quite clear what you mean by aiding people, the houses I refer to in the article are either to be sold privately or rented.

I believe we should all live within our means with the caveat that some people's means are grossly disproportionate to others: that is something that has to change.

“we should buy what we need and not what other people don’t need”

You’ve got me there, is it some kind of code?

I agree with your sentiments; -------------------------I think.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(voiceofourown) 14:11

You seem to have a rather poor memory, I have said before on this blog and in public in the council chamber that Labour has closed schools in the past and no doubt will do so again, can you tell me how many schools Labour opened in Renfrewshire while in power? surely that's a fair question if you insist in talking about schools?

You seem to have also forgotten that this post was about SNP hypocrisy over Housing Associations.

And last but not least you seem to have forgotten the SNP display of hubris from a wee while back “yes we can/yes we will” Salmond (the spiv)

Where was it again? Glenreekiebogs? Glenmacnumpty, glengregaloo/ no I remember now it was Glenrothes; that was it, remember?

The “voiceofourown” doesn’t seem to be a very coherent one does it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Very well put; I’m sure Derek & Mark won’t be too upset by you teasing them;

I’m certain I saw Derek smile once I’m sure I did. Your more serious points and accusations are spot on.

Anonymous said...

Says it all !

Ryan Connolly said...

I think Mr Scobie is right.

It does appear that you have a monkey on your back about this because it happening in Ferguslie and Labour are not involved.

Whether a party opposed this in this past is actually irrelevant.

The fact that they are supporting this now is the relevant point.

You are actually embarrasing yourself and you don't seem to realise it.

Ryan Connolly said...

It's not just eleven schools that Labour are closing. They are also closing nine nurseries.

Why are they doing this?

"It was necessary to save money"

How many new schools are they building to replace them?


This is the true face of Labour.

One of the schools in Cadder actually has a situation of over capacity and yet it is still to be closed. Yes it's unbelievable but true.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“Says it all !”

Does it mention Glenrothes ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 08:14

You seem to share Mr. Scobie’s inability to understand what I say in paragraph 4 of the article. That’s embarrassing.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ryan Connolly) 14:04

Can I take it from this that you support the campaign to keep South Primary open? And what does this have to do with housing transfer?