Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Further evidence of the success of the South Primary Campaign has just emerged, we have been aware of the SNP council’s reluctance to engage with the campaigners, culminating in their cowardly 'no show' at the council chambers to meet them as they marched from the school to protest against the council’s plans, they then refused them permission to put on a display of the children’s work and achievements. Not one of the 21 SNP/Lib. Dem. councillors had the decency/courage to meet the parents and children, make that 20, Lib. Dem. Cllr. Dillon is recovering from illness.

They are putting every barrier they can find in the campaigner’s way, it’s easy to forget but, this is children and their future we are talking about, the SNP council are treating them like sworn enemies, it’s outrageous.

They have now come up with another scam to make life more difficult for the campaigners, they have just announced that councillors surgeries will no longer be advertised in the Paisley Daily Express, this they say is to save money, it also conveniently aids any councillor who doesn’t want to face angry parents at their surgeries, they have made it more difficult to get surgery information, for as long as anyone can remember the Paisley Daily Express has been the preferred method for people to see when they can visit their councillor, this was one of the many services provided by the local paper. SNP cllrs. are no doubt hoping that this will give them some respite, hiding from the electors, does that not just say it all? They will save £20,000 a year, remember they gave wage rises to senior officers of £11,500 per year. Do you get the feeling that the SNP council feel they can treat the people with utter contempt and get away with it because, that is what they are doing.

The parents, Staff and Children of South Primary School are facing Christmas with trepidation as the SNP prepare to close the place with an announcement 7 days before Christmas, Christmas is one of the best times of the school year with parties and pantomimes etc. Perhaps they will put on their own pantomime with the villains named after the faceless and heartless people who have them in their sights, I’m sure the kids and parents could find names for the “ugly sisters” or “Scrooge” and of course a name for the “wicked witch” they could extend invitations to their local councillors MP’s, MSP’s etc. I’m sure the education convener and members of the education board would be delighted to attend as well as some of the education officers, the higher up the better. Having barred them though from putting on the exhibition of the children’s work would the SNP council also stop them from putting on a pantomime, I suspect they would, why don’t you all ask them?


I urge everyone who shares the concerns of the parents and children to protest to your councillors, MP’s and MSP’s they must not be allowed to get away with this attack on these children’s futures.


Anonymous said...


Is the rumour true that the SNP & Lib Dem administration wanted to put on a "Nativity" display as part of the Christmas celebrations but had to cancel because they could not find 3 wise men?

Macnasty said...

Re the 'many services the Paisleu Daily Express provides for local people.'

If this includes shining a light on Kelly's refusal to support service men and women and other things he would prefer to keep hidden in his bosom,then let's hear it for the PDX is what I say

Allan said...

Jeez, New Labour must really have stuffed the Council's coffers.

I am interested though in which services would have been for the cut HAD New Labour clung on to power last year?

Anonymous said...

Terry. I can't believe these people, cancelling their surgery details in the local press, does that not go against the good tenants of local democracy.

These Councillors represent we the people and by definition should be answerable to we the people.

The Leader of the Council should be asked to resign, he is acting like some sort of demy-god, to be worshiped but never questioned. I wish the parents all the best; I fully support the actions of the Labour MP, MSP and local Councillors.

This inept administration must be answerable to the people not some of the time but all of the time.

Anonymous said...

As a parent of 2 children who attend another school in Renfrewshire, I can sympathise with the feelings of parents and children who are affected by this possible closure.

I have a friend who is directly affected by this matter and has kept me up to date with recent meetings and protests.

The school that my own children attend is completely full and has a waiting list for other children to enroll and has an excellent scholastic record. This tends to put to bed the argument about class sizes and teacher to pupil ratios.

I have discussed the South Primary isuue with my friend at length, however, whilst I sympathise with those involved, I can also see the other side of the coin.
Would any council open a new school to have it underoccupied by 64%?

I do believe that certain factions are using this issue as a huge political football for their own means.

If it were my children, I would be trying to shield them from the effects of this possible change but it seems that the children are actually being used.

If the closure does happen, then the children are going to be in a state probably more because of the parents and those who are rousing them up than the actual closure itself.

I heard that at one protest the parents were all holding up large blown up photographs of their children and now there is to be a candlelight vigil. This really verges into a pretty disgusting expolitation and I think a sense of proportion has been lost.

One person said "Think of the children". I'm not sure that certain people are really interested in the children and I am not talking of those behind the proposed closure.

This is my view as a parent and for your information I am a member of the Conservative Party, however, my opinion on this not politically motivated.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


They would have trouble organising a 'pantomime horse'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I don't hide any of my views and, unlike you I don't hide myself either.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

If you are really interested, which I doubt you can contact the council and get a copy of Labour's proposed budget.

The SNP are floundering big time aren't they, here and in Holyrood, how are those reduced class sizes coming along ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Most of the people of Renfrewshire don't know what it's like to be led by the incompetents who make up the SNP but, they are learning the hard way.

I think that public opinion is firmly on the side of the parents.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"This tends to put to bed the argument about class sizes and teacher to pupil ratios"

I disagree, there are many reasons for children doing well or not so well in school and lower class sizes is IMO a benefit, that's why many of your fellow Tories pay so much for private schooling.

The parents are doing what they think is best for their children, to suggest anything else is unfair on them.

I,as an opposition politician see it as my job to highlight the lies of the SNP, such as reducing class sizes while in actual fact they are increasing them by closing schools.

I don't know your school but, I am sure that this is only the beginning of closures and no one will be immune.

Anonymous said...

"I,as an opposition politician see it as my job to highlight the lies of the SNP, such as reducing class sizes while in actual fact they are increasing them by closing schools."

My point exactly. Your interest in this is purely politically motivated. It would appear that you have no interest in the children.

Pretty silly statement from you about private education when you consider how many members of the Labour party now choose this route.

I, for one, have chosen state education for my children as I believe that the education provision is very good and is nothing really to do with class size but more to do with the teaching quality and school management.

The old Labour adage of throwing money at anything in the hope of a cure doesn't work here as it doesn't work in so many aspects of society.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"My point exactly. Your interest in this is purely politically motivated. It would appear that you have no interest in the children"

That seems pretty much like a politically motivated statement to me ellen.

"Pretty silly statement from you about private education when you consider how many members of the Labour party now choose this route"

Fair point but it doesn't alter their reasons for doing this and small class sizes is one of them.

"education provision is very good and is nothing really to do with class size but more to do with the teaching quality and school management"

So, under achieving children from poor backgrounds would do better if only their teachers were not so bad. Oh your a Tory alright aren't you, completely bereft of any charity Christian or otherwise.

As far as throwing money is concerned, we live in a deeply unfair society and a massive redistribution of wealth is what's required, consider all the millions of poor underprivileged children who have been failed and consider what they might have achieved had society been as good to them as it has to your children.

But I'm forgetting your a Tory right ?

Anonymous said...

In response to Ellen.
The council would not open a school for it to be underoccupied by 64%. Instead, they are closing a 22 year old school and spending £5million refurbishing an older school. I, as a taxpayer, have issues with that. Particularly as the council will be left so tight for primary places in Suth Paisley upon completion of all planned new-build homes, and should they - God forbid - even so much as attempt to reduce class sizes in line with Govenrment policy. (You might want to catch up with Fiona Hyslop and impart your wisdom with regard to class sizes and academic attainment - she is clearly mis-informed when she states that small class sizes provide a better environment for education. I'm sure she'll appreciate your guidance)
As for your wise words in relation to the mental torment inflicted on our poor children by their evil parents, desperate for a mere taste of fame in the PDE and a pat on the back from the odd labour councillor. Well, let's just say I won't be losing any sleep over your opinions.

Anonymous said...


If you are a Tory as you say? -then you should be aware of the fact that "Conservatives have thrown their weight behind South Primary Campaign" and have also backed the Scottish Parliamentary
Motion as they are aware of the facts. You are using the same negative arguments as the SNP....

As for your '64% unoccupied figure'
why then are placing requests being refused for the South School?Also the catchment area for the school is the SMALLEST in Paisley! Does it make sense to have children staying across the road from the school in a diffrent catchment area? These are the things that should be looked at, not closing a 22 year old school....and moving children into old and crumbling schools that need to be refurbished at a greater expense to the tax payers!

As for the Children, the Scottish Government guielines on school closures state that each child should be entitled to have their own views heard. This has been DENIED by this administration, so what alternative do they have? This is THEIR FUTURE we are talking about!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Don't waste too much time considering ellen's point of view. it can be summarised thus, "me and my children are fine so everyone else can lump it"

Her selfish attitude is exposed where she says "I chose state education" that's because she could afford to have a choice.

This woman reminds me of the evil Thatcher, remember "there is ni such thing as society" ( M Thatcher)

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

ann -
don't bother too much with ellen's attack, she is not likely to let facts get in the way of her well polished prejudices.

You make the very good point that "THIS IS THEIR FUTURE" and by doing so you inadvertently hit the target, the salient point for ellen and her like is that it is not her children's future at stake, it's yours, so tough luck.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Tony Blair, new labour, could donate his public speaking money to save south school or wendy alexander sell her posh pad in the west end to help. The labour party are a bunch of hypocrites and you know it. Look forward to seeing the labour budget next year with funds to save South Primary, rebuild the ice rink, refurbish the apex centre, not charge for the warden service, not touch the education budget.......You are happy to jump on the bandwagon and patronise the parents of South Primary. Look at the facts and what would you decide??

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Jolene) 19/11/08
I would fight to keep South Primary open that’s why we (Labour) invested millions in education in the last administration to build 3 new secondary schools and 4 new primary schools and renovate the others.

Labour’s commitment to education is second to none, when you take away the slogans and the flag waving the SNP has commitment to nothing, the people are now seeing that.

Anonymous said...

Councillor, using Mrs. Thatcher's "There's no such thing as society" quote is akin to using the passage in the Bible that says "...there is no God".

Putting Thatcher's comment in context:

"Thereis no such thing as society. There is living tapestry of men and women and people and the beauty of that tapestry and the quality of our lives will depend upon how much each of us is prepared to take responsibility for ourselves and each of us prepared to turn round and help by our own efforts those who are unfortunate. And the worst things we have in life, in my view, are where children who are a great privilege and a trust—they are the fundamental great trust, but they do not ask to come into the world, we bring them into the world, they are a miracle, there is nothing like the miracle of life—we have these little innocents and the worst crime in life is when those children, who would naturally have the right to look to their parents for help, for comfort, not only just for the food and shelter but for the time, for the understanding, turn round and not only is that help not forthcoming, but they get either neglect or worse than that, cruelty."

All too pertinent in light of recent events pertaining to Haringey.

But don't let the rest of what Mrs Thatcher said get in the way of your blind hatred of her, ay Councillor.

Anonymous said...

Jolene makes a very good point Terry.

When Labour present their opposition budget next year, it must be presumed that they will have included funds to save all the items that Jolene has detailed.

Can you confirm that this will be the case and how they will manage to balance the books?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...
(Alan) 11:45

This is rather strange when you consider that the SNP did not produce any budgets when in opposition, such was the level of their dishonesty, they opposed everything without ever putting forward an alternative, you people are a joke.

e.g. the SNP opposed the refurbishment of the council headquarters but carried on with it when elected, same with the Labour schools programme, housing transfer (now in favour), swore to abolish the council magazine but haven’t, build a bus station etc. I could go on but I’m sure that you and Jolene can see how stupid you look.

Friday, November 21, 2008 2:07:00 PM

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Templeton Peck) 21/11/08
Do you have to practice or does this degree of pomposity come naturally to you ?

Anonymous said...

You seem to have assumed that I am an SNP supporter which I am not.

I was merely asking how Labour would have balanced the books in their opposition budget whilst inluding for all of the items that they are complaining about.

What the SNP did or didn't do in the past is irrelevant.