Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Is anyone keeping count of the SNP’s lies from the last election? L.I.T. – Student Funding – Police No’s – Lower class sizes – School Building – 1St. home grants – etc. etc. there’s too many to remember them all, all lies, with no shame.

The latest is now upon us, the promise to provide free access to swimming pools for Scottish children is now officially an “Ambition” alas like all the others it’s no longer a “promise”

Glasgow and Inverclyde are the only councils now doing this but that’s no consolation for the wretched dissembling SNP because; these two councils were already doing this before the 2007 election.

Here are two deceitful fraudulent SNP statements; can you spot the change in the language?

“Children will be given free, year-round access to council swimming pools.”
SNP Manifesto 2007.

“Many local authorities in Scotland already provide free admission to public swimming pools for targeted groups, and we have a clear ambition to go further.”

SNP Sports Minister Shona Robison.

What will be next, Should we run a sweep? who will be the next Janus faced SNP minister to mouth such disingenuous guff? There seems to be nothing that they won’t say or do to avoid saying “we lied”


Anonymous said...

With regard to the SNP not having to say "we lied" I take it the same goes for Councillor McKay in Renfrewshire Council and his stalwart Councillor Cameron - or should I say lap dog. You can't really accuse Councillor Cameron of lying with regard to the schools situation as she only repeats what Councillor McKay writes down for her, even the letter in the Paisley Express wasn't written by her - the language was "too political" for her. I was at the last council meeting to do with the music cuts in schools and was absolutely appalled by the SNP. We voted for them because of their promises. No more.

commentor said...

These are absolutely totally brilliant Terry.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Terry, how can you tell if Derek McKay lies, his lips move?

How can you tell if Lorraine Cameron is giving a speech at a Full Council Meeting, McKay’s Lips move?

How can you tell if McKay is stressed, his minions, like McLaren and McGee are surrounding him brushing his hair, polishing his specs and adding moisture to his forehead.

How many faces does Nasty Nicolson have? As many as Paisley's Town Hall Clock.

How can you tell if the Provost is full up? The Buffet table is empty.

What a bunch of Spivs, this lot give spivs a bad name, I shouldn't forget, Murky Mitchell and his poison pen? And wee Brian Lawson, stick on a Kenneth McKellar record and the wee mans hips move that fast, they could power half the houses in Gallow hill.

Allan said...

Nope, i thought i saw something resembling New Labour party policy, surely shome mishtake.

Anonymous said...

O! many a shaft, at random sent,
Finds mark the archer little meant;
And many a word, at random spoken,
May soothe or wound a heart that's broken!

We can all find the 'mot juste', it means nothing, it does not make you smarter or your point any more valid.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The list of broken promises continues to grow both locally and nationally.

We can now add the promise of free swimming for youngsters it's now no longer regarded as a promise by the SNP.

Their music cuts and their behaviour at the special meeting is being talked about everywhere, their name is mud.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 15/04/09
I think the local SNP read your comments but they have stopped sending in their own. I’m sure everyone who reads this stuff would like to know who you are, my spies tell me that they (the SNP) know who you are already, word has it that you were badly treated by them in the past?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Have you missed something out here? What does this mean, is it that you are just too clever for us?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“We can all find the 'mot juste', it means nothing”

It might mean nothing to a Philistine like you but I quite like the piece.

I like to use quotes from poems etc. which lend something to my argument, I can’t imagine why that would upset you.

Is it because you aren’t capable of arguing against my post?

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, there is only one thing wrong with your assumption "you were badly treated by them (SNP) in the past".

That could apply to a lot of people as there were many badly treated by the local SNP mafia. That is why they have no activists to do any work left in both Paisley seats now. They are left with the lazy and useless.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Richard Vassie. Have you managed to find a job yet - after 2 years ???

Mr Eugenides said...

So, to be clear, Councillor; you think the big story of the weekend is the SNP's backtracking over swimming pools?

Nothing about Damian McBride? Nothing about your PM's most trusted advisor trying to smear the wives of political opponents?

Some lies are clearly more offensive than others...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Mr Eugenides) 17/04/09

What is this; where have you been hiding this other side to your character; a more gentle less vindictive side; almost human. You are upset by Mr. McBride, well, well. You must be full of remorse for your past attacks on people then, he has offended your sensitive side.

I can remember the accusations about Gordon Brown being mentally flawed and the things hurled at Cheri Blair well, did you ever post anything like that?

You really are quite hollow and predictable aren’t you? Perhaps you could go over some of your past posts and see how squeaky clean you are, this whole fiasco has allowed people like you to crawl out from under your stone and pretend to be in some way; what? decent; is that what you are suggesting, you, decent, superior somehow to Fawkes, Draper, McBride etc. your having a laugh right?

I might get round to writing about this but it will probably be from the point of view of someone who can see the nauseating hypocrisy of the press and clowns like you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16/04/09

“That could apply to a lot of people as there were many badly treated by the local SNP mafia”
These numbers will have swollen considerably by the next election as millions of Scots are now being badly treated by the SNP.

“They are left with the lazy and useless”
And the devious, the disingenuous, the incompetent, the hopeless, the worthless etc. etc.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


The “boay Vassie” and his partner “Old Bill Martin” still have the capacity to scare the “Fearthearts” who assassinated them, that is because they remain true to their dream of independence.

Neither of them are friends of mine but; I can’t believe they would tolerate the selling out being done by the Renfrewshire SNP Administration.

You clearly fear them enough to keep your identity hidden.

Allan said...

SNP councilors are not the only "Janus face'd" ones around Mill Street.

If... IF New Labour really cared about swimming pool's and public health generaly, why does Paisley only have "The Lagoon" in terms of public amenities. Why is there nothing to keep our darling ned's away from the Buckie? After all New Labour were in power at Mill Street for the decade before they were found out.

Can't wait for your answer. I predict that it will be delivered in the style of an Osterich.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine have you declared to the "Tax Man" you singing in the St Peters Men’s Club, or cleaning in the Gleniffer Hotel.

Hi Terry, I hope her cleaning and singing is not as bad as her handling of the Nats Administrations Education Dept, she must be the first Convenor who sings on Saturday Nights and cleans toilets on Sunday Morning.

Terry, you couldn't write this stuff, the SNP is in a mess locally no body has heard from them in two years, we might hear from them at the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly, I am just in from a late shift, sitting with a cup of tea on my pc reading your site which I enjoy greatly. I would agree with one of your main points, why is it that the snp counsellors appear to be criticising one of their former members and can't put their names to the internet message, is it the fact that they can't, won't or just don’t have the balls.

If was the former member and found out that they were having ago, I would report then to the standards sleaze watchdog, could this be the reason for there shyness, they feel in powered sitting at the pc with nobody watching, they are sitting thinking how great they are, whoosh, they have put the boot in, fantastic, they can go back to their offices in Monday morning or afternoon, when ever they start and boast to each other like silly school kinds, look what I said in Mr Kelly’s web set, I am fantastic, I am wonderful, what a bunch of sad individuals, maybe once all the back slapping is over, they could take a few moments and walk up Paisley High Street, or is this the fault of the former counsellor as well. Mr Kelly I really feel that these people don’t give a dam about anything, anyone, this town, they are only interested in themselves, how very very sad, we all thought that this snp council would deliver for us the voters, tax payers of Paisley, how sad and how wrong we all are. R.I.P Paisley

By the way, I was walking through the High street today, what a mess, boarded up shops, pubs closed, charity shops, bookies, and the pound shop was mobbed, maybe the snp counsellors could spend less time having a go at their former members and spend some time looking at the dire state of this town. Things just can't get any worse, can they!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You don’t seem to have researched this much which is becoming typical of you; there is no shortage of swimming facilities in Renfrewshire including the Lagoon, my criticism was about the SNP’s broken promise to let youngsters have free access.

The SNP are guilty of course of closing the very popular Ice Rink but, maybe you could let me know what Labour failed to provide, perhaps you could compare what Labour did with other towns, perhaps you could stop being so bloody lazy!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You clearly have some issues with Cllr. Cameron but I have to say again, I am not interested in what she or any other councillor does outside the council, what kind of work someone does is irrelevant ; my mother did a cleaning job and she was a saint.

Cllr. Cameron’s stewardship of education is what worries me and I believe it worries everyone with an interest in schools, in this regard she should have resigned a long while ago and should do so now to avoid damaging any more children’s prospects.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The crime the SNP committed was to lie to people by saying they would transform the town, we said that would take years and years they lied about it. They are now paying for those lies as people recall their empty promises on this and many other matters.

As far as attacking others is concerned; I have no doubt that the SNP are involved on this site and they are too cowardly to identify themselves, we have come to expect such cowardice from them.

Along with many others I have been intrigued by the dignity and control shown by those who have been traduced and betrayed by the SNP gang in Cotton Street, these people must have a tale to tell, perhaps they are keeping their powder dry “revenge is a dish best eaten cold” that kind of thing, some of the gang must be worried.

Pauline said...

"IS anyone keeping count of the SNP's lies...?"
I doubt even the SNP can keep track of them, Terry. I don't think there are many SNP councillors in Renfrewshire who are able to count that high.
The day is coming whn the lies will start to unravel, and there will be chaos within the Renfrewshire SNP group. The gloves will be off as they all try to blame one another for the farce that has become our administration. Oh, to be a fly on that particular wall....

Anonymous said...

When I look at Renfrewshire and it's Emperor, McKay who surrounds himself with a coterie of followers, chosen by the Emperor for their complete and utter subservience to him and their willingness to betray anyone who past or present who dares question Emperor McKay’s authority.

The Roll of dishonour;

Mitchell. (Sad Little man)
Nicolson. (Totally incompetent)
Cameron. (Smells the money)
McGee (Most grovelling)
Lawson, (suffers small person syndrome)
Lawson. (She is totally dependent on the Emperors good grace.)
McLaren (slug springs to mind, gives yes men a bad name)

One wonders will Paisley burn, while the Emperor sits on his mighty throne.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Pauline) 20/04/09
I believe you have it just about spot on Pauline. People are becoming more and more aware that the SNP lied to them on so many issues at the election. They have treated the electorate with contempt and they will pay for that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

It looks like there is a growing band of people out there who were previously attached to the SP in one way or another who are now bitterly opposed to them. This seems to have developed because of infighting and people being carved up and shoved out because they dared to argue.

They will find out in time that this is not a healthy political party, and in Renfrewshire it is positively diseased.

Anonymous said...


Been reading the articles in the local paper about the crumbling Lochfield School. I hear a rumour that the Council does not have the money to refurb the school or the West Primary either.
Is this true, have you heard the same thing?

Willie Cross

Anonymous said...

How correct you are Mr Kelly the SNP in Renfrewshire is positively diseased. It was nothing to do with arguing but to do with poisonous backstabbers doing the dirty on fellow colleagues and members, not for the benefit of the party or electorate, but for the benefit of themselves. Yes you are right all they have done is spawned a load of independents that will come back to haunt them at the next elections.

Nick said...

Why the outrage? After all, "manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation". The SNP had no real responsibility to deliver on their promises.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I am not aware of this but, I will make enquiries about it.

On the subject of South and Lochfield Schools there was an article in yesterday’s Paisley Daily Express about this which you will find interesting, I also intend to post an article today on the blog which I hope will also interest you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 09:51
Political Parties can lie to the electorate as the SNP have done and all the people can do is vote against them and do what they can to stop them from being re-elected.

I remember some time ago on this blog some idiot was suggesting that these pledges should be enshrined in law, was that you?

The SNP have to decide for themselves how responsible they intend to be for their promises/lies, we are not ‘thank god’ obliged to behave in the same way.

Nick said...

They haven't done anything underhand though - they've merely made pledges which nobody could have had reasonable expectations of them fulfilling and then not fulfilled them. What's the big deal?

That naive idiot was me, but I've had a rethink. If I can't legitimately expect the things I voted for to actually happen, I might as well let everything just wash over me - there's no point getting het up about it, is there?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/04/09
These stories are all over the place at the moment; the glue holding them together is of course money but for how long? There is a malaise at the heart of the Refrewshire SNP / Lib. Dem. Administration; there is genuine hatred among them for each other and it is getting harder to conceal.

Several of them resent the fact that Cllr. Mackay whom everyone sees as a wet behind the ears ‘boay’ has been promoted in to the sun which shines out of Alex (the spiv’s) a**e, while the Lib/Dems. are prepared to do and say anything which they think will benefit them personally, they don’t stand for or believe in anything.

Definitely not the kind of people you want to be behind.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“They haven't done anything underhand”

Telling lies to get someone’s vote is not underhand? That’s novel at least, have you ever thought about a career in nationalist politics?

“which nobody could have had reasonable expectations of them fulfilling”

Why then did they vote for them?

“I can't legitimately expect the things I voted for to actually happen”

You can if you vote Labour but; wars, famine, pestilence, floods, plagues, depressions, revolutions etc. can derail plans and promises.

Allan said...

Research! Coming from you!!!!

I think your tinpot argument about broken promises was crushed... oooh the moment Alistair Darling stood up this afternoon.

No more boom and bust - aye right!

"We will not raise income tax" - unless we make a horlicks of the economy.

By the way, interesting to see all these anonymous comments, not really sure what Ms Cameron's singing skills have to do with running RC's Education department, but there you go.

Alex said...


Are you saying that Labour have never told lies and that they have fulfilled every election promise that they ever made?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Yes & No

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 22/04/09

“interesting to see all these anonymous comments”

And you are?

Nick said...

"Telling lies to get someone’s vote is not underhand?"

They haven't told lies, they've made pledges which you had no right to expect them to fulfill. It's all perfectly legitimate!

"Why then did they vote for them?"

A reaction to pooor governance by the previous administration? Tribalism? The same reasons Labour picked up a huge majority in 1997, I'd guess, and the same reason the Tories will win the next general election.

"You can if you vote Labour but; wars, famine, pestilence, floods, plagues, depressions, revolutions etc. can derail plans and promises."

What's the quote? "Events, dear boy, events"... I'm sure Alex Salmond would say similar things, what with the meltdown in the economy affecting the SNP too and everything.

But hey! It's not as though anything untoward has happened - there's no reason at all that promises made have to be kept, or that the electorate should expect them to be kept. Ah well, there's nothing we can do: it'll all come out in the wash at the ballot box at the end of their full, uninterrupted term in office. So chin up til then, voters!

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly,
I have a driving job in Paisley, so I drive about the town all day long, what has caught my attention is the new Paisley signs, they appear to have replaced the "Paisley Pattern" with the “Paisley squiggle”, what is going on, how much has this cost us and why do it, the "Paisley Pattern" is recognised the world over, this black mess is now suppose to help in regenerating this town, this has all the hall marks of that little arrogant sell a facing wee boay who runs this town, to be honest I take back everything I said about the former Labour Council, we have a little upstart, who hasn't even started shaving telling us how to run out town, he doesn't even stay in Paisley.

This new public relations initiative will come back to haunt the Nats.

The “Mackay Paisley squiggle” is going down faster than the support
For this inept Administration.

Mr Kelly is it too late for the Labour Party to do anything about this.

Driver from Paisley.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you could say Allan is anonymous Mr Kelly, if you click on his Dalek logo you will then see his profile and links to his sites. Amazing this new technology isn't it, beats the days when you would just be sitting playing with your Action Man.

You are right with regard to Derek MacKay, a wee boay, never worked in his life, out of his depth as leader of the SNP on the council. Only he never got the job re Salmond, he got it by surrounding himself with other useless numpties, who were promised and given the positions they wanted, in return for their help in backstabbing anyone who he considered a threat. That is why the SNP is so weak in Renfrewshire Council, it is run by numpties and if anyone not in this clique wanted to challenge this they can't because they would not have the support because all the decent folk have left.

MacKay should be called photocopier as he doesn't have an original idea in his head. All he does is copy everyone else. Ever noticed when he is speaking Mr Kelly, his hand movements, copied from Blair and Brown. I have seen him twice recently, the last time at the Seniors Forum. Very poor, just waffles a lot of nonsense, forgets that we are older and not as stupid as he thinks. I think that the best thing that councillor MacKay can do for himself, and the people of Renfrewshire, is to go and get a job and grow up as the people are sick to the teeth with the kind of politics that he is trying to copy.

Alex said...


You are on one hand saying that breking an election promise is lying to the people.

You have admitted that Labour have not fulfilled all of their election promises and yet you have said they have never lied.

You are clearly confused.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Alex) 15:37
I think the confusion might be with you; there can be valid reasons for election promises not being kept, it happens all the time and there is normally an identifiable reason for it, war, floods, plague, banking collapse etc.
The difference with this and the SNP is that they told people they would do things knowing that they would never be able to carry them out. The word for that is lies.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Hemmerfru) 09:29
They lied to steal votes and people voted for them because they believed them.

Salmond (the spiv) had a list of broken promises long before any meltdown.

Political parties lying to get votes might be O K in your world, in which case you are welcome to it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I had no idea the "Boay Mackay" had so many enemies and the number seems to be growing.

One rather unkind commentator said about his lack of work experience that he once had a job but he sprained his wrist clocking in and never tried again, I wouldn't of course say a thing like that.

Allan said...

"And you are?"

I was going to say not anonymous... but anonymous no#12 beat me to it.

Anonymous No#12 actually makes some valid points about the boy MacKay, its a great pity there's no one really out there fit to lead Renfrewshiree Council, much like at Westminster really.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Allan) 18:00

You will have to make allowances for me; if people know who you are because of the photo and the rare name Allan, I will have to assume you are famous but I still haven’t a clue, maybe it’s a generation thing, I’ll ask my kids, if you are that famous they will probably know you.

Pauline said...

Speaking of the new Paisley signs, I was rather bemused when, after driving some way into Paisley, I cam upon a sign welcoming me to the town. Has anyone else been puzzled by the apparently random sign opposite the Morrison's petrol station on Lonened?

Nick said...

"They lied to steal votes and people voted for them because they believed them."

No, they simply advanced possible scenarios for things that might happen if they were elected, but, y'know, don't hold your breath. They weren't under any obligation to actually do stuff.

Just hypothetically, is promising a never-gonna-happen referendum on Europe in order to shore up your vote against nationalist incursions somehow different to that?

"Political parties lying to get votes might be O K in your world, in which case you are welcome to it."

It's not ok, but when it's absolutely legitimate - and an acceptable line for the PM to take in the courts - there's not much you can do other than shrug your shoulders and smile wryly at the charade of British democracy. Bon chance, electorate! Who knows if you'll get what you vote for?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

As this is your third go at this I think you will agree that as there is nothing new being said that it has run its course.
I am not of a mind either to regurgitate old arguments about European Referendums.
I will be happy to re-engage with you f you can think of something fresh to say.

Nick said...

I agree there's not much more to say about the legitimate expectations of the electorate other than 'don't have any, they're worthless'.

What a cheering thought, having to wait four or five years to take back faulty goods...

Declan McBride said...

You are hilarious.

Do you actually read your own stuff before you post it.

When Labour don't fulfill an election promise it is because there was a good valid reason.

When SNP don't fulfill an election promise it was a lie and was never going to happen.

You are a cartoon character Terry.

God, I'm still laughing

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Declan McBride) 08:20

You are not laughing as much as the SNP Mr. McBride.

Your childlike naivety will sustain them no end. When they come across voting fodder like you they say to each other “see I told you it would work” no one likes to admit that they have been taken in do they?