Friday, April 10, 2009


“Scottish Government have provided the resources to ensure that a council tax freeze will have no adverse impact on frontline services.”

Derek McKay, Paisley Daily Express, 28th January 2009.

It seems the more we investigate education cuts the more the SNP’s rhetoric unravels; we now have the truth about falling school numbers, the truth that is; as opposed to what the SNP and the Education Dept. have been telling us. recently Council Leader Derek Mackay over and above his risible quote at the top of the page rather condescendingly suggested that we didn’t understand how teacher numbers worked saying, (I paraphrase) “It’s really quite simple; as pupil numbers decline we require less teachers and Renfrewshire pupil numbers have declined by 1,000 this year compared to last year” this has allowed the SNP led Renfrewshire Council to cut 122 teachers this year.

Oops! I wonder if any of the officers involved in this are ex Maths teachers. You see we now know that the actual number of pupils less than last year is less than half that figure at 430, when I was in school you got the belt for that kind of error, it done me no harm as they say because; I am now confident that the SNP; even if their policy of getting rid of teachers was the right one, which it is not (ask Fyona Hyslop) they have made a huge mess of the figures can we look forward to Derek announcing new teaching jobs? what do you think? As if that wasn’t enough for the hapless Cllr. Mackay and the embarrassed officials; we learn from the latest Govt. Stats. that Renfrewshire now has the worst pupil teacher ratio in secondary schools in Scotland, oh and did I mention that Renfrewshire are second bottom over the whole of Scotland for this ratio in primary schools as well. Take a bow Education Convener Cllr. Cameron SNP and the SNP / Lib. Dem. administration with you and, once you have bowed, keep your heads down in shame.

During the last Labour administration we raised teacher numbers while rolls fell and this administration is cutting them.

“Sufficient funding has been provided to local government to maintain teacher numbers at 2007 levels which, at a time of falling rolls, provides headroom to make progress on reducing class sizes”

Fiona Hyslop SNP Govt. Education Minister.

The above statement was an SNP election lie; it’s not happening and it won’t; in Renfrewshire class sizes are rising rather than falling, another cruel SNP deception. Instead of reducing class sizes to 18 in Primary 1, 2&3 as promised the SNP here are saying that they will reduce P1, 2&3 to 25, they are not even attempting to disguise their contempt for parents, teachers and children they are quite shameful.

“we will cut music tuition by half and no children will be disadvantaged by this”

This is what the SNP / Lib. Dem cabal are saying, it’s not really necessary to analyse the statement too closely it has been put in print by Cllr. Cameron the chief architect of the fiasco that is now Renfrewshire Education as well as Cllrs. McLaren and McCartin it is breathtakingly stupid. They also agree that it is fair enough to half the tuition and keep the cost to the families the same, honestly, check it all for yourselves, I’m not making any of this up, this is the reality of the SNP – remember it in future.

The SNPs pathetic response to criticism of their Government’s failure on class sizes is that it’s councils and not Govt. who decide on class sizes which begs the obvious question, why did you put it in your manifesto then? Was it; as now seems obvious; to lie to people and con them into voting for you? You don’t need to answer that we have all worked it out.


Anonymous said...

Councillor Kelly you are so right about the SNP, especially Councillor Cameron who can't even speak properly never mind being in charge of education. I expect she only repeats what Councillor McKay tells her to so that she can keep her position. She should go back to night school and learn how to speak English. Heaven help us if she is in charge for much longer. I just wondered why we never read about this in the Paisley Express.

Anonymous said...

Oh Terry, How I fear for the inhabitants of Renfrewshire, young and old. We have a loo cleaner running the Education Department and a YTS in charge of the Council.

Our children and teachers are crying out for Leadership, only to hear a wall of silence from the SNP, Oh how they promised much and delivered little. Can Renfrewshire hold out for much longer before the SNP Administration implodes, will Kenny McLaren ever be taken seriously, and will we ever hear a dissenting voice?

Last one out of Renfrewshire, turn the light off.

Concerned Member of the Public.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I never have any problem understanding what Cllr. Cameron says, I do have problems however understanding her logic and thought processes, remember she still says that she can cut music tuition by half without any children being harmed by it, that’s a cracker.

Maybe I have no problem with her speaking style because we both come from Glenburn.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I don’t think that someone’s background is relevant to how a person does their job, they either do it well or they don’t.

These two are disastrous, no doubt about it. Cllr. Cameron’s stewardship of education is like a permanent car crash and Cllr. Mackay is destined to be remembered as the man who overseen the whole mess; like a rabbit caught in the headlights of the said car crash.

Inexperienced; incompetents both.

Anonymous said...

I have got to agree with the comment regarding Councillor MacKay. Why is this person in charge of the council when he has never worked in his life, has no qualifications and no experience. Surely the SNP in Renfrewshire must have someone with these qualities, why is it being run by a wee boy with none of these -makes no sense.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“Why is this person in charge of the council”

He is in charge of the council because he is in charge of the SNP; he is in charge because of who he is not rather than who he is e.g. he isn’t McFee, Mitchell, Nicolson or any other of the embarrassing fools in his group.

His nails are clean; likewise teeth; he knows the moves for Scottish Country Dancing and doesn’t lift his legs indecently high while wearing his tartan frock, he is scandal free and not likely to cause any he is Salmond’s obsequious choice, he is the future of Scottish Nationalism a complete political nonentityleading a bunch of nonentities.

Anonymous said...


Many years ago, the snp was a party of Nationalism, now is run by suites, ties, smiles, clean teeth and yes men.

Nationalism has gone by the way side, your comments regarding Derek McKay are spot on, he is as fake as fake bake the tanning product, he is the modern face of the snp, obedient, suite, clean teeth, nice tie and I must not forget the new spectacles. The guy has better vision than the Coats Observatory. Add all these points together and you get the fakism that now runs the snp.

Business men who are selling the country short. I hate the slogan "Independence in Europe” what exactly does that mean; I'll tell you what it means "sell out", the Scottish People, Scotland and our future. The snp is a Republican Party, always was always will be, do you remember the Republican Rose, Ms Cunningham.

The U.K is strong with all of us together, not selling out to Europe.

I can see Derek McKay going to Edinburgh, McFhee was removed because he is the exact opposite of Mckay; Bruce is free thinking, talented and most importantly not a yes man like Derek. I fear greatly for our country and just wonder if it is too late to save what is left.

Proud Unionist.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Yes; fakes and charlatans all of them, completely out of their depth being run ragged by experienced council officers.

The Renfrewshire SNP bears no resemblance to the party of independence that I remember from 40 years ago, this bunch in Renfrewshire are timid shadows of their predecessors.

I disagree about McFee he was the loudest barrow boy bully of the lot shouting anti Englishness and swearing to die for independence, he has quit and is now an empty drum banging away with only himself listening.

No one has distanced themselves further from independence than him, I can’t remember the last time I heard him or indeed any of them mention it, a busted flush the lot of them.