Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The bill to make organ donation after death an opt out system as opposed to opt in as it is at the moment, was defeated 59-56 in a free vote in Holyrood yesterday.
Msp's are entitled to vote as they see fit. They can object to bills for any number of reasons based on the bill's merit. They can table amendments if there is part of the bill they think can be rectified.
Last night on Twitter it emerged than the MSP John Mason along with colleagues opposed the bill based solely on a personal dislike of Labour MSP Jackie Ballie who proposed the bill. If this is the case. If members of any party choose to oppose a motion that will save lives, that will change lives, and base their objection solely on party political agenda's.
Shame on them!
We have been told we are in the era of a new kind of Politics free from the horrible tribal nature of the establishment in WM. This episode is a horrible example of it in Holyrood.
We deserve better. The 600 people on the donor list in Scotland deserve better.


Alex said...

Organ Donation is an extremely personal choice.

To suggest that it is automatic is an abomination of civil liberties.

A positively made choice is a different thing. It means that you have your full faculties and have made this choice with your own full understanding of what you are doing.

Next you will want Euthanasia at 30 unless you opt out.

It is a slippery slope.

People who advocate this should be ashamed.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Alex said...Wednesday, February 10, 2016 11:26:00 pm -The proposals provide for an opt out so your accusation of abusing civil liberties is bogus. I do not support euthanasia and I am not ashamed in the least. This will eventually become law despite the machinations of the far right and the religious fundamentalists of whatever stripe.

Anonymous said...

Honestly Terry, you wouldnt know irony if it walked up and smacked you in the chops.

For a man who bases every single belief against his hatred for the SNP to write a blog article like that would be laughable if not for the fact it really does illustrate just how far gone you are.

You are a one man echo chamber.

Surely the rest of the general public cant be the only ones who cringe at your nonsense, surely there are party colleagues of yours who give you a wide berth.

You really are a hoot, you are the equivalent to a parrot that swears, yes you prompt him to repeat his expletives and you all have a merry laugh but as soon as serious guests come about he gets put in the next room.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Wednesday, February 17, 2016 1:29:00 pm.

Despite your personal abuse Mr. anonymous and your obvious low opinion of me you do not seem capable of addressing the substance of my article.

Anonymous said...

For me to address substance, it has to be there in the first place.

Unfortunately on your blog lack of substance is in abundance.

Also, due to your North Korean style of omittance it means if post with my name, you refuse to accept it.

Where as if i go on anonymously then you think its an automatic win and post it where as we all know its a pretty feeble get out.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Thursday, February 18, 2016 4:15:00 pm

If you do not find substance in an article about the SNP putting lives at risk by refusing to agree with a Labour bill then you are in the wrong game here. You can post with your name which is more honest or you can post anonymously which is cowardly and either way you will be printed if you follow the rules. You are obfuscating because you can't deny my accusations.

Anonymous said...

The laugh is, you are trying to set the narrative that the SNP are bad because they DONT want to increase tax.

Personally i dont see why we in Scotland should have to mitigate for Tory austerity, it shouldnt be happening. What did happen though was Labour in Westminster decided that they were OK to let the austerity plans through Westminster without so much as a whimper from them.

So Labour's perfect opportunity to mitigate Austerity cuts was to help vote the budget down, instead we had some of the Labour MP's choosing to relinquish there responsibility to Labour voters and the other half... unable to find much they didnt agree with in Osbornes budget.

So to sit here and get up in arms about the knock on effect of something Labour were unwilling to even throw a protest vote at as exceedingly rich.

Had the referendum went the other way, this Tory issue is a non starter however the vast majority of Scottish Labour politicians tribal hatred of the SNP means that they would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with Tories ideologically.

If you were actually a socialist then you wouldnt get much argument from me, however, you are not, you are a party puppet who feels so strongly about the Labour Red Flag that he is willing to marginalise his beliefs in order to agree with anything the Party comes up with.

You all askef got Tory austerity when you chose to vote no. You all knew it was coming.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

No one wants to increase tax but it is the way of raising money for things that matter, you joined the Tories on this and you will make people's lives worse by doing so. Either you missed what happened at the Tory austerity budget or you are a liar, Labour agreed as did the SNP that the deficit had to come down we did not vote for austerity. Had the referendum vote went the other way we would be scurrying around the world begging for loans off banana republics. You are a lumpen apologist for SNP zealotry and lies, that is evident from your refusal to address the shame of the SNP and people like you over the organ donor betrayal.

Anonymous said...

If Labour were unhappy with Austerity as an approach to deficit reduction then they should have voted against.

As Austerity has been proven by many world leading economists as a red herring then Labour would have been best suited to reject it. Low and behold, austerity (with blessings from Labour) has failed and only Labour's ineptitude to prove this point to people means we are here, i think we can all agree that austerity is a Tory ploy to enact their historic state shrinking beliefs.

Just because Scottish Labour are the only ones who think that a tax increase on an already struggling population, does not mean anyone else stood with anyone, its just that this notion of a tax increase is ridiculous to all.

Sturgeon set out the plan for modest investment across the state to induce growth and by the same token reduce the deficit.

If ever there were an apologist Mr Kelly, it is you, i have been an SNP voter for all of 5 years and once they start promoting things i am unhappy with then, yes, my vote moves elsewhere, the same cannot be said for you. You stand firm against the tide regardless of what hyperbole your party puts forward, you remain, as ever unwavering.

Who's the apologist Mr Kelly?

Also, seeing as we are in a mitigating mood, i will mitigate the organ donor decision by continuing to be on the Organ Donor registry, as someone who has had an immediate family member save and change lives with Organ Donation, i will rest assured knowing that the majority of people choose to opt in anyway and will not have someone such as yourself politicise what is a very important and personal choice. The fact Labour are all too happy to make it some point scoring scare story over something so serious says it all.

Mountains from molehills, if Labour were so interested in the good of society then they wouldnt have let voters down by inaction over the decades, i price they are paying now and one that you will ultimately bear the brunt of.

Anonymous said...

Lets simplify your nonsensical stand point on tax by asking one question.

Do you agree that austerity is the best means to deficit reduction?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said---Tuesday, February 23, 2016 4:47:00 pm

Austerity was never supported by Labour, the word was created by the press, Labour agreed along with all other parties that the deficit was too high and so did the SNP.

So Labour stood with the Tories but when the SNP vote with the Tories against a tax rise or on the issue of organ donors they are not standing with the Tories? Not a very strong position is it.

I am not interested in your heroic family history; you are using them to hide behind because you don’t have an argument.

If it had not been for The Labour Party you would still be living in a crumbling tenement and sharing an outside toilet with several other families, you would not have an NHS and you would have very rudimentary education if you were lucky, is that what you mean when you say “Labour’s inaction over the decades”?. You really don’t have much of a case do you?.